5D’s Season 2

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27. A Web of Deceit – Part 1 (A World Without Light! The Dark Synchro, Freezing Fitzgerald)

28. A Web of Deceit – Part 2 (Darkness That Engulfs All – The Immortal Dark Signer)

29. Good Cop, Bad Cop (A Looming Threat! The Dark Signer, Ushio!?)

30. Fight or Flight (The Name’s Crow! Fly, Black Bird)

31. The Reunion Duel (Hometown and Friends! Reuniting Tag Riding)

32. Dark Signs – Part 1 (A Symbol of Freedom! The Daedalus Bridge)

33. Dark Signs – Part 2 (A Vengeful Inferno! Former Friend, Kyosuke Kiryu)

34. Dark Signs – Part 3 (Dark Synchro! Show Yourself, One-Hundred Eye Dragon)

35. Dark Signs – Part 4 (The Terror! Earthbound God Ccapac Apu)

36. Supersensory Shakedown (Docking Courage with Strength! Synchro Summon, Power Tool Dragon)

37. Digging Deeper – Part 1 (Infiltration! Arcadia Movement, It’s My Turn!)

38. Digging Deeper – Part 2 (A Resurrected Soul: The New Geoglyph Ablaze)

39. Digging Deeper – Part 3 (Descend! The Two Earthbound Gods)

40. Clash of the Dragons – Part 1 (An Irreversible Past: A Locked Heart’s Door)

41. Clash of the Dragons – Part 2 (Hatred Caused by Sorrow! Catch It, Stardust Dragon!)

42. The Signs of Time (Gather! Warriors of the Crimson Dragon)

43. Surely, You Jest – Part 1 (Resolve Each Their Own! That Which is Wholeheartedly Believable)

44. Surely, You Jest – Part 2 (Stir Up the Divine Winds! Black Feather – Arms Wing)

45. Mark of the Spider – Part 1 (Confrontation! The Man with the Spider Birthmark)

46. Mark of the Spider – Part 2 (The 17-Year-Old Truth! The Hidden Trap of the Dark Signers)

47. Mark of the Monkey – Part 1 (The Man with the Monkey Birthmark)

48. Mark of the Monkey – Part 2 (Minus World – The Search for the White Lion Regulus)

49. Mark of the Monkey – Part 3 (The King Ruling Over Minus! Zeman, The Demonic Monkey King)

50. Mark of the Monkey – Part 4 (Minus Curse! The Imprisoned Ancient Fairy Dragon)

51. A Whale of a Ride – Part 1 (Be Resurrected! A Limit-Breaking Riding Duel)

52. A Whale of a Ride – Part 2 (At the Ends of the Emotions Spun by the Cards)

53. A Whale of a Ride – Part 3 (Winds, Gust Fiercely! Black Feather – Lone Silverwind)

54. A Score to Settle – Part 1 (The Last Duel! Team Satisfaction)

55. A Score to Settle – Part 2 (The Cares of Companions: Messias Draconis, Savior Dragon)

56. Destiny’s Will – Part 1 (The 17-Year-Old Vow! The Destiny Guided by Momentum)

57. Destiny’s Will – Part 2 (Darkness of the Heart – The Last Hope Left Remaining)

58. Shadows of Doubt – Part 1 (Destiny Dead Ahead! The High Ruler of Hell, Dark King)

59. Shadows of Doubt – Part 2 (The Lone Light: Savior Demon Dragon)

60. Truth and Consequences – Part 1 (A Sad Story: Sorrowful Memories)

61. Truth and Consequences – Part 2 (At the End of Truth)

62. Signs of Doom – Part 1 (The Last Battle! The Man Possessing the Two Gods)

63. Signs of Doom – Part 2 (The Strongest Earthbound God! Wiraqocha Rasca)

64. Signs of Doom – Part 3 (To Our Future!)

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