Episode 14: Bloom of the Black Rose

JP Title: Folklore Appears – The Bringer of Destruction, The Black Rose Witch
Animation Director: Ken’ichi Hara
US Adaptation: Barton Bishop, John Drdek, and Shane Guenego

Late at night, in what seems to be the outskirts of New Domino City, Blister and Yusei arrive at his place. Lifting the garage door, Blister tells him he’ll be safe here until the Fortune Cup. Walking away to turn on the lights, he says it’s not quite “5 Stars”, but it’s got all the creature comforts you’d expect from this part of town: cockroaches, mice, stray cats. (Saiga tells Yusei to just ask if he needs anything at that last point.) Yusei gives him his thanks, as Blister tells him he decorated the place himself, and Yusei looks up to him.  Blister suggests he get some rest, because he still hasn’t recovered from that fall he took, and if he plans on dueling and winning the Fortune Cup, he’ll need a clear head.

Added Footage (1 second): Blister gets added lip-flaps.

Yusei tells him he’ll rest when his friends are safe, walking outside as Blister says he hears him, but he’s no good to anybody if he doesn’t have all his strength. Looking up at the KaibaCorp building, Yusei tells him he heals real quick, and he thinks to himself that he’ll show Goodwin how good he feels.

Dialogue Edit: When Saiga asks him to tell him what he needs, Japanese Yusei says it’s [Saiga’s accomodations] enough, and apologizes, but Saiga tells him it’s him who should be apologizing–Saiga brings up his Marker, saying that quick-fix was just that, adding that it seems his whereabouts are going straight to Security. It seems part of his lip-flaps were repeated in the US version. Yusei says that even if they are, he doesn’t care, and as he walks out, Saiga says he must really have nerves of steel. Yusei’s silent as he looks up at the KC building.

Meanwhile, back at the Tops, Leo exclaims that Yusei’s gone, running around in circles, shouting, “No!”. Luna walks down the stairs, asking if the Tooth Fairy forgot him again. Leo walks up to her, saying that he took his Runner and left! Luna asks if he left a note or something, and as Leo tells her he didn’t, she notices something and walks over to the desk, as Leo runs around again, saying this is all her fault, that she should’ve been nicer, since he was going to teach him how to be the best Duelist ever.

Luna tells him to calm down and look at their Duel Disks. Leo comes over and asks what he did to them, and as he tries it on, he says it fits him, asking Luna how it looks. Luna says it’s pretty good, wishing they knew who he was so they could thank him. As she looks up, Leo says it’s his fault for not telling them. Flashbacking, he says he had amnesia, and they helped him. If he wanted a thank-you, he would’ve stayed. Luna guesses so, but why no “Goodbye?”

Dialogue Edit: Rua runs around, saying he’s not here, and Ruka asks what’s wrong as she comes down the stairs. Rua comes up to her, telling her that Yusei’s gone, and Ruka says that he left after all. Noticing the Duel Disks, she walks over to the table, as Rua runs around, asking why he left, saying Ruka just had to say that. Ruka tells him not to take it out on her, and tells him to look at the Disks. Asking where he went, Rua runs over, noticing that his Disk is lighter. Putting it on, he tells Ruka to look at how it fits him like a glove, and Ruka realizes that Yusei must’ve modified them so they’d fit them. Rua’s impressed, saying he can do anything. Ruka flashes back to seeing Yusei lying down, him reaching his D-Wheel, and him pointing to his Marker, saying he sure was odd.

Flashback Edit: The flashback in the US version is sepia-toned (for some reason), a shot of Yusei drawing was inserted before the shot of him pointing at his Marker, and that said shot was reversed, for whatever reason.


Luna wonders if Yusei wanders the city streets, helping out struggling duelists–kinda like a knight in shining armor, but with a deck! Leo asks, “A knight?”, saying it sounds more like a superhero, and his name’s some big secret. As Luna looks down, the phone suddenly rings, and Leo goes over to the wall to pick it up.

A kid with glasses appears, saying, “What up, my main man?” (have we forgotten how old these kids are?). Calling him Dexter (Tenpei Hayano), he starts to tell him about Yusei, only to get cut off by him. He calls him “boss”, saying there’s no time for that because he got a lead (Tenpei reminds him about something he promised). Leo wonders what he means, until Dexter brings up the Black Rose (they dropped the “Witch” part of her original title). Leo tells him to come on, saying that the Black Rose is just some urban legend. Luna takes the time to ask if Dexter misses her, and Dexter says no. (Apparently, Luna has a crush on Dexter, when Ruka didn’t. She just asks if the two are feeling alright.)

As we eventually see Dexter’s place, he says that the Black Rose isn’t just some legend: she’s the most amazing Duelist ever! Her cards come alive! He says he knows where she is, and he rebuilt his deck to take her on. Looking at his deck, Leo asks him where she is, and Dexter tells him that he was scanning some blogs earlier in the morning, and rumor has it she’s going to be popping up at the street duels today! This riles Leo up, as he shows Dexter his Duel Disk, who questions why his Disk isn’t falling off anymore.

Leo realizes he doesn’t know, so he starts mentioning this superhero, until Luna butts in saying that he’s not a superhero, he’s a knight. Dexter wonders what they’re talking about, asking again who fixed Leo’s Duel Disk. He starts talking about a red Duel Runner, when Luna reaches over and grabs his shoulders. Whispering, she tells him that until they know more about this guy, they should probably keep this between themselves. Leo agrees, saying she has a good point. Dexter wonders what’s going on, and Luna turns to the screen, saying they were just discussing how much they really like his new bowtie. She says they have to go, so she hangs up on him. Turning to Leo, she tells him that this is their secret, and Leo nods, lifting his Disk, as he asks Luna if she thinks “Mr. Amnesia Man” flies or has a jetpack.

Dialogue Edit: Rua remembers they were going to the Daimon Area of Neo Domino City to beat the Witch. As we eventually see Tenpei’s place, Rua asks him if the Witch is really strong at dueling, saying that according to the rumors, people who lose get exterminated by her. Tenpei cuts him off, saying it’ll be fine. Showing him his deck, Tenpei tells him he built his strongest deck to defeat the Witch, and Rua thinks it’s awesome. Tenpei then says that talks from eyewitnesses about the Witch’s deck have popped up online, so he analyzed them and built something that’s guaranteed not to lose. Excitedly, Rua says he’ll take her on, too, showing Tenpei his Duel Disk.

He notices a change, asking Rua if it isn’t a tad different from his usual one, and he says he just had his Duel Disk “cusmatized”! Then Ruka butts in and asks if he meant to say “customized” (the habit from 13’s comparison that I said they translated correctly, just at the wrong time–the times it happens in this episode, it isn’t kept). Anyway, Tenpei asks him what he means, wondering if he was the one who did it, and Rua starts to tell him about this awesome person he met yesterday, when Ruka cuts him off, telling him to wait a sec. She asks Rua what he’s thinking, pointing out that Yusei’s being pursued. Rua realizes, as Tenpei asks what’s going on. She turns to him, saying that they haven’t eaten breakfast yet, and they’ll call him back after they do. After hanging up on him, she tells Rua to keep Yusei a secret, and he nods, lifting his Disk and saying he’d like to see Yusei again.

Back at Blister’s place, the Duel Disk on Yusei’s Runner lifts up, as Yusei starts repairing it. Blister asks what exactly that purple-haired freak told him about dueling at the Fortune Cup. Yusei pauses for a sec, then reaches into his jacket to pull out his Invite, saying it’s not what he said, but what he showed him (Japanese Yusei has no dialogue here). He throws the invite over to Blister, who opens it up.

Paint Edit: Two here. First, as usual since last episode, the envelope gets its “Letter of Invitation” text digitized off in the US version.  Then, the text on the letter inside’s removed.

After seeing the picture of Yusei’s friends from inside the envelope, Blister asks Yusei if they’re his friends. Yusei says they are, and that if he doesn’t enter the Fortune Cup, Goodwin said they’d pay the price. (Japanese Yusei says they’re from Satellite.) Blister says it sounds like something Goodwin would do, adding that it’s not a bribe, it’s a threat. He then asks Yusei if his friends are in the Satellite, and Yusei says they are. (Saiga asks Yusei if he knows why he’s after him so badly, and Yusei says he doesn’t.) 

Looking down at the picture, he tells Yusei that he’ll help him out. Standing up, he says he’ll check on them, and make sure nothing bad happens. Yusei asks if he can really get to the Satellite, and Blister says that he can get anywhere. He tells him not to worry, and he’ll be back with his friends in no time, as Yusei thinks that’s if Goodwin ever lets him see them again. (Saiga tells him he’s a Jack of All Trades, and besides, they’re his bonds, right? Yusei doesn’t think here.)

Added Footage (1 second): This shot of Yusei was extended to lead into a commercial break.

Meanwhile, over at Jack’s rooftop palace, Rex asks how his training for the Fortune Cup is coming along. Jack says it’s fine, if he means sitting on the couch (as true as this is for the Fortune Cup arc [what with Jack only sitting on the couch the whole time], Japanese Jack expresses his feelings about the Fortune Cup, calling it a preposterous event.) Rex suggests he change his attitude, saying he invited an additional contestant this year, and it’s someone he knows (the Japanese version never implies nor tells us how often the Fortune Cup is held).

Jack asks who, and Rex replies that it’s his friend from the Satellite, Yusei Fudo. (I’m assuming, at this point, Japanese Rex knows who he is, since he requested he get the invite, but he still calls him the “man from the Satellite.”) Jack asks if he‘ll be there, saying he likes. Rex is glad, saying he was hoping it would motivate him. Rex then says he should let Jack get back to his…”training regimen”, saying he’ll show himself out. And before exiting, he suggests to Jack to make sure he wins this time. (Japanese Jack wonders if he means Yusei, asking why. Rex tells him he must… “quench his thirst.” I kid you not. Then, he takes his leave to take care of preparations for the Fortune Cup, seeing himself out. He doesn’t say anything as he walks to the door.)

Putting his coffee down, Jack asks Mina if she knows what this means. As she stutters, Jack tells her he can finally take on Yusei again. She asks him if it’s a good thing, and he replies that it’s so much more than that: it’s a chance. As he lifts his cup to drink, she asks what the chance is for, and he replies that it’s a chance to redeem himself, putting the cup down and picking up the Stardust Dragon card. He says he underestimated Yusei in their last match, but this time, he’ll prove to him that he’s the best! He gets up, prompting Mina to ask if he meant right now, and Jack says he’s going to go even up the playing field, so Yusei definitely shows up. And if he’s right about this, the Crimson Dragon just might show up at the Fortune Cup, as well, he tells her, shocking her. 

Dialogue Edit: Japanese Jack asks if Yusei’s really coming, asking Mikage what the Director’s planning, and she replies that she hasn’t been told anything. Looking into his cup, he repeats what the Director said about him quenching a thirst, and then he takes a drink before putting the cup down. He looks at the Stardust Dragon card for a few seconds, before getting up. Mikage asks him where he’s off to, and he tells her that the Fortune Cup will be the setting for the King more than the Director imagines, adding that the King will even bring the Crimson Dragon into submission, shocking her.)

Meanwhile, a cab arrives outside Blister’s place, and Yanagi and Tanner come out, Yanagi complaining about his back (Japanese Yanagi doesn’t). Inside, Yusei’s listening to “Hyper Drive” while he works on his D-Runner (Japanese Yusei isn’t listening to his show’s theme song).

Paint Edit: The text on his laptop’s display is digitized out or blurred in the US version.

Blister walks in with Yanagi and Tanner, but when Yusei revs up his D-Runner, the trio cover their ears, and Blister tells him to turn that down, but Yusei says he can’t hear them. (He’s no doubt referring to the music, but Saiga tells him they’ve got guests, and Yusei doesn’t talk.) Yanagi pops over by Yusei, telling him it’s him (Japanese Yanagi calls himself “old man Yanagi”). As “Hyper Drive” gets turned off, Tanner walks over and says he’s got a nice place. Yusei sees that they’re out, and Blister tells him it’s all thanks to him. Yanagi says that when Yusei out-dueled Chief Armstrong, they didn’t just get early released: they got way early released! So they headed over to this interesting… Yanagi doesn’t know what to call it, so Tanner says that the place is a dump, asking Yusei when he plans to throw a rug and some feng-shui in here. Yanagi scolds Tanner, saying he promised to be nice, and Tanner defends himself saying he was, while Yusei looks fierce.

He’s liking the Duel Runner, though. Twin exhaust, turbo rotor, holo display, and his own deck! He bets he wishes he had that back at the Facility. He turns to ask Yusei to let him take her for a ride and see what she’s got. He says he’ll bring it back with a full charge and not one scratch, and Yusei smiles. Yanagi doesn’t believe him, bringing up his last Runner. Taking out his deck, Tanner asks Yusei to duel, saying that if he wins, he’ll take her for a quick spin. Yanagi gets excited, saying he’s gotta see this, and Yusei nods his head in acceptance.

Dialogue Edit: The US version kept the gist of this scene, up until the whole “dump” talk. When Himuro asks Yusei how he’s doing, Yusei’s surprised to see him, as Saiga then points out. Yanagi tells him that thanks to Yusei, they got out, adding that they even wrote off their half-year of forced labor! He tells him it’s always good to have a strong Duelist around. Himuro guesses that it’s probably the Director’s thanks to him for winning in Takasu’s foul duel. He tells him they appreciate it, as Yusei says, “Sure,” looking fierce. Himuro then looks at his D-Wheel, asking if it’s his, saying that Saiga told him about it. Getting it back from Security like that makes him quite the guy. And above all, he carves his way with any card, no matter how difficult they may be. Yusei’s a simply great Duelist, and he smiles in response. Yanagi sees this, asking if the deck on the D-Wheel is his, and Himuro challenges Yusei to a duel with his own deck, Yanagi saying he has to see that. And Yusei nods his head in acceptance.

Later, at an empty yard, Yusei and Tanner are about to face off, with Yanagi and Blister in the sidelines. Yanagi asks Blister about his story, asking if he didn’t know he’s a famous explorer who goes around the world collecting the most amazing cards ever made. But Blister says that Tanner told him his deck’s a joke. Yanagi’s in shock, saying he didn’t. He pulls out his deck, telling him to check it out for himself. He’s got Crystal Skull, Ashoka Pillar…and Blister tries to calm him down. He mentally asks Yusei where he finds these guys, thinking that the ex-champ he met in the Facility went from foe to friend in one duel. Then there’s old “grandpa” who thinks he’s tied to some ancient prophecy about the end of the world. He thinks he’s one of a kind, that’s for sure.

Dialogue Edit: Japanese Yanagi tells Saiga about Yusei dueling against “lil’ Himuro” in the Detention Center and scoring an amazing win using his deck. Saiga says Himuro told him about it–what was it, the “Ludicrous Deck?” Yanagi says it isn’t, saying it’s his “Hidden Treasure Deck”. Asking if he wants to see it, he just takes his deck out anyway and shows it to him, pointing out Crystal Skull, among others. Thinking, Saiga says that Yusei’s one odd guy. A rebellious guy like Himuro getting attached to someone doesn’t happen too often. Plus, the way the old man trusts him… but he thinks that the same goes for him, too.

Back to Yusei facing off against Tanner, the two shout, “Let’s duel!”, only to be interrupted by Jack, who rides in on his D-Runner, between the two. Yusei says, “Hey, Jack,” and Tanner says, “Uh-oh…”. (“The King!” exclaims Himuro.) Yanagi and Blister watch on, as Jack gets off his D-Runner, and takes off his helmet. The two then face each other.

Sound FX Edit: A “whoosh” sound is added to the already-there “bom”-like emphasis SFX when we see the two facing each other before the commercial break.

Eyecatch: So much tension you can cut it with a knife.  So, go do it! I’ll still be here.

Jack and Yusei continue to stare each other down, as Tanner and co. awkwardly watch from behind. Yanagi wonders why Jack Atlas is here (Japanese Yanagi refers to him as the King), and Blister replies, “Lessons?”, drawing a “Careful” from Jack as he turns his face to see them (Japanese Jack is silent), scaring the two a bit, as he turns to face Tanner. He tells “Atlas” it’s been a while, asking him what’s up, and Jack responds, “My career, thank you,” (Himuro says he never thought he’d see the King again, and Jack is silent,) turning back to face Yusei.  This angers Tanner, until Yusei signals, by shaking his head, for him to let it go.

Yusei asks Jack what brought him here, and he takes out the Stardust Dragon card. Yusei reacts, and Yanagi wonders if that’s an ancient relic.

Added Footage (1 second): The below shot of Yanagi, during the above wondering, was extended by a second in the US version.

Jack says he heard Yusei would be at the Fortune Cup, and Yusei sees that word spreads around fast. Jack tells him that he’s got a deal for him, for his Stardust Dragon. He puts it in his deck, wins, and then he can keep the card. He wins, he keeps the card, and then he and Yusei are straight. Yusei repeats, “Straight?!”, asking about his friends. Jack is surprised, asking what Yusei’s talking about as he pulls out the picture of Rally and the others. Yusei tells him his purple-haired friend Lazar stopped by, and if he doesn’t duel, they pay. Again, Jack’s surprised, as Yusei asks if he is, telling him not to be, since he knows Goodwin’s behind all of this, and he guarantees he’ll make him pay for putting this Satellite’s friends in harm’s way.

Sound FX edit: The same “whoosh” effect was added to the scene Yusei says the last line in, since it’s a rapid ease out.

Jack then says that he’ll need Stardust Dragon back, and he tosses it back to him. As Yusei looks at it, Jack clears the air by saying that he doesn’t know anything about this threat. He says he duels for him, and Goodwin’s got his own agenda. Getting back onto his D-Runner, Jack tells Yusei he’ll see him at the Fortune Cup. Yusei nods, as Jack tells him to bring his A-game, and Yusei says he will. Jack smiles and rides out of the yard and away from the group, as Yusei looks on.

Dialogue Edit: Japanese Jack tells him that it would only make sense for Stardust if he uses it, urging him to use it to settle the score from that night they dueled. Yusei asks him he was the one who sold out Rally and the others. Jack is surprised, and Yusei pulls out the picture of the four [with no dialogue from Jack]. As Jack is startled, Yusei tells him he was given the photo by a man claiming to be from the Public Security Maintenance Bureau. If he doesn’t enter the Fortune Cup, Rally and the others will be put in danger. He says that the only reason he’s entering is to fight against that rotten Public Security Maintenance Bureau. In that case, Jack tells him that it’s quite fitting for him to have Stardust, tossing it over to him. He looks at it, and Jack says that it’s settled, making Yusei face him. He tells him that he came here, so next time, Yusei will come to him. Getting onto his D-Wheel, Jack says he’ll say one thing: that day won’t be the only day he sees the Crimson Dragon, prompting Yusei to ask what he means. But Jack smiles and rides off, Yusei looking on.

Yanagi breathes a sigh of relief, and he and Blister run over to Yusei, Yanagi saying he has to see that card. Looking at it, he says it’s true: it’s Stardust Dragon! It’s amazing! It’s big stuff! Yusei is a Signer! Yusei considers it, and Yanagi continues, telling him that he used that card to make the Crimson Dragon appear! (Here, Japanese Yanagi asks about the fellow he dueled that one time, referring to the Crimson Dragon’s first appearance.) But Yusei tells him that Jack was there, too…

Side-Note: Japanese Yusei takes a second to speak, confirming it was Jack he dueled, while US Yusei’s given lip-flaps to speak sooner.

…and he takes this to mean that they’re both Signers, and that they’re both connected. Yusei looks up, thinking about what it all means. (Japanese Yanagi is in shock at it being the King, asking if it means that they’re both Signers, and Yusei looks up.)

Meanwhile, on a highway, Jack is thinking about Yusei getting a new crew, seeing an image of him with Yanagi, Blister, and Tanner, then Rally, Tank, Blitz, and Nervin, thinking he’s not much of a traitor. Yusei probably thinks Stardust Dragon is just a rare card with a pretty pic. But this game isn’t about cards anymore, and it’s not about records or speed or anything. It’s about the end of the world. And he can bet he’ll be the one who’ll make sure it doesn’t happen, he continues to think, riding off to his palace.

Dialogue Edit: Japanese Jack thinks that Yusei hasn’t changed one bit. Seeing the image of him with Yanagi, Saiga, and Himuro, he thinks it’s Satellite all over again. But, he asks, how long does Yusei plan on staying in such a closed world? Now that Stardust has been handed to him, the conditions for him to be King are in order. He’ll defeat him and obtain an even greater power!

At the same time, a red star glows, atop an Incan temple.

Cut Footage (about 3 seconds): The below pan of the Crimson Dragon symbol, and the lights coming from it, was cut from the US version:  Shame, since it’s a pretty shot.

Rex holds his hands high, saying that even now, the Dragon Star’s power grows. It knows that their quest to awaken all the Signers is on the verge of success. With Lazar standing behind him with five cloaked figures, Rex tells them they are his loyal servants of Iliaster, and their mission is to expose those people who bear the Mark of the Dragon. They must push them to their limits, exhaust their skills, and stir their emotions. He tells them to go, and not fail, as the five take a bow. Rex says that soon, all the pieces will be in place again, and “his” power will rule the world! (Japanese Rex essentially tells them the same thing, except he says that before long, the gifts from the stars–they shall make the light of the Dragon Star all the more stronger. Then he calls them his Dueling Assassins, saying they entrust their souls to Yliaster, and their loyalty to the People of the Stars, and commands them to feed on the Star’s power and expose those engraved with the Dragon’s Birthmark. After they bow, he says it’s all for that forthcoming day. He doesn’t talk during the shot we see his back in.)

Cut Footage (2 seconds): A second was cut from the pan down from the sky after the above shot I described, so in the US version, the fade would start at the top-left shot and end at the shot on its right.  And a second was trimmed from the starting pan of the faded-to scene, so the faded-to scene in the US version would be the bottom-left shot here, as opposed to the one beside it.

Blister walks out of a door, telling the person inside he’ll see him at the docks (Saiga just waves goodbye). He walks down the street, heading to a construction area.

Meanwhile, at said construction area, a duel is going on, as a Lycanthrope takes out a Giant Orc. Giant Orc’s owner cringes, as his opponent tells him to try harder next time (the Japanese guy tells him to pick up the pace, saying he wins). Someone in the crowd asks if it’s Joey Wheeler, and someone replies that it’s his cousin, Jesse Wheeler.

Side-Note: A neat little Easter Egg for DM fans here that’s lacking subtlety in the US version, since he speaks with Joey’s/Jonouchi’s Brooklyn accent and almost the same voice.  Also, the way the lines about him looking like Joey were rushed in makes it obvious they were trying to fit it in. The Japanese spectators don’t talk.

Yusei, Tanner, and Yanagi are watching, as Blister walks over to them. He gives him the good news that he managed to find a workboat that’ll take him to the Satellite tonight. Yanagi points out the workboat part, asking if those things carry trash and disease. Blister replies, “If you’re lucky.” But he says this isn’t some pleasure cruise: it’s to check on Yusei’s friends, adding that they might be in trouble. See, Yusei’s got much bigger things to worry about. Tanner brings up the Fortune Cup, saying that their boy will clean ’em up. But Blister tells him there’s a lot more at risk than just the tournament. They turn to face the duel, as Blister tells them that Goodwin forced Yusei to duel, and if they’re involved, something bad’s going on. Yanagi says it’s the end of the world! Everyone in New Domino, Marker or no Marker, Satellite or Citizen, all their fates are tied to the Signers–to Yusei. While Yanagi was talking, Yusei took out his Invite

Paint Edit: The letter gets the same text edit as before in the US version.

Blister pats Yusei on the shoulder, saying he doesn’t believe all of that, but just in case, he urges him to win for the sake of all of humanity. Holding up his invite, Yusei nods, putting his invite back down.

Dialogue Edit: This scene starts off close, but then it just derails. Saiga comes in saying he struck a deal to sneak into Satellite and he’s leaving tonight. Yanagi is surprised, pointing out that you’re not supposed to be able to go in and out of the city and Satellite. Saiga notes that that’s officially. There’s a ship working on the system that sends out, reproduces, and returns trash, that’s coming, and he bargained so they would let him go aboard. Himuro says that that’s the Jack of All Trades for you, adding there’s nothing he can’t do. But Saiga says he could do it since the city has gathered all the right reasons. Turning to face the duel, Yanagi agrees, saying they don’t exactly stick out around here. Saiga says that they can’t go to the city with their markers, and they don’t want to drop to Satellite. It’s a city where people like that live, shouldering their past. Yusei pulls out his invite, and Saiga pats Yusei on the shoulder, telling him to leave the Satellite business to him, and to raise all sorts of hell in the Fortune Cup. Lifting his invite, Yusei says, “Sure”, and he puts it back down.

Yusei then turns to spot two kids walking up to the duel. It turns out to be Leo, and he asks a man watching if he’s seen the Black Rose. He says he hasn’t, asking if they don’t know that she doesn’t exist. Walking away, he says that she might be dueling one of his imaginary friends.

Added Footage (1 second): The shot of Leo before he turns for the next bit, after the man walks away and he looks on after him, was extended by a second.

Leo begins to wonder about her existence, and Dexter says he knows the blogs don’t lie, and she’ll be here, he knows it! Leo asks if he’s sure, since nobody knows who she really is, and looking at his deck, he says she better show up, because his deck’s ready for her. Leo tells him they’ve been trying to find her all day, so they should probably go home. Dexter looks at him in shock and [inappropriately] nods. (Rua wonders if anyone’s seen her, and Tenpei says that since everyone knows about her, she must be here. Rua agrees, hoping she hurries up and shows herself. Tenpei looks at his deck, wondering if he’ll have the confidence with it. But Rua asks him if the Witch’s strength isn’t any ordinary strength, and Tenpei turns to him to agree, nodding his head.)

Dexter asks, “Go home?”, seeing an image of the Black Rose, he says that the Black Rose is the greatest duelist ever!

Side-Note: Her cleavage in the image is left unedited for the US version.

“They say her cards make real monsters, her Spells are like real Spells, and her Traps are like–“, he tries to say, but he gets cut off by Leo, who guesses that her Traps are real Traps. (Tenpei says that when the Witch attacks with a monster, the ground really quakes, and Rua points out that when she activates a Trap or Magic, it really happens.)

Dexter, starting to tear up, tells Leo that if he doesn’t want to stay and help him, fine, but he‘s staying right here. Leo tells him not to cry because he’s staying, and Dexter says he doesn’t cry. Yusei calls out to Leo, and he runs over, saying this is the “superhero” who fixed his and his sister’s Duel Disks. Dexter asks if he‘s a superhero, letting out a sigh.

Dialogue Edit: Tenpei says that the stuff about getting exterminated might be true, Rua taunts him, asking if he’s scared, and he yells that he isn’t. Rua’s the one who notices Yusei; he doesn’t call him at all, and it sounded really rushed when he said it–it was like a second between Dexter’s line and Leo’s mouth opening. He tells Tenpei to go with him, saying he’s the one who “cusmatized” his Duel Disk, and like Ruka earlier, he corrects him by saying he meant to say “customized.”

Leo asks him what’s up, and Yusei asks what he’s doing here, saying this is a dangerous place for little boys. As Tanner and co. walk over, he asks where his sister is, and Leo tells him she didn’t want to come (Rua says Ruka’s looking after the house). Dexter walks over, but stops abruptly upon seeing Yusei’s marker, and he tells Leo that he doesn’t think that’s a superhero, telling him to look at his face. Leo turns to him, lifting his Disk, saying that’s his “secret identity” (Rua says he did that [fixing his Disk] for him). Yanagi happily walks over, asking what they’re doing here, and while Dexter’s still a bit scared, Leo tells him they’ve been trying to find the Black Rose.

Yusei tells Tanner and the others that he helped him get his memory back, so he’s cool. Leo excitedly says he’s cool, and he introduces Dexter to them as his best friend. He says hello, and Leo tells him that that guy’s the best, and he’s got this combo that’s like, “Whoa”! He says that Dexter should definitely duel Yusei, and he stammers a bit before looking at his face and saying maybe some other time.

Dialogue Edit: Japanese Yanagi asks them who they might be, and Rua asks if these are Yusei’s friends. He tells them that Rua’s the kid from Tops who took him in for shelter. Rua introduces himself, then his friend Tenpei. He’s pleased, and Rua suggests he duel against Yusei, since he’s super strong. He stammers, and looks at Yusei’s face silently.  I like that, like us, Tanner and Yanagi are supposed to just roll with the amnesia thing; they don’t even question it…

Dexter suddenly notices something, and tells Leo to look at it. Leo gets all tingly, and sees Yusei’s Invite to the Fortune Cup. He excitedly asks if Yusei will be there, and when he says he will, Leo jumps up and down, excited that he’ll get to duel Yusei, but stops and points to him, saying that this time, he’ll lose. He turns to Dexter, telling him that if he wins, he might become a sidekick, like in all the comic books, asking him if it’s cool. He says yeah, looking at Yusei. (No superhero/sidekick talk in the Japanese version. Rua turns to Tenpei, asking if he sees now that Yusei’s a duelist awesome enough to enter the Fortune Cup, and Tenpei looks at him in awe.)

Suddenly, Yusei feels a strong pain that makes his eye twitch. He falls to the floor, grabbing his right arm. Leo says it’s alright, and he’ll let him win, and Yanagi asks what’s wrong (Rua asks what’s wrong, and Yanagi calls to him). Yusei says it hurts “just like before”, and Tanner repeats, “Before?”, and Yusei clarifies, referring to when “it” first appeared: the Crimson Dragon!

A rumble occurs, and everyone turns to look, as Dexter thinks they should go, but Leo says to wait because something’s happening. The spectators run towards them, yelling, “Get out of here!”, exclaiming that the Black Rose is there (the Japanese spectators also say that they’ll get offed). A rebellious duelist says there is no Black Rose, when suddenly, a strong whirlwind appears in front of him.

Yanagi is shocked to hear about a “Black Rose”, and Blister says she’s just a myth. Tanner turns to question that, and Blister says there’s got to be some reasonable explanation here. As Yusei winces in pain, he mentally wonders what’s going on. (Saiga says “she’s” here now, Himuro’s surprised to hear it’s a “she”, and Saiga says they’ll get dragged into this, so they need to run. Yusei has no dialogue.) Vines emerge from the ground, striking nearby buildings and even knocking Yusei and the others up into the air. Leo and Dexter land together, Yanagi to their left, and Yusei in front of him. He faces a shadowy figure, and he asks what that is. (Japanese Yusei’s the s-word. No, not that one, but yes, he’s also that.)

Added Footage (5 seconds): The pan up the shadowy figure is repeated to transition from the commercial break placed there.

Facing the shadowy figure, Yusei asks whose dragon it is (Japanese Yusei just asks, “A dragon?”; they gave him a lip flap or two after he was supposed to stop talking). Suddenly, he feels a jolt of pain coming from his arm, and he folds up his sleeve to reveal his glowing Mark. Yanagi comes over to look at it, and Tanner says it’s no tattoo (Himuro asks when he got it). Yanagi says he’s right, saying it’s the Mark of the Dragon. His words shock Leo, as he repeats, “Mark of the Dragon?”, seeing a Mark in his head (seems to be the Left Claw), and then just staring, until a bright light forces him to cover his eyes.

A bright light emanates from the Black Rose, forcing everyone in the vicinity to shield their eyes. Yusei looks at the dragon, as Leo exclaims that the Black Rose is real (Rua questions the monster)! Yusei stands and walks towards the dragon, as Leo tells him to wait because it’s too dangerous for even a superhero (same, minus that last part, for Rua). Yusei reaches the dragon, but notices a forcefield surrounding someone below it. The someone turns out to be the Black Rose, as Yusei ends up assuming while Leo says he thinks it is, but warns him to be careful, walking forward to be stopped by Yusei. The others run over, and get a good look at her.

Blister sees that she’s not made up, asking Yanagi what now, and he says he doesn’t know.

Side-Note: When Saiga says that the Black Rose Witch is real, Yanagi’s reply: “well, I’ll be damned!”.

We see a close-up of the Black Rose, until she notices that Yusei also has a Mark on his arm. He’s surprised, and looks down at it. As Leo is surprised, Yusei says he does, and walks over to her. But she tells him to stay away from her (Japanese BRW calls Yusei’s mark a wretched one), letting loose a big whirlwind of light.  Yusei and the others shield their eyes (and might I add, not one of these guys sound like they’re putting effort into their acting. They can at least not try to sound stiff, right?), until Yusei notices that she’s vanished, leaving behind a little shockwave.

He stands, as Tanner exclaims that she’s gone. Yanagi is in awe at her “exit for the ages,” wondering what she does for an encore. (Japanese Yanagi wonders what the heck that was, asking how she was able to blow them back with her Magic Card’s power, even though it’s just Solid Vision.) Holding onto Leo, Dexter says they found her, and that the Black Rose is real, and Leo says that was awesome (Rua says he’s so glad they didn’t get offed.)

The rebellious duelist is helped up, and Yanagi and co. walk over to Yusei, as Blister says the Black Rose said he also had a Mark, wondering what she means by that. Yusei lifts his arm, and sees that his Mark has faded. Leo asks where it went, and Yanagi exclaims that it vanished like magic! (Japanese Yanagi asks why, calling it a shame.) Yusei knows that he has to find this Black Rose. As they react, he tells them that he needs to find some answers (Japanese Yusei is positive the Witch has a birthmark, pointing out that she said, “you, as well?”.)

Watching them from high up is none other than Lazar, who says he’ll get them in due time, laughing. (Yeager does nothing but laugh.)

Side-note: It’s a shame Lazar’s VA can’t replicate Yeager’s laugh, because here, he chuckles, but stops doing so a few seconds into it, while the animation still shows him laughing. It’s a bit awkward. (Update: he tries to in a few episodes. It’s not too bad.)

Later at night, the Black Rose runs into an alleyway, exhausted. She thinks to herself about that Mark, wondering why Yusei has one (Japanese BRW’s silent). She kneels beside the wall, removing her mask and panting heavily.

The next day, it’s Day 1 of the Fortune Cup.

Side-Note: Surprisingly, all the text on the Stadium was left untouched for the US version, for the most part. Click each image for a larger version.

Meanwhile, in his booth, Rex oversees everything going on, when Lazar comes in, saying one of the servants of Iliaster led him right to her.

Cut Footage (about 4 seconds): The following pan over to Yeager was cut from the US version.  Here, Yeager tells Rex that, last night, the Witch appeared once more in the Daimon Area.

Lazar tells Rex he made sure the Black Rose received the invitation, so she’ll be dueling here along with Yusei, sneaking in a chuckle (Yeager says that before long, they’ll see the face behind the mask). Rex says that all is going as planned, and soon the Crimson Dragon will rise. And, Jack thinks, Yusei will fall. (Japanese Rex says that by the grace of the Dragon Star, the Signers will be assembled here. Jack is silently watching on.)

Paint Edit: Surprisingly, 4Kids fixed the English on one of the signs during the pan over to Jack. It read “GOOD GOB!” in the Japanese version, as seen in the above cut pan, as well, but in the US version, it reads “GOOD JOB!”. Click each for a larger version. But then, on the DVD recently released by Cinedigm, it’s wiped clean, along with the text in the middle of the billboard by Jack’s hand.  Hmm.


Final Thoughts: Not a super-accurately dubbed episode, but at least it’s still pretty to look at, thanks to Ken’ichi Hara. Had a first listen to Aki’s voice in the US version, voiced by Bella Hudson, and I was never a fan of how high-pitched it sounded in these early episodes, especially when she’s dueling. A fault of the voice director here, Julie Rath, I’m sure–once Darren Dunstan takes over in 65+, her voice sounds a lot smoother.

Next stop: the Fortune Cup!

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