2/19/16: After distractions and having some time at my short-lived new job, I’ve finalized 5D’s 18! This starts the Ruka VS Frank two-parter, which is a good one originally; the dub, due to its dialogue, doesn’t hold up as well.  The Professor does have a nice voice, while the twins’ are still just a bit too grating.  See you next time!

1/7/16: Happy new year! Finalized 5D’s 17, a favorite of mine in the Japanese version, and it was actually decent, save for some dialogue edits here/there.

12/22/15: Since I was boredeth waitingeth for more work at work, I finalizedeth 5D’s 16‘s comparisoneth for thee! It was a sharp joy revisiting Aki’s early voice in the 4Kids dub, felt very high after! …I didn’t like it, is the takeaway here.  It’s amazing that the Voice Director can really make all the difference; as I mention there, Darren Dunstan steps in after episode 64, and Bella Hudson sounds a lot better as Akiza.  But it’s high-pitched/jarring!Akiza for some 50 more episodes. D:

12/20/15: Finalized 5D’s 15‘s comparison! With my laptop mostly back in action now, I’ll try to get back to my finalize-one-comp-per-GX-episode plan as life permits, lol.  Happy holidays!

11/12/15: Had some time to kill at my temp job, so I finished updating 1-13’s comparisons for image and terminology consistency, and adding the “US Adaptation” credit!

11/9/15: Finalized 5D’s 14‘s comparison! Also revised episode 6-13’s comparisons to make sure the images were consistent, adding a “US Adaptation: TBA” spot for future addition.

10/12/15: Finalized 5D’s 13’s comparison! Fun fact: it was the first comparison for 5D’s that I ever did, starting out as just a forum post on Janime; I had to do a good bit of updating for it to match my current format.  I also didn’t have my old TVRip for the dub around, so I retook some caps using a rip from the Cinedigm DVDs that were recently released.

I’m also going back to 1-12 to add a “US Adaptation: TBA” credit to the beginnings of the comparisons, to fill in once I get around to checking out said dub!DVD rips.  I’m also going back to resize the caps properly so it’s all uniform across the board.  9-12 are already done in this sense, just have 1-8 to do, then I’ll work on 14.  10’s comparison also got a slight update with the release of those DVDs; a few of those errors I pointed out from the online stream were fixed there, though one of those fixes led to another error.  Thanks to dbret12 for pointing it out in his Zippcast videos.

I also got rid of the little menu with individual comparisons in the menu bar since the whole list goes longer than you’d be able to click, so just click each season to get to that episode list!

8/28/15: Finalized 5D’s 12’s comparison! And it’s a hell of an episode…

7/27/15: Finalized 5D’s 11’s comparison, adding back the subpage with the Bootleg bar edits too.  Enjoy trying to take this dubbed episode seriously!

7/26/15: Finalized 5D’s 8-10’s comparisons.

7/25/15: Added back 5D’s 8+9’s comparisons; just have to add the Eyecatch things and fix the pics in 9’s.

7/23/15: Finalized 5D’s 5-7’s comparisons, fixing some html issues with the display in 6’s comparison.

7/22/15: Finalized 5D’s 1-4’s comparisons, including the Eyecatch reading breaks I started adding later on.  I do still have to add their dub scriptwriters, if I manage to find them out, but yeah, done.  Also added back the old footer image Jake on NAC made.

7/19/15: Added back my General Edits page, and updated 5D’s 1’s comparison with tables to put the images centered on one line.  Also tweaked the site’s looks a bit.  I’ll edit 2-7’s comparisons with the tables and then work on adding back more comparisons.  Apologies for the delay on that!

5/25/15: Happy Memorial Day! I just re-added comparisons for 5D’s 2-7, and reworked the menu up there -^; you can hover over each Season to get to a specific comparison (only Season 1 for now, obviously, though I’ll see if I’ll keep that as I add more; hopefully it lets us scroll).  And also, while I’ve set up later episodes’ pages to get linked to as I re-add the earlier ones, they won’t be visible for you to click! Expect more to get added this week.  I also updated the Opening/Ending page so it had all the English openings and updated links to the textless Japanese openings.  Don’t mind the duplicate OP videos under the Endings; they’re placeholders while I add the endings later.

5/17/15: Just opened the site.  Gimme a bit to set things up! As of now, 5D’s’ Season and OP/EN pages are up and are linked to each other, and so far, only episode 1’s comparison is actually up; disregard any other links in the episode lists lol.  You’ll find the links to each series’ comparisons in the upper-right corner; hover over to choose your Season.  I’ll be adding the comparisons back slowly over the next week or two before going back to them and reformatting them to fit WordPress.

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