5D’s Season 4

Light Blue: Comparison is up.
Red: Comparison isn’t up yet.

138. The Path to The Future – The Rainbow Bridge Bifrost

139. The Enchanting Field! Ecole de Zone

140. The Soul-Binding Gate! A Forbidden Future

141. A Duel of Despair! The Launched Stronghold, Fortessimo

142. A Life-or-Death Battle! Divine Machine Emperor Dragon Asterisk

143. The Miracle of Life – Life Stream Dragon

144. The Beginning of the End! A Deathmatch Riding Duel

145. Faster Than Light!!

146. The Last Human – Z-ONE

147. A Hope for the Future!

148. One Chance at a Turnaround

149. The Revived Hero

150. Feelings Entrusted From A Father

151. Clustering Wishes

152. A Future to Achieve

153. Clashing Souls!

154. Towards A Future That Lights the Way

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