5D’s Openings/Endings

Japanese Openings

1. Bonds – Kizuna –: used from episodes 1-26; performed by Kra.

2. Last Train – A New Morning –: used from episodes 27-64; performed by Knotlamp.

Version 1 (27-48)

Version 2 (48-64)

3. FREEDOM: used from episodes 65-104; performed by La-Vie.

Version 1 (65-71)

Version 2 (72-104)

4. Believe in NEXUS: used from episodes 104-130; performed by Masaaki Endoh

Version 1 (104-110)

Version 2 (110-129)

5. Road to Tomorrow – Going My Way: used from episodes 130-154; performed by Masaaki Endoh

Japanese Endings

1. START – used from episodes 1-26; performed by Masataka Nakagauchi.

2. Cross Game – used from episodes 27-64; performed by Alice Nine.

3. – OZONE –: used from episodes 65-104; performed by vistlip.

Side-Note: There were two versions of this ending used, the first in 65 and the second in 66. The only difference was the panning shot of the signers over the last verse; they’re drawn more… weirdly in the second version, and that’s the version that sticks, for some reason. I’ve been meaning to edit the textless video to include the original pan, lol.


4. Close to You: used from episodes 104-130; performed by ALvino

5. Future Colors: used from episodes 130-154; performed by Plastic Tree

English Openings

1. Hyper Drive V1 – used from episodes 1-26; performer unknown.

This one took a few scenes from Kizuna and START, along with some from the episodes. But some scenes were edited.

First, the shots of Yusei and Jack with cards behind them, taken from START, were edited to make the cards look less like their real-life counterparts. Now, they do this with the front of the cards to satisfy FCC regulations, but I thought they didn’t need to go so far to satisfy it. It doesn’t really bother me, it just feels a bit weird.

Next, they made a mistake when editing the cards during the scene where Junk Warrior, Speed Warrior, Turbo Warrior, and Nitro Warrior come out, taken from Kizuna. The US version has two Junk Warrior cards (in the two caps below, the first already appeared), even though Turbo Warrior emerges from the second. The Japanese version has it right, as Junk Warrior’s card comes out, followed by Turbo Warrior’s. Click each for a larger version.

Then, there’s an edit done for what I’m assuming is context reasons. Taken from Kizuna, it’s the shot where, after Yusei’s helmet appears, he holds up a card. In the Japanese version, he holds up Junk Synchron’s card because it’s then summoned to the field. In the US version, however, he holds up Junk Warrior because it’s then summoned right beside him.

Finally, there’s the last shot in the US opening, taken from START. I can’t tell if they just froze a shot from the Japanese scene, or edited it to their liking, but the reason I point this one out is because of a few mistakes. For one, the card next to Roadrunner/Sonic Chick in the Japanese version was a Trap card. In the US version, it’s hard to see, but it’s next to Metal Armored Bug, which replaces that Trap card. Also, the card next to Metal Armored Bug has a DEF of 1300, but the card next to the Trap in the Japanese version had a DEF of 1200. Click each for a larger version.

2. Hyper Drive V2: used from episodes 27-64; performer unknown.

3. Hyper Drive V3: used from episodes 65-136; performer unknown

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