Episode 18: Return to the Spirit World – Part 1

JP Title: The Ancient Forest! Invitation to the Spirits’ World
JP Key Card: Kuribon
Animation Director: Yuuji Kokai
US Adaptation: Barton Bishop, John Drdek, and Shane Guenego
Posted Date: 2/19/16

In a dark room, Lazar asks for the Professor, saying he knows he’s here, and that they need his help for the next duel.  He asks if he ever thought about redecorating, suggesting some track-lighting.  The Professor says the darkness helps with his preparation, and as a faithful servant of Iliaster, he knows the darkness can only be illuminated by the Dragon Star, asking how he can be of service.

Replaced Footage: In the Japanese version, Yeager laughs for a sec or two before speaking, but in the US version, the footage of him laughing is replaced with footage of him talking after the laughing.

Lazar says he’s so glad he asked, telling him that Director Goodwin needs his hypnotic powers to tap into the mind of a possible Signer.  He thanks him for throwing his first duel to end up in the loser’s bracket, but now he needs him to perform.  The Professor asks who he shall duel.

Dialogue Edit: Yeager apologizes, saying that certain circumstances on their side caused them to request that he lose on purpose.  And now, with them imposing on him like this, requesting that he fight again…  Professor Frank steps out, saying it’s all right, and that the matter was unavoidable.  He understands that dealing with any sort of situation is all a part of their jobs as assassins.  Yeager laughs, and says that his dueling style involves being cool and composed right down to the wire, telling him that there is a certain duelist that they would appreciate him saving using those abilities.  Frank says they shall see.

Cut Footage (3 seconds): This panning shot across the arena, with the Jumbosphere showing Yusei riding his D-Wheel after winning his duel with Mukuro, is cut from the US version.

Paint Edit: The shot of the duelists’ lineup has the names digitized out.

Yusei rides his victory lap, as the audience cheers.

Paint Edit: The screen at the end of the Stadium loses the words “WINNER YUSEI”. Ironically, because we all need some 4Kids inconsistency in these episodes, the jumbosphere keeps the “WINNER” on it.

Yanagi’s excited that Yusei beat Hunter, and Tanner says he’s moving onto the semifinals.  Dexter turns to Leo, saying he wishes he were down there dueling him, and Leo says Yusei is good, but he learned his best moves from him.  Luna asks where those moves were when he lost in the first round, making Leo sweatdrop as he looks down. (Tenpei says it was an intense duel, and Rua agrees, saying that Yusei’s an awesome duelist.  Ruka agrees, but says it’s a huge difference from someone who lost in the first round.)

But Leo jumps up and laughs to himself, saying that he was playing as her, so it means she lost. As far as the millions of people watching, he didn’t lose a thing! Luna turns to playfully punch him, saying that’s the last time he duels as her. (Rua asks what she’s talking about–since she‘s the one who lost, that one didn’t count on his official record.  Ruka’s response: “‘Official record,’ my foot!”)

Suddenly, the MC says he’s got a special announcement–the rumors they heard are true! He tells the first-round losers not to head for the exits just yet.  Hunter listens on, as the MC says that the Master of Ceremonies, Rex Goodwin, has set up a loser’s bracket for the first round.  Which means they should grab their decks, because they might have a chance to duel again! (Japanese MC’s dialogue isn”t too different, but I thought I’d mention it. He says that Event Sponsor Goodwin has just made a surprising proposition, asking those losers who were regrettably defeated in the first round if they’re listening to this. It’s been determined that they will now hold a consolation game!)

Leo is excited, saying that his Fortune Cup isn’t over yet.  Dexter starts to point out a technicality, but he tells him to save it for the blogs.  Luna tells him he means that her name’s up there (which actually isn’t, in either version), and Leo pouts a bit. (Rua’s happy to be dueling again, Tenpei says it’s great for him, Rua says he’ll win this time, and Ruka says he’s getting carried away again.)

Meanwhile, Yusei stands next to his Runner.

Paint Edit: It’s hard to see in this cap, but the men standing to the right are Staff members. They have their “STAFF” labels digitized out.

Looking towards Rex’s booth, Yusei wonders what he’s up to, thinking that he’s not the type to give second chances unless he’s getting something out of it (Japanese Yusei is silent throughout), turning to walk away.

Back with Leo, he takes his deck out as he hums, then tells Luna he’ll win for certain this time, chuckling, but then turns to ask for her hair braids.  She tells him to get his own, and Leo insists. (Rua asks what he should do with his deck, saying he just has to reorganize it, then asks Ruka for her clothes again, but she says she doesn’t want to, and he asks why.)

The lights dim, as the MC tells everyone to stay in their seats, because two of these duelists’ll get another chance–they drew two lucky players, and he insists it was random.  Introducing the first, he says, “Everyone’s favorite green-haired girl! She’s fast, she’s feisty, and she has to be home before her bedtime! Give it up for the next generation of dueling superstars! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… Ms. Luna!” Leo stands, but the spotlight falls on Luna. (Japanese MC’s introduction: “The match will be conducted only by the randomly-drawn set of players! And the person fortune has chosen… was unfortunately defeated by Contestant Bommer, but at the mere age of eleven, her skills have received Sponsor Godwin’s seal of approval! She has promise that’s simply soaring through the roof! The Dueling Angel from the Heavens! Ms. Ruka-chan!”)

Elsewhere, Yusei turns to face the TV screen, as he sees Luna’s going to duel (Japanese Yusei says, “Ruka…”), and Greiger sees they got the right kid for the match. He tells Yusei that by the end of the duel they had, he didn’t think the boy was half-bad. He can’t wait to see what his sister’s got.

Back with Luna, she says she can’t duel (Ruka asks what she should do), and Tanner says it was her name on that invitation (which got digitized off, so…), so she belongs here. Leo says that he’s her, so she can’t go out there and duel. Yanagi tells him that the jig is up, and that the crowd wants his sister, as the crowd chants “Luna! Luna! Luna!”.

She says she can’t, and that they don’t understand, saying that something strange happens whenever she duels.  Sitting back down, Leo whines that she’s doing it again, asking if she’s going to start that stuff about Duel Spirits–she’s getting too old to play make-believe! Luna says it’s not make-believe, and if the only way to prove it is to go out there, then she’ll have to go and duel.  Leo agrees, saying that if she wins, he’ll be her for the next round.  Luna sarcastically thanks him for his support, and grabbing her Duel Disk, she draws a few cheers from the crowd as she walks off, Yanagi wishing her luck.

Dialogue Edit: Ruka says she doesn’t want to, saying that she gets really tired when she duels.  Rua moans as he sees his chance to maybe fight Yusei end like this.  Ruka sighs, saying she’ll try to win the duel, telling him he can take her spot from there.  Rua asks if she means it, saying it’s awesome, and he’ll be behind her all the way.  Ruka says, “Geez, good to see you happy,” and the crowd keeps chanting her name as she walks off.  Yanagi thinks this is pretty exciting.

Yanagi turns to ask Leo what he meant about Luna hearing Duel Spirits, and Leo says it’s nothing, prompting Yanagi to ask if it is.  He says she always does this–they’ll be dueling, and she acts like, “I feel funny! Hear that? It’s Duel Spirits!”. But he says she’s just afraid he’ll beat her.  Tanner says he’s seen some weird stuff, and Leo tells him to come on, saying if that were true, then, well… He doesn’t know, but Luna would be a whole lot more important than she is (way to rag on your sister, Leo… that, or break the fourth wall…)

Dialogue Edit: Yanagi asks what kind of deck Lil’ Ruka has, and Rua says it’s a Spirit Deck.  Yanagi repeats, “Spirit?”, and Rua says she told him she can hear the voices of Duel Monster Spirits–she built her deck following what the voices told her, so you get a “Spirit Deck.” Himuro doesn’t get it, and Rua says she gets really tired once she hears the spirits’ voices, which is sort of why she doesn’t like dueling all that much.

In the Skybox, Jack watches Luna walk, asking Goodwin why he thinks she’s a Signer.  Rex says that, for starters, the D-Tector picked her out of the crowd, and tells him that she’s more important than anyone knows–even her own brother.  Once she duels the Professor, they’ll know without a doubt.  He then checks on Zigzix to see if he’s ready to monitor her. (Japanese Rex says roughly the same: the reaction from the D-Sensor most certainly came from her as she sat in the stands; the consolation game is but the setting to affirm the fact that she is a Signer.)

Zigzix appears onscreen, singing Hyper Drive (Akutsu isn’t singing Kizuna, but is instead singing a song about spinning, apparently).  Noticing Goodwin, he says he’s reporting for duty, telling him to look at the D-Tector; as soon as the needle reaches the yellow section, there’ll be no doubt that she’s a Signer.  Spinning, he says more Signers mean more energy, and more energy means more Ener-D, and then they’ll have enough to– (Akutsu says that if the energy exceeds the scale, they may as well give her the title of Signer.)

Rex cuts him off, saying he really needs to get out more.

Added Footage (2 seconds): Rex is given additional lip-flaps in the US version.

Now, Rex says that there’s another reason why they’ve been studying this girl. Reading from a slide of info, he says that, eight years ago, she was admitted to a special hospital, saying she could hear Duel Spirit voices.  Jack comments that she has quite the imagination, looking at the articles as Rex says it’s a lot more complicated than that.

Paint Edit: The articles that Rex and Jack are looking at are changed from Japanese to some language that vaguely resembles Latin.  Now, why 4Kids couldn’t bother translating something this important, like they’ve done before… To see more caps of the article’s edits in this scene, click here.

Rex tells Jack that she was a dueling prodigy and beating their greatest professionals at the age of three (in place of the professionals bit, Japanese Rex just says she was well-versed in dueling).  Then, one day, she suddenly collapsed in a duel and fell into a coma (not a word I expected 4Kids to use)–no one knows why, not even the best doctors. Pulling up a screen of Leo and co, he says that, in fact, there was only one person who believed she would wake up again, and that was her twin brother, Leo (Japanese Rex mentions that he stayed by her side calling her name).  And then, for no apparent reason, she woke up healthy a month later.  Jack says it’s a good “movie of the week,” but who cares? (Japanese Jack asks what relevance this has to the Signers.) Lazar slides a slide over, saying he should care; what got their attention was what she said when she woke up.  She said she wasn’t asleep, but that she spent that entire month in the Duel Monsters Spirit World.  

Jack doesn’t believe it, saying he’s a Blue-Eyes White Dragon if it’s true (funny, considering what his favorite coffee brand turns out to be).  Lazar sarcastically says that was funny, but they have reason to believe she told the truth.  For instance, she knew about the ancient Dragon Star legend.  Poking at a slide in front of him, he says she knew things even they didn’t, like clues to unlocking the mysteries of the People of the Stars, and more.  As his slide shows the Hummingbird Nazca Line (because foreshadowing), he adds the incredible power of the ancient Crimson Dragon to the list.  Jack takes it in, as Rex then says that a few days after waking, her memory began to fade, as if it was a dream, and now she remembers nothing about the Spirit World, leaving them no choice but to make her duel and go back to that world–only then will they know if she’s a Signer.  Pulling up an image of Luna walking, Rex says that, with her help, they’ll bring back the Crimson Dragon to save their troubled world.

Dialogue Edit: They really made the whole Signer/Crimson Dragon thing more of a big deal in the US version… During that Blue-Eyes line, Jack is repeating, “Duel Monsters’ Spirit World?”. Yeager says that the first origins of Duel Monsters are wrapped in mystery and there exist many legends behind them.  Some are heavily comprised of items coinciding with the aspects of the Spirit World she spoke of after her recovery, including the legends left behind by the People of the Stars.  Jack takes it in, and Rex says it’s been eight years since then, and their investigation shows that neither of them have any recollection of that incident.  In which case, he believes taking her back to that time is in order: back to the Duel Monsters’ Spirit World.  In doing so, they might realize her true power.

Smoke shoots up into the air, as the MC says that, now entering the arena, is the little duelist who could (why do they keep over-using that line? First, Yusei, now Luna?), the pint-size prodigy, Luna! She straps on her Disk, thinking to herself that she has nothing to worry about, except for this being broadcast on national TV, then wondering if Yusei’s watching. (Ruka sees that it’s true that her Disk is way more easy to use. She just thinks, “Yusei…”, and she’s silent once we see Yusei watching her, unlike Luna).

Yusei watches on, as the MC introduces her opponent: “The Dean of the Deck! The Brain of the Game! The Professor!” A card appears on the center jumbosphere, turning to show the Professor.

Paint Edit: Two here. First, the card’s back is edited again to make it more anime-like.  Then, the front of the card showing the Professor has his name digitized out.

The MC says he’s got a Ph.D in Psychology, Hypnology, and Duel-ology (…*sigh*), so Luna better look out (Japanese MC says he’s also known as the Duel Counselor).  Luna looks up at the card, turning to see the Professor emerge onto the arena.

He walks over, saying he’s pleased to meet her.  Luna just says hi, and the Professor says he’s heard many things about her, hoping this duel will be illuminating for the both of them (Frank asks what she thinks about finding the real “her” hidden off in the inner depths of her consciousness).  Looking down, she doubts it, when she suddenly hears a little whine.  She recognizes it as Kuribon’s, asking why it doesn’t talk when Leo’s around (in the Japanese, we don’t know which member of the Kuriboh family the “Kuri” voice belongs to; Ruka also thinks it has the same uneasy feeling she does).

The MC tells them to get dueling, as the spotlights turn off, and Luna and the Professor turn their Duel Disks on.  The MC says that only the winner moves on, and the loser is out for good (Japanese MC just says, “Consolation game…start!”).  With a “Let’s duel” from both sides, the duel begins.

The Professor says that, like the blooming lotus, she may go first (originally, Ruka thinks she should end this as soon as possible).  Luna draws, summoning Sunny Pixie in Defense Mode (DEF/400).

Paint Edit: First, the Sunny Pixie card art is edited to cover her up.  Then, when Sunny Pixie is summoned, she’s given clothes to wear in the US version.

Yanagi thinks it’s adorable, and Leo tells her to keep it up, as Luna tells the Professor it’s his turn.  He says he looks forward to it as he draws.  He summons a unique monster known as Symmetry Rorschach (ATK/1200), and Luna thinks it can’t let her focus (Ruka just wonders what kind of monster it is).

Added Footage (2 seconds): To transition from the commercial break here, this shot of Symmetry Rorschach, from a bit later in this scene, was added to the US version.

The Professor tells Luna to think of his Rorschach as if it were a puddle of rain, or a drop of ink in a lake, to look at it and tell him what she sees (Frank asks her if she’s familiar with what’s known as the Rorschach Test).  He tells her to tell him if it reminds her of anything, to look into her fears, her dreams, even memories lost long ago.  What does she see when she gazes into the abyss? A friend? Her family? Or maybe a faroff place dimming like the candle of time… Luna starts to see something. (Frank says this will be a psychological test to help acquire clues that will dispel any insecurities, worries, or doubts she has based on how she feels about this ambiguously-profiled monster. “Come now, little Ruka… What does this monster look like to you?” Ruka wonders what’s with him.)

The Professor urges her to tell him what she sees, and she says she doesn’t know. He says to look close.

Eyecatch: Looked too close? Go ahead and take a breather! The Japanese version goes to commercial here, but since the US version just did, it continues on from here.

The Professor tells her to look closely and tell him what she sees. Yanagi thinks it’s a Crystal Skull, and Dexter thinks it’s a moth (butterfly for Tenpei). Leo thinks the Professor is a few cards short of a full deck, wondering what he’s doing to Luna (Rua thinks her opponent seems to have something against her).

The Professor continues to urge her to look closer, asking what she sees.  She starts to say something, but then sees an image of Symmetry Rorschach becoming Sunny Pixie, until it actually does.

Paint Edit: The Sunny Pixie clone is also covered up.

As Luna reacts, she hears a voice.

Continuity Error: Apparently, 4Kids forgot to replace this one instance of Kuribon’s voice with the awful whine it just needs to have in the US version.  Weird, too, since Ruby Carbuncle kept its voice in GX Season 3, but 4Kids and logic have a weird relationship.

Suddenly, the Sunny Pixie clone changes so that its head is an evil-looking purple face, as the Professor asks what she sees (Frank declares Symmetry Rorschach’s attack name, “Spiral Mind”).  A big purple gust of wind destroys Luna’s Sunny Pixie, as the Professor says that, like the caterpillar who secludes itself in darkness before becoming a butterfly, she must face her fears (Frank says the test has revealed that, in the recesses of her consciousness, she is afraid).  She must face her memories and live through them again; he tells her not to be scared.  But she says she’s afraid, and the Professor says she must be brave enough to relive what happened those many years ago.  He knows she has great power, and he knows she hears the Duel Spirits–the others may not believe her, but he does.  He’ll help her return to the Duel Monsters Spirit World; it was all real and not a figment of her imagination.  She says she’s starting to remember, as he says he knows she is, but for their next step, she needs to trust him, asking if she can.  He needs her to want to return to the Duel [Monsters] Spirit World, and he needs her promise.  She promises, telling him to take her back, and he tells her to follow his instructions.

Dialogue Edit: Frank asks if she’s afraid of spirits and fairies.  Ruka starts to deny it, but Frank says it’s fine; with this duel, he shall clear away any worries she has and set them free.  To do so, she shall courageously venture to the whole other world within the inner depths of her consciousness: the Duel Monsters’ Spirit World.  Ruka repeats, “Duel Monsters’ Spirit World?”, and Frank says he knows she’s able to perceive the language of the spirits.  Therefore, there being a Duel Monsters’ Spirit World isn’t very strange at all.  Ruka asks how such a world could exist, and Frank says that he’s activating Symmetry Rorschach’s effect.  Don’t see why they had to water this down…

When Symmetry Rorschach dispatched her fairy, its effect continued.  He asks her to reveal the top card on her deck (with an echo to his voice, apparently; Frank speaks normally, calling this effect “Peeping Mind”).  Getting a jolt from the eye that shows up, she sees her top card, which turns out to be Kuribon; it lets out its whine.  The Professor thanks her for identifying her monster, saying it’ll be most helpful for the next stage of their experiment (Frank says it’s a cute Spirit monster, asking if she can hear its voice as well).  He tells her to go back to the time she was in her coma, asking her to remember.  Turning to Leo, she thinks she’s tried before, but she can’t, and there’s nothing she can remember from it (Ruka’s thinking that it’s true she can hear the voices of spirits, but… She turns to look at Rua silently).

She suddenly remembers her parents and Leo calling out to her.

Leo watches on.  Dexter says he looks sick, but he says he’s worried about Luna, wondering what he’s doing (Rua says that, for some reason, he’s really afraid).  The Professor sets two cards face-down, telling Luna it’s her turn.  He tells her not to be scared (Frank tells her it’s her turn here, since he was ending his turn), and she draws Kuribon, which she summons (ATK/300).

Card Showcase Interruption 1 (8 seconds added): “Kuribon is a Level-1 LIGHT-Attribute Fairy-Type monster that has 300 ATK Points and 200 DEF Points.” I’m really hating these useless interruptions…

The Professor says it’s perfect, playing his face-down, Light to the Depths (Guiding Light to the Inner Depths).

Side-Note: The light on the card glows for a quick sec in the Japanese version. You don’t see it in the US version because the card altering leaves it out, but you still hear the SFX when it’s supposed to glow.

Like the Northern Star, this light illuminates the path inside of her, telling her to send the top five cards on her deck to the Graveyard, then reveal the sixth card, adding it to her hand.  The light glows on her head, as he says that she must play that card as certain as the light itself (…what?), or suffer 2000 points of damage.  As Luna’s eyes brown out, he tells her they’ll get started, telling her to listen to his voice as he counts them off.  As we hear heartbeats, Luna draws her first.  Perfect, he says, as she draws the second.  Three: she draws Swords of Revealing Light (Sealing Swords of Light).  Four: she draws.  Five: she draws Fairy King Truesdale (Fairy King Oberon why’d the TCG have to change that name).  As the Light to the Depths card glows, he asks her to show him the sixth card now in her hand.  

She shows a Spell, and the Professor says it’s as he hoped: the Field Spell, Ancient Forest.  As she places it in her Disk’s Field Zone, he says that this forest is a special place, where all monsters are placed in Attack Mode, and neither of them can summon nor switch a monster to Defense.  Even if she were to attack, her monster would be destroyed once the battle was over. Chuckling, he says that some consider this place to be someplace else… Fighting forbidden, secrets revealed… Why, it’s just like the Spirit World! He tells her to take them there now, saying they have work to do.

Luna wakes up in a flash of light, and asks where she is, standing in a forest.  Fairies fly around, one touching Luna’s face.  Kuribon calls out to her, and she tries to walk over to it, stopping to ask where this place is, thinking it looks so familiar, but she can’t remember (Ruka finds it hard to believe this is the Duel Monsters Spirit World that man was was talking about).  She feels it’s a safe place, but something feels wrong (Ruka thinks it’s so nice and calm, but she feels a bit scared).

Back at the arena, Luna’s in a trance, as the Professor sees she has finally made it to the Spirit World, saying he’ll now test her Signer powers (Frank says the same, except for the Signer bit, and adds that the world’s locked within the inner depths of her consciousness).  Taking his turn, he draws, activating his face-down Gestalt Trap, saying it’ll equip onto her Kuribon.  As Kuribon’s ensnared (ATK/300->0), he wonders how Luna deals with this (Frank says he’s equipping it to Kuribon, since earlier, he said the general “equips onto the opponent’s monster” line).  He explains that not only are Kuribon’s abilities canceled (should be “negated“), but all his Points–both ATK and DEF–go to zero.

Back in the forest, Kuribon calls out to Luna as it gets trapped by the Gestalt Trap (Japanese Kuribon cries out while being trapped), and Luna asks what just happened.  Out on the field, the Professor says the trees aren’t deaf, but they are mute to her crying pleas. Next, he equips Immortal Homeostasis onto Kuribon. As Kuribon wiggles in pain, he says that it now can’t be destroyed in battle, but sadly her fate is worse, for now it serves as the architect to her loss.  His original ATK has been altered, and until they can be restored, she suffers 300 points a round, much like the ill-tempered dog who bites one’s hand, whether one brings food or foul. (While Frank explains the effect, as well, he’s more detailed and there’s no “ill-tempered dog” line; he says that this happens during her Standby Phase, and in place of the aforementioned line, he summarizes that, as long as Kuribon’s ATK is zero, she’ll take damage each and every turn).

Next, he sacrifices Symmetry Rorschach (surprised they didn’t use Release there) to summon Ido, the Supreme Magical Force (Id the Super Demonic Lord, the name being based on the idea of the Id in Psychology; the English name kinda loses part of the reference; ATK/2200).

Card Showcase Interruption 2 (8 seconds added): “Whenever the Monster Card Ido the Supreme Magical Force is destroyed, it is re-summoned to your field at the end of the turn.”

In the forest, Luna reacts as Kuribon cries in pain, and she tells it not to worry (Ruka calls out its name).  Suddenly, a shadow grows in size, until Ido appears in front of her, prompting her to scream.  

Back at the arena, the Professor says that even though Ido will be destroyed if he attacks with it, he still returns to his field at the end of every turn.  Of course, with him summoned, no other monsters will be allowed on his field.  Looking at Luna, he says it’s a small price to pay (Frank is silent), and Luna stares on.

Someone in the audience tells her to wake up, and another says she’s just standing there (their Japanese selves ask what she’s doing and helpfully point out that she’ll lose again, respectively).  The MC asks if this is it, asking if she’s too scared to duel (the MC asks what’s wrong with her, saying she’s had a complete lapse in concentration), as Rex smiles.

Cut Footage (2 seconds): The shot of Rex smiling was trimmed in the US version.

Dexter pokes Leo, asking what’s wrong, as Leo just stares on.  Meanwhile, the Professor attacks Kuribon with Ido, telling it to bring out Luna’s Mark of the Dragon (Frank just declares the attack and the attack name, “Violent Egoism”).  Kuribon tries to escape, but it gets destroyed, both on the field and in the forest.  However, the bits that Kuribon was destroyed into stop in mid-air, and as Luna wonders why, Kuribon is revived, still binded by Gestalt Trap. and it glows a bright purple, as Luna screams, “No!”

Back on the field, Kuribon glows purple (LP/4000->1800).  The Professor notes that since Kuribon’s equipped with his little Spell, he isn’t destroyed but survives.  And next round, he’ll be destroyed and revived again, and again until she gives him what he needs (Frank says that it’ll experience eternal pain in a world of its own immortality.  He tells her to think… Think about the Spirit World, of what was revealed to her, about the Crimson Dragon… “Think… Think… Think… Think! Tell me about the Crimson Dragon!” (Frank makes no mention of the Signers, her birthmark, or the Crimson Dragon, instead telling her to try to remember her true mission–from the midst of pain, from the midst of fear… “Come now… Come now… Come now… Come… Come…”)

Luna looks around at the forest in fear, saying that this is supposed to be a safe place, and she can’t be harmed here.  Suddenly, a bright light engulfs Ido, destroying it.  Luna is relieved, but then sees it revive itself, asking how it happened.  The Professor asks if she forgot that Ido returns to his field whenever it’s destroyed (Frank mentions it’s during the End Phase), chuckling.  He tells her it’s her turn, and not to neglect the progress they’ve made (Frank just says he ends his turn, then says it’s her turn).

Luna draws, as the Professor reminds her she loses 300 points of damage due to the effect of Immortal Homeostasis, suggesting this might jog her memory (Frank mentions it’s during her Standby Phase, and doesn’t say anything about her memory).  Luna gets engulfed in a bright purple light, while still motionless on the field (LP/1800->1500). She then grabs a card from her hand.

Card Error: The card she grabs, Sunlight Unicorn, is shown as a Level-8 monster in the US version, when it’s a Level-originally. Well, it has to be, anyway, because she couldn’t play a Level-8 monster right away–her only monster is Kuribon.

She summons Sunlight Unicorn, which gallops into position as she then equips her Horn of the Unicorn onto her Sunlight Unicorn.  The Horn attaches to Sunlight’s own horn, becoming a sharp blue horn (ATK/1800->2500).   Seeing this, the Professor wonders how she’s fighting back–who’s giving her strength?! (Frank sees that its ATK has exceeded Id’s.) Luna looks on in her daze, as does an entranced Leo in the stands.

Cut Footage (about 5 seconds): These shots of Yusei watching on (2 seconds) and a zoom-out showing Id towering over Ruka and Kuribon (3 seconds) is cut from the US version.

Suddenly, a bright light shoots in front of Ido, as Luna shields her eyes, eventually seeing Sunlight Unicorn in front of her.  A voice calls out to her from within the forest, prompting her to ask who it is.  The voice continues calling out, saying she has finally returned to fulfill her promise.  “What promise?”, she asks, and the voice answers, “To protect the realm of the Duel Spirits from the forces of evil.” But Luna says she’s just a little kid, asking what she can do, and the voice tells her to come with her (Ruka just asks who the voice is; the voice is silent).

Final Thoughts: I really don’t think the dumbing-down we saw here had to happen; same for the overemphasis on the Crimson Dragon during the Rex/Jack scenes.  Otherwise, this was a nice episode originally, since we learn more about Ruka and Rua’s past, and while Frank is only here for these two episodes, he’s a decent catalyst for the events that happen next episode.  Some backstory for him would’ve been appreciated, though, but more on that next time.  I remember thinking when I first saw the dub for this episode that the Professor had a solid voice (just needed to chill out a bit in the later scenes), and that it turns out pretty well next episode too.  But oh, to have good voice actors around but dialogue that really doesn’t do them justice… I do wish Eileen Stevens was around voicing the twins this early on, too; their voices are still very meh.  Improvement next episode? We’ll see!

This episode also featured the first use of the OST track “Spirits,” released on 5D’s’ second Sound Duel CD, starting as Ruka says that the forest doesn’t condone fighting.  The dub’s soundtrack is still just really… there.  The Japanese version’s use of “Mind Games” (which hits its peak as Frank summons Id) is also pretty good, and the dub doesn’t quite match it.

To be continued…

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Comparing the English Dub to the Japanese Version (So You Don't Have To)