5D’s Season 3

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65. A New Threat – Part 1 (A New Threat)

66. A New Threat – Part 2 (The Proof of Evolution! The Synchro Monsters)

67. Lessons Learned (The Traditions of the Academia! Antique Gear Golem)

68. Trash Talk (Memories of the Elderly – The Scrap-Iron Family Deck)

69. A Duel With Interest (A Threat! Loan Token Hell)

70. The Wicked Spirit (The Spirited Away Forest – Sleepy Beauty)

71. French Twist – Part 1 (Yusei Captured)

72. French Twist – Part 2 (What Lies Within the Wind)

73. Synchro Straits (Beyond Sealing Synchro Summons…)

74. The Synchro Solution (Further Evolution! Accel Synchro)

75. Acceleration (Aki Izayoi, Acceleration!)

76. Syd is Vicious (The Proud Demon Chaos King)

77. Dawn of the Duel Board – Part 1 (Debut! The Super Elite Transfer Student)

78. Dawn of the Duel Board – Part 2 (A Nightmare Reborn! Mechlord Emperor Skiel)

79. Putting it All Together (To a World Yet Unseen)

80. The Super Genius (The Mysterious Super-Mechanic)

81. Get With the Program – Part 1 (Operation: Capture Jaeger)

82. Get With the Program – Part 2 (Yusei Fudo – 100% Chance of Defeat!)

83. Will the Real Jack Atlas Please Stand Up? – Part 1 (A Suspect!? Jack Atlas)

84. Will the Real Jack Atlas Please Stand Up? – Part 2 (The Other Jack)

85. Mother Knows Best (The Poppo Time Grandfather Clock)

86. Duelist For Hire (Crashtown)

87. Showdown at Sundown – Part 1 (Rescue Kiryu! The Town of Wandering Duelists)

88. Showdown at Sundown – Part 2 (The Trap Laid Before Victory)

89. The Race to Escape – Part 1 (The Terror of the Gatling Ogre)

90. The Race to Escape – Part 2 (A Deathmatch Riding Duel)

91. Clash at Crash Town – Part 1 (A Tag Duel – Kiryu/Yusei VS Lotten)

92. Clash at Crash Town – Part 2 (Satisfaction)

93. The Question of the Card (Tremble in Fear! The Resolve of the Master and Servant!!)

94. Keeping a Promise – Part 1 (Recollections – A Friend’s Entrusted Last Wish)

95. Keeping a Promise – Part 2 (Soar! Blackfeather Dragon!!)

96. Natural Instincts – Part 1 (Rally Forth! Team 5D’s)

97. Natural Instincts – Part 2 (After Despair and Conflict…)

98. Power Plays (The WRGP Commences – Team 5D’s
VS Team Unicorn)

99. Trouble for Team 5D’s (Burn! Phoenixian Cluster Amaryllis)

100. The Edge of Elimination – Part 1 (A Dilemma! The Last Wheeler, Yusei)

101. The Edge of Elimination – Part 2 (For the Team)

102. The Edge of Elimination – Part 3 (Just for Victory)

103. Party Crashers (The Spoils of the Battle)

104. Knight Takes Pawn (The Messengers of Destruction – Team Catastrophe)

105. Rook Takes Knight (The Card of Darkness – Hidden Knight – Hook-)

106. Primo’s Plan – Part 1 (A Ghost Flood! The Terrifying Battle Royale Mode)

107. Primo’s Plan – Part 2 (Awaken! An Unwavering Standpoint – Clear Mind)

108. Primo’s Plan – Part 3 (A Terror Reborn! Mechlord Emperor Wisel)

109. Primo’s Plan – Part 4 (Accel Synchro! Be Born, Shooting Star Dragon!)

110. Primo’s Plan – Part 5 (The Three Emperors of Yliaster)

111. To Nazca, the Ancient Land

112. The Crimson Devil

113. A Burning, Seething Soul! Scar-Red Nova Dragon

114. Operation: Capture Jaeger II

115. Press Him About the Mystery! A Simulation Riding Duel

116. The Momentum Express Research Institute

117. The Distorted Past

118. The New Rivals

119. The Invincible Scram! Break the Unbreakable Defense!

120. Hold Onto Those Feelings! Holding-Hands Majin

121. The Miraculous Trump Card – Sleeping Giant Thud!

122. The Power to Believe! Thud, the Strongest Giant, VS Shooting Star Dragon

123. Eyes on the Prize (The Duelists With the Rune Eyes)

124. Duel for Redemption (Wounded Pride)

125. Soul Solutions (A Battle of Souls! Polar Star God Thor VS Scar-Red Nova Dragon)

126. When Nordic Gods Attack (Descend! The Second God – Polar Star God Loki)

127. Tricking the Trickster (A Destiny Riding on the Black Feathers)

128. Yusei’s Last Stand (The Three Immortal Norse Gods)

129. Fight to the Finish Line (Countdown to the End – Gjallarhorn)

130. Bonds to Our Friends, Bound to the Future

131. The Beginning of the End (A Battle for the Future! Mechlord Emperor Skiel VS Scar-Red Nova Dragon)

132. Dawn of the Machines (An Intense Battle! Mechlord Emperor Wisel)

133. Against All Odds (The Looming Giant King! Mechlord Emperor Grannel)

134. For Synchro’s Sake (A Road to Ruin! The Future Favored by Synchro-Summoning)

135. Fight for the Future (The Devil of Despair! Mechlord Emperor Machinicle Infinity Cubic)

136. Victory or Doom (A Do-or-Die Battle! The Imperial Machine God VS The Synchro Monsters)*

137. An Approaching Terror – The Citadel of God, “Ark Cradle”*

*Note: The first few minutes of 137 were merged into 136 in the US version due to 4Kids cutting 5D’s short there.

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