Episode 15: Welcome to the Fortune Cup

JP Title: The Duel of Fortune Cup Commences – A Great Aerial Assault! Giant Bomber AIR-RAID
JP Key Card: Giant Bomber AIR-RAID
Animation Director: Kimiharu Mutou
US Adaptation: Barton Bishop, John Drdek, Shane Guenego
Posted Date: 12/20/15

Added Footage (1 minute and 30 seconds): A recap of Leo telling Yusei about the Fortune Cup and his plan to impersonate Luna, Lazar giving Yusei his Fortune Cup invite and the threat to his friends, Dexter telling the twins about the Black Rose, Jack giving Yusei his Stardust Dragon back, the street duel observers running from the Black Rose as vines pop out of the ground and into the buildings and Leo seeing that the Black Rose is real, Lazar telling Rex that the Black Rose got her invitation, Rex saying that the Crimson Dragon will soon rise, and Jack thinking that Yusei will fall.

Paint Edit: This one happens during the recap. Remember that sign that 4Kids fixed during the pan over to Jack at the end of the last episode? Well, instead of repeating the edit, they just digitized the text out completely. Of course, that just makes the ad look like a blank, almost see-through box.

Moved Footage (39 seconds): As a result of the added recap, the scene with Leo dressed up as Luna, which starts the Japanese episode, was moved to after the opening sequence in the US version.

As fans stand outside the Duel Stadium, Leo stands wearing makeup, asking the others what they think about how he looks. Yanagi tells him he’s as good a Luna as Luna is, which prompts Leo to jump up and shout, “Yahoo!.” (Rua asks Yusei if he’s a spitting image of Ruka, and Yanagi says that it’s no less from twins, since he can’t tell a difference.)

Luna kicks him, telling him not to embarass her, but Leo pats her shoulder, telling her to chill because he’s about to make her a dueling legend. (Ruka says she doesn’t act like that, and Rua tells her to lighten up, that he’ll get it right, and to not worry.) Leo walks over to “Mr. Amnesia Man,” asking if he’s ready. Yusei says he is, and they turn to leave, but he thinks the makeup should go. Leo agrees, but only if Yusei tells him his name. He says he’ll find out soon enough, and Leo thinks it’s awesome, wondering if it’s something cool. (Japanese Yusei says the same, but only after turning to leave.)

Tanner thinks to himself that something’s up with this whole Fortune Cup thing, telling Yusei to be careful and to watch his back.

Side-Note: Huh… Seems the “Fortune Cup” text all around the Stadium is going to be left intact for the US version. Go figure.

As the Fortune Cup gets started, the MC tells the audience to put their hands together for Director Rex Goodwin (who’s… just sitting down. The Japanese MC tells everybody to listen [in English], as the Duel of Fortune Cup is finally underway). The audience cheers, and three cheerleaders get ready to start a cheer, spelling out his name, when a big gust of wind blows by them.

The big gust of wind materializes into a big whirlwind, out of which emerges Red Dragon Archfiend (Red Daemon’s Dragon). The MC announces its appearance, as it flies around the Stadium to land in the center, as Jack rides in on his D-Runner, pulling off a few aerial tricks, and lands in front of his monster. As he rides out, the MC says, “Let’s hear it for the reigning champion! The King of the cards! The one man who rules the duels! The Master of Faster himself! Jack Atlas!”

Jack takes off his helmet, as the audience cheers (the Japanese audience cheers, “Atlas-sama!”), before shouting a variation of his signature phrase, “New Domino City! What say we kick this tournament into overdrive! Let’s get this started!”

Side-Note: Meh, at least they’re being consistent with what the Japanese version does. Japanese Jack declares his signature line, “There is only one King! And that’s me!,” before asking who dares to duel against him.

The MC says it’s time to meet the lucky duelists who were selected to compete for a chance to duel head-to-head with Mr. Atlas: the Fortune Eight! Suddenly, the ground opens up, as Leo and Yusei rise up to the surface. Leo excitedly says that this is it, becoming in awe of the audience (Rua is in awe of Red Demon’s Dragon).

The eight competitors rise up, a cloaked one chuckling, as the MC begins to introduce the competitors: the always mysterious Shira, the great Greiger (Bommer; could also be Bomber due to Japanese phonetics), Commander Koda, the Professor (his name’s Frank in the Japanese, along with the title; whether or not it’s been kept in the US version has yet to be seen)…

Cut/Replaced Footage (about 4 seconds): After the pan over to the competitors (during the MC’s “always mysterious Shira” line), the following sequence (to the right), in which Jack looks over and sees Yusei, and the two lock stares, was cut from the US version. Replacing it is this sequence (to the left) where a pan from later in the episode of Greiger, and still shots of Koda and the Professor from later episodes, were added from later episodes as the MC introduces them. (Because of the way I had to save the image, I had to shrink the Jack scenes to fit with the Bommer one.)


…Ms. Akiza Izinski (Aki Izayoi), Sir Ransborg, the lovely Ms. Luna, and Yusei Fudo! (Japanese MC is silent.)

Seeing the image of Yusei, a member in the audience points out his marker, as another member asks what a Satellite’s doing here, and a female asks who that “low-life” is. A member next to Tanner says he bets anything he took someone’s invitation. As they hear this chatter going on, Yanagi panics, as Leo turns to Yusei, realizing that that’s his name. Yusei says it is, telling him not to wear it out. Leo says that doesn’t seem much like a superhero name, and Yusei asks what he means, prompting Leo to say, “never mind.”

Added Footage (about 4 seconds): The part of that talk where Leo talks after turning, and Yusei responds, is repeated twice to fit the changed dialogue. Originally, Rua just says, “Yusei…,” and he tells him to pay the crowd no mind.

As the crowd begins a “lose the loser!” chant, Shira scowls, as Ransborg looks towards Yusei. Rex closes his eyes, and the MC is wondering what to do. Suddenly, Greiger grabs his microphone, moving towards the audience, saying that he has to say something, as Yusei and Leo look on, as do Yanagi and the others from the stands.

Greiger tells the audience his name, saying he knows things are different in this city, but where he comes from, you judge a guy on his spirit. Pointing to Yusei, he says that this “kid” (considering he’s 18…) may have been branded by their people as a no-good, but when he looks at him, all he sees is a duelist. As the audience looks on, he continues, saying that being a duelist himself, that means he has to respect him until he gives him a reason not to. “Because a duelist isn’t judged on where he comes from, who his family is, or how much money he has,” he says, as Akiza, Ransborg, and a moved-to-tears Leo watch. He concludes by saying that that isn’t what really matters, walking back to join the others, as Leo cries tears of awe, and Jack “humphs” to himself.

Dialogue Edit: The Japanese speech was a little different. After Bommer gives his name, he says that as a duelist up on stage, he wants to ask exactly what it is they all see. Pointing to Yusei, he says that this man is undoubtedly a duelist, selected under the same conditions as they were. As the audience looks on, he continues to say that if one has cards, marker or no marker, they are the same as everyone else, and that the people standing here now should be ashamed of nothing. As we see Aki, deLancebow, and the moved-to-tears Rua watching him, he says that it is all of them, looking at him through their trivial rose-colored glasses, who are no short of vicious. He turns back, Rua cries in awe, and Jack “humphs.” The gist is kept in the dub, but a bit watered down.

Rex begins to slowly clap, as the MC joins in, and soon the Stadium is erupting with applause.

Cut Footage (about 1 second): This pan across the Stadium is one second longer in the Japanese version. The US version stops at the first shot here, and the Japanese version at the second.

Turning to bow to Rex, he walks back over to the others, handing the MC his microphone, who thanks him. Rex then stands, preparing to make his own speech.

Rex thanks Greiger for his well-chosen and heartfelt words. In their world, social status and personal wealth draw a line between themselves and their fellow man. Holding his hands out, he says that he had a vision of a duel tournament that would, if only for a fleeting while, remove that line. As the audience looks on, he clarifies: a tournament separate from the competition of life, where the “haves” and the “have-nots” can meet each other on a level playing field and prove themselves to each other and to the world. Pumping his fist into the air, he welcomes the duelists to the Fortune Cup.

Dialogue Edit: After thanking Bommer for his empowering words, he says the reason he provided an opportunity as such was indeed for all the reasons he mentioned. Holding his hands out, he introduces himself as Rex Godwin, the man in charge of Neo Domino City’s Public Security Maintenance Bureau. As the audience looks on, he says that he is also the man who planned this grand dueling festival in appreciation of the maintenance of daily public security. He continues, “To duelists, neither social status nor the gap between rich and poor matter.” Pumping his fists, he says that true equality rests right here.

The crowd cheers, as the MC announces the appearance of the “bracket shuffler” to find out who will duel who in the first match. (The Japanese MC just says that these are the first round matchups.)

Paint Edits: First, the screen behind the MC has the text deleted off of the little rectangles that shuffle around. In the Japanese version, they hold the names of the participants.  Then, during the close-up pan across the screen, in a bit of an inconsistency, not only is the text removed, but so are the rectangles. Go figure.

Yusei is paired with Shira, Akiza with Ransborg, and Luna–er, Leo, here–with Greiger. Leo sees his matchup, excited that he’s dueling Greiger in the very first match, turning to face him. He sees him, but then looks away, as Leo thinks he can take him–he knows he can! (Rua just thinks, “Let’s do this!.”)

In an inside room, Rex takes a seat, as Lazar tells him that Zigzix told him he has everything in order, saying that now they’ll know for certain if the Signers are who they hope they are, laughing as he patches Zigzix through.

He says “Good morning” to the Director, proceeding to tell him that by aligning a neuron emulator with his energy allocator, and then spinning some particles and crushing some atoms (as he begins to spin around), he was able to create a device that can measure the mysterious power called “Ener-D” (…meh, it’s “momemtum” in the Japanese version, and the tower of energy we see is called “Momentum.” So the capital “M” will refer to the machine, while the lowercase “m” refers to the energy.). Beginning to spin, he tells him it’s his most inspired invention yet, that it’s amazing, and fits in his purse (…would Rex even have a purse?).

Glasses glowing, he gives him the one, the only, stupendously fabulous, Zigzix creation: the D-Tector (D-Sensor in the Japanese). By placing remote sensors all over the Stadium, and feeding their signals into the D-Tector, he’ll be able to find even the slightest Ener-D activity. Standing to leave, Rex is satisfied, as Zigzix says behind him, “Let’s find those Signers,” before disappearing.

Dialogue Edit: After greeting Rex, Akutsu says all preparations are in order there, as well. Starting to spin, he says that just leaves allowing them to duel at their max potential. We see the machine, as he says that any response from the Signers will go through the mighty “Mooomentum.” Spinning around in his office, he shows Rex his “mooost” excellent work, calling it “Sensing Through the D-Sensor” as his glasses glow and he spins around. He says they’ll be able to gauge a full account of a Signer’s response, heightened by dueling, through the Sensors installed in the Stadium. Rex says he’ll leave things to him, and Akutsu tells him he can count on him before disappearing.

Added Footage (about 2 seconds): The shot of the empty room was paused to allow a transition to the commercial break placed there in the US version.

Meanwhile, in the competitors’ waiting room, the cheerleaders outside, visible on a TV screen, chant “Atlas.” (The Japanese cheerleaders are cheering, but we don’t hear it.) 

Paint Edit: The “STAFF” text on the back of one of the reporters, behind Leo and Yusei, is digitized off in the US version. Click each for a larger view.

Leo excitedly tells Yusei that the Disk he fixed up for him rocks, as Yusei says he’s glad he likes it. Leo doesn’t believe he’s actually going to do this, asking him if he’s got any last-minute pointers for him, and Yusei tells him to remember to adapt to his opponent. Standing, he says he can do that, and runs off, telling Ransborg he’s got a “nice ‘stache.” (Rua tells Yusei they’ll meet in the finals, and Yusei agrees. Rua says he remembers what he said to him, and he won’t duel in any way that’s selfish anymore. Yusei tells him that if he trusts his cards, they’ll answer back. He gets it, and runs off. He’s silent as he runs out of the room, and deLancebow looks at him because of him running off.)

Back in the arena, the MC says that before they meet their first duelist, they have a quick word from their Duel Sponsors: if your dog’s bad breath is making you sick, give him Tominton’s (sp?) mint balls, the sparkling edible stinkbuster (…). And now, coming to us straight from the Tops, a precious, half-pint bundle of wonder: little Ms. Luna! (The Japanese MC is already starting to introduce the two. During the pan over the Stadium, he says he’ll introduce the duelists for the first match, then saying that kids all over the world are probably envying this young girl, referring to Ruka. He says she’s the youngest girl participating: the Dueling Angel from the Heavens! Ms. Ruka-chan! “Little Ms. Luna” is a good translation of the last bit.)

After emerging to spotlight, Leo says that this is incredible, and that he should’ve brought his camera (Rua says that everyone’s watching, and this is fantastic).  “Hoping to take her down,” the MC continues, as Greiger emerges to spotlight, “the Wall of Wallop, the Tower of Power: Greiger!” (The Japanese MC says that opposite to her is the one whose passionate words earlier left their mark! “The Black Storm, Bommer!”)

The lights go off, as the MC tells them to play nicely and shake those hands (Japanese MC mentions that the duel will be conducted while standing).  As they shake hands, Leo tells Greiger that it was cool how he grabbed that mic and defended his friend, and that he wants him to know it’s a real honor to be dueling him today (here, Rua tells him that it must be true when they say there are no bad people among duelists), and Greiger tells him that he’s got quite a strong grip for a young lady (Bommer just flat out says that he heard he was a girl, but he seems to be a boy).  Leo stammers, saying it’s funny because everyone at school calls “her” a tomboy. “Did I mention I was a cheerleader?” he says, striking a pose (Rua tries to cover by telling him, “People say that I look like a boy, but I’d say I’m girl enough, you know?”), and Luna, watching in the stands, says she does not act like that!

The MC says it’s time to start the duel, telling the players to activate their Duel Disks! With a shout of “Let’s duel!” (Leo’s LP/ 4000, Greiger’s LP/ 4000), they’re off.  Greiger takes the first move, drawing. From his hand, he then activates Star Blast. Leo’s surprised, expecting a monster (Rua just tells him to go ahead and activate it). Greiger tells him that he first has to lower the level of his monster by harnessing the power of Star Blast and sacrificing 500 LP (Bommer also mentions that the Level drops by one; LP/ 4000->3500).

He says that his Summon Reactor SK (Summon Reactor AI) is a Level-5, so by taking its power down a notch, he can summon it directly to the field in Attack Mode.

Stat Mistake: In the US version, Summon Reactor SK seems to have 2000 LP, since they used the LP counter for it. The Japanese version has it right, showing it has 2000 ATK.

Leo’s worried that it has 2000 ATK, and Greiger agrees, saying he believes one must sacrifice a little in order to gain a lot (Bommer tells him that Summon Reactor gets dropped to a Level-4 due to Star Blast’s effect, letting him Normal-Summon it). He ends his turn with a face-down card.  As Leo looks on, the MC says that Greiger’s off to a good start, wondering how Little Ms. Luna will respond. (In the Japanese version, Rua is thinking to himself, saying that a 2000-ATK one right off the bat may be tough, but he just has to believe in his cards and take it head-on.)

Leo gets ready, drawing his card, and excitedly says that Greiger’s not the only one who’s off to a strong start! (Rua says “it’s” here already.) He summons Morphtronic Celfon (Deformer Mobaphon) in Attack Mode (ATK/ 100)

Side-Note: Celfon keeps its Japanese voice.

He asks Greiger if he thinks it’s pretty cool, saying his Morphtronic Deck rules! And he’s about to show him why. (Rua tells him he’ll make sure he sees how strong his Deformer Deck can be.) Greiger tells him that before he makes any other moves, he’ll activate Summon Reactor SK’s special ability: because he summoned a monster to the field, Reactor SK can hit him for 800 points of damage. It fires a whirlwind at Leo, reducing his LP to 3200, as the MC notes that Summon Reactor SK can attack Ms. Luna every time she summons a monster. (Of course, it’s just activating its effect, not really attacking; Japanese MC doesn’t talk.)

Rex, Lazar, and Jack watch from their booth, as Lazar tells Rex that Greiger was the right choice for this: his relentless tactics will have that girl showing her true colors in no time. (Yeager just says he’s already mounted his assault.)

Side-Note: Is it me, or does Lazar sound like he was saying his line, but then just suddenly rushed it? As soon as the shot of Jack appeared, he rushed the “showing” part of it, apparently trying to make it fit. Just seems a bit awkward.

Leo tells him that it’ll take more than that to weaken his Morphtronic Deck. (Rua says his Deformer deck won’t be losing.) Thinking to himself, Greiger tells him to get excited so they can find out if he’s who Goodwin thinks he is. (Bommer tells him to get more riled up and bear his fangs at him.)

Greiger says he keeps on talking up these Morphtronic monsters of his, but so far, he’s not impressed. “Yeah? Well, I’m about to impress your face!,” Leo responds, making Luna embarrased, as she says she can’t watch, and she’ll never live this down. (Bommer tells Rua to do what he said he was going to do and show him how powerful, or whatnot, his Deformers are, and Rua responds by saying he doesn’t have to ask to get him to do it. Ruka sees he doesn’t intend to impersonate her at all.)

Leo gets his Celfon started, as it then starts dialing, and he explains that whatever number the Dial lands on, that’s the number of cards on the top of his deck he gets to flip over, and if the last card is a Level-4 or lower “Morphtronic,” he gets to summon it out (Rua also points out that this happens if it’s in Attack Mode). The Dial lands on a two, so he picks up two. Hesitating, he looks at the second card, and tells Greiger to get ready for Morphtronic Boomboxen (Deformer Radicassen), coming at him live! (Rua says he summons it in Defense Mode; DEF/ 400)

SFX Edit?: I can’t really tell, because of the audio volume on the US version of the episode, but it seems some of Boomboxen’s “beats” are edited in the US version, so it sounds really low or as if none is there. Of course, it could just be that the changed background music is covering it up…

Card Showcase Interruption 1 (8 seconds added): “When the monster, Morphtronic Boomboxen, is attacked while in Defense Mode, that attack can be negated once per turn.”

Setting a card face-down on his Disk, Leo ends his turn.

Side-Note: The card Leo sets, Morphtransition (Deform), and the cards in his hand were shaded in the Japanese version. For some reason, 4Kids forgot to shade the cards again when they changed their look.  Also, note Leo’s missing thumb.

Looking at his newly-set card, Leo thinks to himself, saying that if Greiger summons a monster out next round, and he attacks with it, “boy,” will he ever be surprised when he flips over his face-down, because then he’ll be able to summon out a new monster.  He holds it up, thinking that he’ll have him right where he wants him, smiling. (Rua thinks that, as long as he has the Trap Card, Deform, even if Bommer destroys one of his monsters on his turn, he’ll still leave one on the field. And if that happens, he can summon the one he holds up.)

Added Footage (1 second): The last shot of Leo smiling was extended by one second for the US version, as it goes to commercial.

Eyecatch: And I’m sure you’re where you want to be: taking a reading break! We’ll be waiting.

Back with Zigzix, as we see the machine from earlier, he says he still hasn’t gotten a signal; zilch! Nothing! (Akutsu has no dialogue during the pan down, but has a little moan on the shot of the D-Sensor.) He urges Luna to hurry, any day now, turning to spin the dial on his machine, saying they need to find out if she has the Mark of the Dragon.

Paint Edit: The computer screen in front of Zigzix reads “D_sensor,” along with another smaller word, across the top in the Japanese version. The US version replaces that with a colored-in rectangle. I think the D and the underscore are still visible, though. Click for a larger version of each picture.

One of the sensors lets out more of a hum, as Luna holds her head with one hand. Dexter asks if something’s wrong, and she says she just has a headache (Ruka says it’s nothing).

Back at the duel, Greiger declares his turn, drawing a Trap Card. From his hand, he then summons Trap Reactor Y-FI (Trap Reactor Double-R) to the field in Attack Mode (ATK/800). He commands his Trap Reactor to attack and take out her Morphtronic Celfon. But Leo says he’s got him, activating his Morphtransition Trap Card, as its light hits Celfon. Leo explains that he can switch it to Defense Mode (DEF/ 100), and put his attack on hold.

But by activating that Trap Card, Greiger tells him he walked right into his trap, saying his monster’s called “Trap Reactor” for a reason. He explains that Trap Reactor reacts to his Trap Card’s activation, and lays into him directly for 800 points of damage, as he commands it to attack (again, it’s its effect that he’s using, not an attack; besides, Boomboxen negated its attack). Trap Reactor shoots at Leo, taking him down to 2400 LP.

Side-Note: I’ve noticed something with the acting when the characters shield themselves and/or scream: it just sounds like they’re, for lack of a better term, constipated or something. That’s how Leo sounds here, and Yusei sounded like that in episode 14, as well as when he was shocked in episodes 9 and 10. Must be the voice director’s fault…

Luna and Dexter worry about him, as Tanner notes that this guy’s playing a real bait-and-switch game, making Leo’s moves backfire–it’s almost like he’s toying with Leo to get him worked up emotionally. Yusei, looking on, thinks to himself, telling Leo not to let that guy get to him. (Himuro sees that Bommer duels tough, stringing Rua along and reducing his LP, raising the psychological pressure on Rua; Yusei’s silent.)

Leo tells him that was a cheap shot (Rua says they’re not done yet), and Greiger thinks to himself, “That’s right. Get fired up. Goodwin says you might be a Signer, so bring it on. Defeat me with the power of the Crimson Dragon!” (Bommer thinks the same, but instead of bringing up Godwin, he says Rua can duel better than this, and he isn’t specific about the Crimson Dragon, just saying “Dragon,” but I’m sure he’s referring to it.)

Back with Zigzix, he’s disappointed that nothing’s happened, wondering about a what-if when he notices something from his D-Tector.

Greiger tells Leo that he’s not done with the little girl yet, saying he’s got more fight for her. Leo tells him to bring it, as Greiger commands his Trap Reactor SK to unplug that Boomboxen permanently (Bommer also shouts his monster’s attack name, “Summon React”). It unleashes a whirlwind at Boomboxen, which suddenly fades away, much to Greiger’s shock. The MC says it appears that Summon Reactor SK has been grounded by Boomboxen (Japanese MC says it couldn’t plant its attack on Radicassen–its attack has been negated!)

Leo smiles, saying that when his Boomboxen is in Defense Mode, it’s able to tune out one attack once every turn!

Side-Note: Now… if Leo was going to explain his Boomboxen’s Defense-Mode effect… was the little Interruption it got really needed?

But Greiger says that only allows him to use Damage Summon (Masochistic Summon), explaining that after an unsuccessful attack on his monster, Damage Summon lets him sacrifice 800 LP (LP/ 3500->2700) in order to summon a new monster (Bommer says it has to be a Level-4 or lower monster from his hand). Leo’s in shock, surprised to see Greiger sacrificing his own LP again., but he is, and next, he summons Spell Reactor RE (Magic Reactor AID) to the field (ATK/ 1200).

Card Showcase Interruption 2 (8 seconds added): “When your opponent activates a Spell Card, Spell Reactor RE destroys that card, and deals 800 points of damage once per turn.”

Greiger says Leo might not like this, but he commands Spell Reactor RE to beat down his Boomboxen. (Bommer also shouts his monster’s “Flame End” attack name.) Spell Reactor RE fires its missiles at Boomboxen, destroying it. Greiger then plays one card face-down, ending his turn.  Leo thinks to himself, seeing that he’s finally done, but at least he still has Celfon out. As long as it’s still in play, he can use it to summon Gadget Hauler (Gadget Trailer) next. Once he does that, it’ll be game over for Greiger (Rua thinks he’ll turn this whole thing on its head).

Yusei thinks to himself, saying that Leo’s still focusing on combos he likes–he’s not adapting. (Japanese Yusei thinks he’s dreaming only about his combos again.)

Greiger sees that he doesn’t seem very rattled, asking if he doesn’t realize he’s been backed into a corner. Leo’s jolted, as Greiger says he’s got his three Reactor monsters out on his field, and he’s already dealt damage to himself by summoning his monsters and triggering Trap Cards! So he asks him what power he thinks this next Reactor monster possesses, saying it seems pretty obvious to him. Leo realizes it, thinking to himself that if he activates a Spell, he’ll take direct damage from Spell Reactor RE. And ’cause of the other two, if he summons a monster or activates a Trap, he’ll get nailed too. This isn’t good.

Leo gasps, as he sees Greiger, but the audience is faded out. Greiger says that every duelist needs to be able to summons monsters, and activate Traps and Spells. But if he does any of that, he’ll inflict LP damage onto himself. An aura surrounds him as he says that he can spend the rest of the duel doing nothing but watching him chip away at his own LP, and inflict damage onto himself.

Side-Note: The US version added a synthesizer effect to Greiger’s voice as the big aura came out of him. Bommer keeps talking normally throughout this scene in the Japanese version.

Leo is frightened to tears, as Yusei tells him to not get scared.

Side-Note: Also, for some reason, Yusei’s line here has the thought-like echo effect that thoughts get in the US version. Yusei’s line in the Japanese version, “This is bad,” is spoken normally.  Someone goofed in the mixing process…

Back with Zigzix, his eyes spin as he says that he still hasn’t gotten any signal whatsoever, wondering if it means that the girl just isn’t a Signer (Akutsu says that while Bommer-kun is doing an excellent job, he’s not picking anything up). Lazar tells him that they’ve conducted an investigation, and they have every reason to believe she is. His job is to find them the hard proof they need, asking if he can do it (Yeager says that the issue at hand is determining if Ruka’s power is linked to the power of the Signers, telling him to be on full alert). Zigzix says there is one anomaly he should mention: the sensor’s detected a signal coming from the stands. Lazar is surprised that it’s not coming from Luna.

Dialogue Edit: In the pan from Leo’s side of the field to the stands following that line, there’s no dialogue, but in the Japanese version, Akutsu continues to say that this is quite bizarre.

Luna clutches her head harder, as Dexter asks if they should get her a doc.  She tries to cover it up, saying it’s just a headache (Ruka says she’s not sick or anything).

Looking at his hand, Leo thinks to himself, saying that every time he makes a move, he’ll lose 800 LP. He doesn’t know what to do, saying he’s stuck. Shaking his head, he says that he just has to adapt. Aloud, he tells Greiger he’s going down. Greiger thinks to himself, saying that she’s finally getting fired up, telling the kid to get angry and show him that Mark. Leo says he’s never tried this before, but here goes… this next round determines everything.  (After the losing LP bit, Rua thinks about what Yusei would do, if he were here…and aloud, he says that he’d believe in his cards. Bommer thinks, saying he’s finally starting to get riled up after coming this far, which is fine; he smiles as he mentally urges him to bear his fangs. Rua says he’ll trust in his cards, too. This turn is where he’ll wrap this game up!)

Leo declares his turn, and, drawing, he activates Celfon’s special ability, telling it to dial… now!

Card Showcase Interruption 3 (8 seconds added): “When Morphtronic Celfon is in Defense Mode, it randomly dials a number, and allows you to look at as many cards from the top of your deck as the number selected.” (It also gives away that it’ll land on a 3, since the numbers it shows shuffle and stop on it.)

As the phone dials, Leo wonders what it’ll land on, until it lands on a three (Rua does what should’ve been done here, explaining Mobaphon’s Defense-Mode effect). So he looks at three cards, and sees Morphtronic Datatron (Deformer Chakkon), Gadget Box, and Morphtronic Magnen (Deformer Magne-U). Leo sees he’s got more Morphtronics on the way, thinking he might win this.

Side-Note: As in episode 13, Datatron’s card art is unedited.

Then, he switches Celfon into Attack Mode (ATK/ 100), telling it to start dialing now! As it dials, Leo thinks to himself, saying he has to be able to summon Morphtronic Datatron, asking it to land on a 1. It does, as Leo exclaims, “All right! There we go!” (Rua exclaims to Yusei that he got it), and he excitedly draws his one card. So he summons Morphtronic Datatron in Attack Mode (ATK/ 1200), drawing a cheer from the stands.

Meanwhile, the sensor picks up more readings, as Luna holds tighter to her head. Dexter asks if it’s getting worse, and she tells him she can’t tell, letting go, saying that she feels really weak.

Cut Footage (3 seconds): This scene with Akutsu saying he knew he’d be getting a perfect reaction is cut from the US version, as it goes to commercial with Luna’s hat falling.

Added Footage (about 2 seconds): This still shot of the Stadium from later in the episode is added to transition back from the commercial break.

Greiger tells the “little girl” that her LP don’t stand a chance against him, ’cause no matter what card she plays, she’s still taking damage! (Bommer says he activates Summon Reactor’s effect, dealing 800 points of damage to the player.) Summon Reactor fires a whirlwind at Leo, reducing his LP to 1600, as the MC says that these Reactors of Greiger’s are pinning Luna to the wall, and Leo falls to the ground. The MC says he can’t watch, yet he can’t look away (Japanese MC says the countdown to her defeat has been set in motion).

Leo stands, saying that this is it! He stammers as he tries to say that by releasing a monster on his field, he can activate Datatron’s “super power,” burning Greiger with 600 points of damage. (…I thought we left this “super power” stuff back with the GX dub?)

So he releases Celfon, dropping Greiger’s LP to 2100. Leo says it’s good so far (Rua asks how he feels about that hit), as he says that he’s releasing Datatron to Advance-Summon Gadget Hauler.

Side-Note: I didn’t think the dub would be using the OCG’s master-rule terminology, especially since the TCG doesn’t seem to be.

Gadget Hauler emerges with a honk in Attack Mode (ATK/ 1300), as Leo says that unless he’s mistaken, he won’t take any damage because Summon Reactor’s special ability works once a turn, as Greiger looks annoyed. Yanagi was wondering why he risked another summon, as Tanner says that it was a good call. Leo needs to stay focused now, and not get crazy or break loose. But Leo says it’s time to break loose. (Japanese Yanagi sees its effect is a one-use-per-turn one, and Himuro says he still can’t let down his guard, since that Bommer guy is really skilled. Rua says, “Here I go, full charge!”)

From his hand, he releases Morphtronic Magnen, and Gadget Hauler glows purple. Leo says that when he sends a Morphtronic from his hand to the Graveyard, Gadget Hauler gains 800 ATK points (ATK/ 1300->2100). Greiger thinks to himself, “That-a-girl! Come at me with everything you’ve got!”

Next, he activates the Factory of 100 Machines (Nightwork of 100 Machines) Spell. And with the power of this card, he’s able to remove every “Morphtronic” monster in his Graveyard from play. The MC asks what this is about, saying that four of Luna’s Morphtronic monsters are hitchhiking a ride with Gadget Hauler. Leo says that for every Machine-Type monster catching a ride with it, Gadget Hauler gains 200 ATK points. (Rua says a Machine-Type monster’s ATK goes up, but not specifically referring to Gadget Hauler.) So now, it’s got a whopping 2900, drawing a cheer from the crowd.

But Greiger says that that Spell Card’s activation brings him one step closer to certain defeat, commanding his Spell Reactor to attack (I’m sure I don’t need to say it’s the effect again… Wait…). It fires its missiles at Leo (LP/ 1600->800), as Greiger says he’s down to 800, so one more move, and he’s finished. Leo disagrees, saying he won’t if he attacks: he doesn’t have a Battle Reactor! (As slightly amusing as this line was, Bommer tells Rua to show him his soul as he stakes it on this duel, telling him to come at him with everything he’s got, and Rua says he’s made it this far, so he’s going to come at him with all he has.)

Leo tells his Gadget Hauler to take out his Trap Reactor Y-FI, as it shoots a beam at it to destroy it (Rua also shouts its attack name, “Gadgeting Cannon”).

SFX Edit: As with many episodes in GX, a glass-breaking SFX was added after the explosion, as Y-FI was destroyed to bits.

Leo celebrates, as Dexter points out that Greiger had 2100 LP left, so if this works, he might have a shot at this, and Luna cheers him on. Meanwhile, Zigzix found Luna, as she appears in the middle of his computer screen. Yusei watches on, as Leo asks if it worked.

Out of the smoke emerges a laughing Greiger (who laughs a bit more in the Japanese version), who says that “she” may be small, but “she” has a warrior’s spirit. As a warrior himself, he salutes that strength. A shocked Leo thanks him, but wonders why he’s not… y’know, damaged. (Bommer tells Rua that that last blow was to much avail, as he wonders if he means his Gadgeting Cannon was a hit.)

Greiger says it’s because of the Delta Reactor Trap Card, and Leo wonders what it does (Rua exclaims, “a face-down card?!”). By sending Summon Reactor, Spell Reactor, and Trap Reactor to the Graveyard, he can negate his attack and activate Delta Reactor. Then he can use Flying Fortress SKY-FIRE (Giant Bomber AIR-RAID) to summon a rain of doom (Bommer says he’s Special-Summoning it).

As Leo is shocked, the MC says it looks like he’s activated a fatal Trap Card, adding that this duel might be over. Could Luna be our first loser? A scared Leo lets his card hand fall to the floor, as Yusei looks on.

Cut Footage (2 seconds): This pan down Giant Bomber AIR-RAID’s silhouette is cut from the US version, though I think I can see why.

Greiger then activates his Flying Fortress’s special ability: by sending one card [from his hand] to the Graveyard, he can obliterate one card on Leo’s field, saying victory is his (Bommer declares the effect name, “Death Drop”). SKY-FIRE lets loose multitudes of little missiles, destroying Gadget Hauler (same FX edit as above here), as Leo shouts its name (“Damn it!”, says Rua).  And now, Greiger says he’s wide open for a direct attack (SKY-FIRE’s ATK/ 3000; Bommer also shouts its attack name, “Death Air Raid”). A missile drops in front of Leo, exploding as he screams from it (LP/ 800->0).

Side-Note: Leo screams until his LP are reduced, while Rua stops screaming as his score comes up, and he groans as it gets reduced.

Leo falls to the floor, as the MC says that it’s over. Greiger will advance onto the second round, and Luna will be getting a gift basket. Leo can’t believe he lost, saying that this stinks (Rua apologizes to Ruka and Yusei).

Side-Note: The pan that happens here, up to the top of the Stadium, is the one that was used for the earlier commercial break’s transition still.

Dexter says it’s too bad, as Yanagi says that he dueled well (Tenpei says Rua’s name as Yanagi sees he lost). Suddenly, Luna gasps, as Yanagi asks her what’s up, and she says her headache’s gone, just like that! (Ruka says that weird feeling is gone.)

Later, Greiger walks down a hallway.

Paint Edit?: I can’t tell if it’s the video itself, but the sign he walks past has its text blurred in the US version. Click each for a larger version.

As he walks, he hears Lazar’s voice telling him, “Bravo, Mr. Greiger,” as he walks over. He tells Greiger that was an explosive duel, chuckling. (Yeager doesn’t talk until he reaches Bommer. When he does, he says it was a job well done, and that he dueled well.) Greiger tells him his intel is bad: he was looking for a girl, but that kid was obviously a boy. Lazar tells him they seem to have been the victim of a little identity prank, showing him some papers, as Greiger exclaims, “Twins?,” and Lazar repeats, “Twins.” (Yeager says that may be, but some good still came of it, showing the papers, saying that things have gotten interesting.)

Paint Edit: The paper has some of its text deleted in the US version, including the big red circle that says “twins,” and as a result, some of the text has a few blanks in it. Rua’s and Ruka’s names are replaced with a blue and pink bar, respectively.

Meanwhile, Zigzix is talking to Rex, with an image of Yanagi and co. on the screen next to him, saying that he didn’t pick up any Ener-D from the kid dueling, but he did end up getting a signal. He says it was coming from this girl in the stands, referring to Luna, so now they just have to push her to her limits. Rex smiles. (Akutsu tells him he returned the D-Sensor output values back to their normal positions, asking how they should handle this. Looking at the image of Ruka, he says the reaction clearly indicates this girl, but… And Rex just smiles.)

Final Thoughts: Eh, decent episode.  Certain parts were similar to the Japanese version (I like that Yusei’s makeup line was kept, haha) amidst nonsense lines like that dog food “ad,” but Leo’s voice does still get a bit grating at times.  I’d lend that to him pretending to be Luna here, though.  The MC also sounds so boring compared to Bernard Ackah’s MC; “Everybody, listen!” I know Sean Schemmel could do better than that.  His Greiger voice also works, though it could’ve been a bit deeper; give it a better script and voice-direction and we could have a shoe-in.  Onto Akiza’s debut next; prepare your eardrums.

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