Episode 19: Return to the Spirit World – Part 2

JP Title: The Spirits’ World Contaminated! Id, The Supreme Demonic Lord
JP Key Card: Id, The Supreme Demonic Lord (US: Ido the Supreme Magical Force)
Animation Directors: Akihito Dobashi, Hiromichi Mizukawa
US Adaptation: Barton Bishop, John Drdek, Shane Guenego
Posted Date: 5/14/17

Added Footage (2 minutes, 10 seconds): Since the Japanese version didn’t have a recap, 4Kids felt they just had to add one. This one recaps Lazar’s talk with the Professor, the MC telling everyone Goodwin’s set up a loser’s bracket for the first round, Luna being chosen and Leo stands up but the spotlight falls on Luna, Jack asking Rex to tell him why he thinks she’s a Signer, and Rex telling him that 8 years ago, she was admitted to a special hospital saying she could hear duel spirit voices, then collapsed during a duel and fell into a coma, and woke up healthy a month later, Lazar saying she spent that month in the Duel Monsters’ Spirit World, and Rex saying she now remembers nothing of it, which leaves them the task of having her duel and go back there. The MC says to get dueling, and the Professor summons Symmetry Rorshach, telling Luna to look at it and say what she sees, but she’s afraid, and the Professor tells her to be brave enough to face what happened 8 years ago, and he’ll help her go back to the Duel Monsters’ Spirit World. Hypnotized Luna tells him to take her there, and he tells her to play her Ancient Forest Field spell, and we see the forest surrounding them. After that, the recap shows him summoning Ido, and Luna summoning Sunlight Unicorn, and then the voice in the forest talking to Luna, telling her about the promise she made, and to come with her. I really don’t get why they needed to recap so much…

Moved Footage (1 minute): Due to the above unneeded recap, the following bit with Luna in the forest and Ido suddenly appearing there, and Frank losing his LP, was moved to after the opening in the US version, while they were before it in the Japanese version.

In the Spirit World’s forest, voices are chattering (no voices in the Japanese version), as Luna stands with Sunlight Unicorn and Kuribon, still bound by Gestalt Trap.  The voice calls out to Luna, seeing she’s come back, as Kuribon looks at her and she looks on (the Japanese voice is silent up until the shot of Kuribon; after, she calls out to Ruka, telling her to come towards her).  Luna steps back, and the voice says she knew Luna would one day return to them; she knew she wouldn’t forget the promise she made.  She asks if she remembers, and Luna says this can’t be happening (the Japanese voice just mentions her promise, and Ruka doesn’t know what she means).  The voice tells her she promised to protect all of them in the Spirit World, and Luna says she might have the wrong person (Ruka says she didn’t promise anything like that).

As Luna asks who she is (Ruka is silent), a purple fog appears, forming Ido the Supreme Magical Force (Id, the Super Demonic Lord). As it roars, Luna says, “not you again” (Ruka is silent).  Sunlight Unicorn dashes off to defend her, and Luna calls out after it, telling it to wait and come back just as Ido grabs its horn (Ruka just calls its name).  The two separate, and Ido is destroyed.  The Professor reacts back at the arena, saying he’s broken through (Frank says, “Well done;” LP/ 4000->3700).

Side-Note: The Japanese version goes to its Kizuna opening here.

Back in the forest, Luna again asks who the voice is, and what’s going on, saying that whoever it is, it’s freaking her out (Ruka says the forest is angry, and it’s saying that fighting isn’t allowed here).  Suddenly, a bright light shoots down towards Sunlight Unicorn, destroying it.  Luna calls its name, as Kuribon wobbles around, then says this isn’t real–none of it’s real; it’s just a dream (Ruka says she won’t let Sunlight Unicorn die), she says, as the hypnotized Luna looks on (LP/ 1500).  The Professor laughs, telling her to hear his voice and to let it reach her; right now, her spirit is traveling through the Spirit World.  He tells her to tell him everything, as well as the secrets of the world she’s in (not too different, but Frank now realizes her mind is in the Spirits’ World, saying he’d like it if she told him what kind of world it was). 

Yanagi tells her to stay strong, and Tanner tells her she can do it.  Dexter joins in on the cheering, but Luna calls out to Leo, saying she’s scared and wondering where he is (in the Japanese, Tenpei keeps cheering once his face’s offscreen, and Ruka just calls out Rua’s name).

Cut Footage (2 seconds): This pan over to where Yusei is sitting, as Ruka is shown on-screen, is cut from the US version.

Yusei wonders what that guy’s done to her, looking at her on the screen, thinking that he has to do something (Japanese Yusei is silently watching here, but after looking at Ruka through the TV, he thinks she’s acting strange).  He gets up, Grieger looking on after him.

Back on the field, hypnotized Luna says that each time Horn of the Unicorn is sent to the Graveyard, it returns to the top of her deck, so she is now activating the Spell Card, Emergency Assistance (Emergency Aid), from her hand.  This lets her get back one monster the Professor destroyed this turn.

Cut Footage (1 second): The above shot of the field where she says this is trimmed in the US version, before the card glows.

She revives Sunlight Unicorn (well, she says “summon”, and Ruka says “revive;” ATK/ 1800), and the Professor says he didn’t expect this development (Frank is worried about it being back).  Luna explains that if the top card of her deck is a Spell Card, she can use Sunlight Unicorn’s special ability to add the card to her hand.  The Professor says this is most frustrating (Frank knows what the top card is), and Luna equips her “mystic steed” with Horn of the Unicorn (ATK/ 1800->2500).  She plays two cards face-down, ending her turn.

Meanwhile, her spirit self sees Sunlight Unicorn appear beside her, and she calls out to it, seeing that it’s back, asking where it went earlier (added dialogue galore there… Ruka just calls out to it in surprise).  She turns to see Ido back as well, asking the pretty voice from earlier (her words, not mine) if this big, scary shadow thing is with it (Ruka remembers that even if it’s destroyed, it’ll still come back to life).  Ido is about to attack her when the voice tells Luna to use her Sunlight Unicorn to escape (right when she’s doing it, too… There’s no voice here originally, she just instinctively gets on).  Kuribon joins her, and they ride off.

Suddenly, the background changes to a dead-like forest with a purple sky, as Kuribon looks scared (its original “Kuri” voice shows this more than the whine it has in the US version), and Luna tells it that it’s okay (Ruka says its name), hugging it.  As they go further, she gets scared, asking what happened to all the trees and what’s going on (Ruka asks how the forest ended up like this, but only when she’s on-screen).  The voice tells her that an evil force is attempting to cross the void and access the Spirit World.  It yearns to corrupt and twist this place, and harness its power for malicious purposes (mostly the same in the Japanese version, just include the use of the phrase “evil ones”).  Luna repeats, “Malicious purposes? Evil force?”, saying that’s scary (Ruka doesn’t speak until she’s on-screen, and she repeats, “evil ones”, asking what she means).  They stop, and Luna gets off with Kuribon, as she sees a crag on the other side of the clearing.  Looking at it, she says hello (Ruka asks about it), and the voice tells her she’s here, trapped in this granite prison; she’s been waiting for her return (the voice just says, “Ruka, here… I’m here.”).  Luna doesn’t get it, asking what she wants from her (Ruka sees the voice is coming from that crag), but looking closely at it, she sees a dragon, and then suddenly realizes that the dragon looks familiar.  Visualizing a blue dragon, she sees it’s Ancient Fairy Dragon.  “We meet again,” the dragon tells her, saying that it’s time for her to fulfill her promise, or her brother’s spirit may be lost here forever, as a white mist enshrouds her.

Added Footage (2 seconds): The shot of the clearing before the mist enshrouds her, as AFD talks, is extended in the US version.

Cut Footage (6 seconds): This short bit with Ruka reacting to the fog, and then looking around and wondering what’s happening, is cut from the US version.

The mist fades, and a lake appears with a gathering on the other side, as Luna asks for her brother.  AFD tells her he’s trapped between her world and theirs. Now, she’ll take her back to when she first came here.

Added Footage (4 seconds): This first close-up shot of Luna, as AFD speaks, was lengthened by two seconds in the US version. Then, the shot after she gasps is extended by another two seconds.

As Luna sees her younger self running around with Kuribon and other spirits, AFD continues, saying she’ll let her remember the promise she made that will save this world and her brother’s spirit (she’s silent as Ruka watches on).  

Past AFD looks down at Luna and the spirits, as Luna’s handling a patch of grass.  She holds up a little flower ring and puts it on Kuribon, who flies around happily.  Luna says it just got pretty cold (Ruka says this place is really pretty), as the spirits celebrate with Kuribon, when suddenly the flower ring wilts.  Luna thinks it’s weird, saying that the flowers wilted.

Paint Edit: Sunny Pixie is given clothes to wear in the US version throughout this bit.  Surprised Petit Angel’s halo wasn’t removed, though.

AFD tells her that the Spirit World is in danger.  An evil force has been trying to gain access to this place to take over.  With sinister intent, this force reaches out to squeeze the heart of their beloved land, and as this evil grows in strength, the light of the Spirit World will begin to fade, and the beauty of this realm will be replaced by sorrow and darkness. (It’s mostly the same in the Japanese version, but there’s no mention of the “Spirit World’s light,” and Japanese AFD says the evil ones will pollute and bend control of the Spirit World to their liking.) Luna asks if she can stop it, and she says she can’t, but Luna can.  She asks what she can do, and AFD tells her that she’s a bridge connecting her world with theirs.  She urges Luna to stay and protect them, and in return, they can help her.  They feel her sadness, they know that she’s lonely, asking her if she is (Japanese AFD says her mind is linked to their world, and her mind of good will repel any mind of evil; she wants her to live there with them, not mentioning any sadness, and Ruka’s the one who brings up her loneliness).  Luna says she kinda is, since her mom and dad are always away on important business trips and stuff like that, and she doesn’t go to school with other kids–and her silly kid brother only thinks about himself.  She agrees, promising she’ll stay and protect all of them. 

As the spirits rejoice, AFD thanks her, and, flying over, she says she’ll make sure she never feels lonely again (Japanese AFD is silent, and only speaks when flying over, calling out Ruka’s name).  She engulfs Luna and the other spirits in a bright light, making her happy.

Present Luna is watching on, saying she remembers now: she came here several years ago (Ruka just says “back then,” not giving a timeframe), and made a promise saying she’d protect them.  But then…

Yusei runs onto the arena and calls out to Luna.  Seeing no response, he calls out to her again, and realizes she can’t hear him (Japanese Yusei doesn’t speak over the shot of Ruka, and just says her name after it).

SFX Edit: There’s a little SFX here, kinda like one used for emphasis, that’s removed in the US version during the above shot of Ruka, and the below shot of Frank.

He turns to look at the Professor, thinking that this is weird, like they’re both hypnotized or something, wondering what’s going on–her eyes look so distant (Japanese Yusei’s quiet during the shot of Frank, and wonders what happened to those two; no dialogue over the second shot of Ruka).

Watching on, Leo calls out to Luna, and she calls out to him, making him faint onto Dexter (in the Japanese, Rua calls out to her three times and then passes out).  Dexter shakes him, asking what’s wrong, and Yanagi says this is no time for a nap (Japanese Yanagi asks if he’s okay).  Tanner walks over and taps his face, seeing that he’s out, asking if he just fainted, and Dexter doesn’t know (though I’d say it’s pretty obvious…Himuro says he’s unconscious, and Tenpei calls Rua’s name).  Yanagi suggests taking him to the First-Aid Station, and while passed out, he still calls out to Luna (in the US version, the calling out continues into the shot of Luna back at the Spirit World, but in the Japanese, Ruka’s thinking she heard Rua’s voice back then.)

Luna thinks she heard Leo’s voice calling out to her back then (well, they moved that line to the pan over to AFD and her past self rather than on the shot of her), and past Luna hears Leo calling to her, prompting her to call out his name.  This makes present Luna dizzy and she falls to one knee, saying she heard him calling out her name and she started running as fast as she could.  She said her brother was calling out for her, but she thinks she was calling out to him somehow (in the Japanese, she says she ran all because of Rua’s screams and cries).  She was scared, afraid she wouldn’t be able to protect them by herself.  So she just ran, and after that, she tried so hard to forget about them, blocking them all out, and then she…

She’s interrupted by a growl, turning to see Ido back in action. Her body is still back on the field, as Yusei calls out to her, thinking that it’s gotta be this Professor creep doing something to her.  But what? (Japanese Yusei is silent in thought, until he’s back on-screen, wondering, “What’s going on? Him too?”.)  He notices something glowing on Luna’s arm, which turns out to be her Mark of the Dragon.  Yusei is in shock that she has a Mark just like his (Japanese Yusei sees the light coming from it), and the Professor stares at it.  As Rex watches on, Zigzix contacts him with excellent news, telling them to look at his D-Tector, which, wouldn’t you know, detected a signal! He tells him Ms. Luna is a Signer, and he smiles (Akutsu tells him that while he’s on-screen, so Rex smiles while there’s no talking going on).

Eyecatch: The Japanese version goes to commercial here, while the US version continues from where it leaves off.  As a result…

Moved Footage (3 minutes, 6 seconds): The following bit was moved from after the commercial break in the Japanese version to before it in the US version.

Ido roars at Luna, and as she cringes, telling it to go away (Ruka is silent), Tanner and the others rush Leo to the First-Aid Station, Yanagi saying he’ll be alright–at least he hopes–and Tanner tries to get him to wake up (Himuro just says his name).

Back on the field, Yusei’s thinking that wherever these two are, they’re not here. Their bodies might be, but their spirits… (Japanese Yusei doesn’t think until he’s on-screen, and when he does, he thinks it almost looks like they’re unconscious.)

SFX Edit: An SFX was added to the split-screen of the two here.

The Professor takes his turn, and Luna hears him drawing from the Spirit World.  A figure is starting to emerge in front of Ido, as Luna and Kuribon are frightened, and a laughing Professor appears.  He says he can’t believe he actually crossed over, finally leaving his body behind, and entered the Spirit World.  Luna asks what he wants, and he tells her she is more important than she thinks she is, telling her to be a good girl and to use her Signer power to reveal to him the secrets of this wonderful realm, and to lend him her power, as a black mist blankets the ground under him.  “Okay, um… I have no idea what you want from me, but you need to leave! You are not allowed to be here!”, Luna gives us in a piece of gold.

Dialogue Edit: Frank sees this is the world of the Duel Monsters Spirits, and for her to pull him in like this… She really is a Signer! Ruka wonders what he means by “Signer,” and he tells her there are individuals who want her powers, suggesting she take a trip with “the kind gentleman” to a world that will properly unleash her powers.  As he urges her, she wonders why, saying she doesn’t have any powers like that, so why her? She tells him to just leave her alone.

The trees around her and Kuribon start to disintegrate, as the Professor laughs.  The black mist spreads around them as Luna tells him to leave this place alone (Ruka is silent).  She steps back in fear, saying she can’t protect the Spirit World because she’s scared and wants to go home now.  But then, if she leaves, AFD said Leo would be lost here forever; she calls out to him. (Ruka’s wondering why she must protect this world, and why they all need her power.  She tells Rua to call out for her, like that one time, to bring her back home, and she calls out to him.)

In his bed, Leo moans, as Dexter tells him to snap out of it and wake up, and Tanner tells him to say something.  He tries to say “Luna”, and calls out to her, as Luna calls back to him.

SFX Edit: Apparently, there’s the sound of one of those heartbeat monitors playing in the background here.  Irony is, there isn’t one in the room, so why was it added, I wonder? It’s just the BGM in the Japanese version, and a rather good one: “Mind Games.”

Luna hears Leo calling to her as he says he hears her, and she asks where he is, telling him to get her out of here (Ruka also tells him she’s right here).  Looking into the sky, Leo keeps calling out to her, and Luna tells him to do something, and hurry (Ruka now asks where he is), and a puddle of water suddenly pops out below her.  Leo calls out to her, telling her to look down.  Luna asks if that’s him as she kneels (Ruka is silent), and her reflection changes to show Leo, who says it’s him, and he’s here (Rua: “Ruka… Ruka…”). Luna urges him to get her out of here quick, and he says he can’t bring her back, but he saw her promise to the spirits.  Luna protests that she was three, and Leo knows, but says she’s connected to these spirits now.  On his bed, Leo calls out to her again, and puddle Leo tells her not to worry, that he’ll be by her side, protecting her so she can protect them.  Luna calls after him, but he vanishes.

Dialogue Edit: Rua says he can’t [bring her back] because he was watching, and asks if she made a promise with them.  Ruka exclaims, “Rua!”, and Rua says he wants to be strong like Yusei, as his bed self calls out to her, and says he’ll protect her so she has to protect that world.

Looking around, she calls out to him, as the forest lies in shambles and lightning strikes above.  AFD’s crag lets loose some boulders, one landing behind Luna, as AFD says they’re under attack, and as Sunlight Unicorn joins her, she says now’s the time for her to defend them, and Luna doesn’t know if she can. (Japanese AFD is silent, and Ruka says, “I…I…”)

Added Footage (1 second): The shot of Luna is extended to lead to the commercial break here.

Back on the field, Luna’s eyes return to normal, as Yusei sees, and Luna in the Spirit World stands determined.  Turning to say she won’t let AFD down, she says she’ll fight to protect the Spirit World, and save her brother’s spirit (Ruka says she’ll protect this world, Kuribon, and everyone else, with no talking during the emphasis shot of AFD’s crag).  

Turning back to the laughing Professor, their duel resumes, as the Professor smiles evilly (LP/ 3700) while Luna gets her Duel Disk to appear (LP/ 1500).  Her monsters return (Sunlight Unicorn’s ATK/ 2500; Kuribon’s ATK/ 0) while Ido returns to the opposing field (ATK/ 2200).  Luna reveals her face-down card, the “Spell” (it’s a Trap!) Pixie Ring (Gallitrap – Pixie Circle).  With two monsters on her field in Attack Mode, the power of her Pixie Ring forms a protective barrier around the weaker one, so he can’t attack Kuribon now.  She promised to protect the spirits, and that’s what she’ll do (Ruka says here that she won’t let him attack Kuribon anymore)!

The Professor says it’s sweet, but can she protect herself from the Wave of Ill-Intent? The Spell appears on the field, as he laughs and says that, should she destroy a monster of his (in battle, as Frank says), then he’s afraid the Wave of Ill-Intent will crash into her for 300 points of damage.  Luna gasps, as he has Ido attack her Sunlight Unicorn.  As Ido attacks (while Frank calls out its “Violent Egoism” attack), Sunlight Unicorn attacks and destroys it (LP/ 3700->3400).  He says the attack doesn’t matter, for sometimes you must be willing to make sacrifices to achieve victory (Frank says it hurt, but she’ll be taking on this pain for herself).  Now he activates his Wave of Ill-Intent, as the card glows.

Card Showcase Interruption 1 (8 seconds added): “Wave of Ill-Intent is a Spell Card that inflicts 300 points of damage to your opponent for each monster that is destroyed in battle.” Now, why was this needed when he just explained what it did? Besides needing an excuse to cut footage…

The beam of light coming from it hits Luna (LP/ 1500->1200), and she says that wasn’t that bad, but the Professor says it’s about to get worse (Ruka says she can take it, and Frank asks how much longer her brave front will hold), saying that because she destroyed his monster, he can use the effect of his prized Spirit Contamination (Mental Contamination) Spell.  The corrosive power of this Spell is capable of destroying one Spell or Trap on her field, destroying her Pixie Ring, and she apologizes to Kuribon.  The Professor points out that during the End Phase, his Ido resurrects once again (ATK/ 2200), and he ends his turn.

Luna takes her turn, drawing, as the Professor points out that since Kuribon’s ATK has changed, she’ll suffer the effect of Immortal Homeostasis, telling her to endure 300 points of direct damage (Luna’s LP/ 1200->900; the damage is from its ATK still being altered, not from having just changed).  Luna thinks that it’s like everything she does ends up hurting her, but she can’t give up (Ruka thinks that even if she attacks and destroys his monster, it’ll all lead to suffering, wondering what she should do).  The Professor laughs, as Luna places a card face-down, then activates Healing Wind from her hand.  And that means that for each monster on the field, she regains 200 LP, ending her turn there (Luna’s LP/ 900->1500).

The Professor says that Goodwin is a fool for thinking he would let him have the power of the Spirit World for himself and the rest of his Iliaster servants.  He’s devoted his entire life to trying to find a way to connect to this world, and now that he’s standing here, he intends to steal its power for himself! The Spirit World will be his, and it will crumble before him! He laughs, as the black mist continues to engulf the forest, causing another cliff to break loose.

Dialogue Edit: Frank says that, to say the truth, Ruka’s powers are of no concern to him–he would be satisfied with just being able to defeat her.  He’ll be satisfied with seeing the look on her–the spirits’–this world’s face as it suffers.

Luna sees that the Spirit World is crumbling apart (Ruka sees that he’s a bad person), saying that she can’t let him do this.  But he says it’s too late for her to save this world or her Kuribon, commanding Ido to attack (Frank tells Kuribon to suffer, and declares its “Violent Egoism” attack). Ido attacks, but Luna plays the Trap Card, Fairy Wind.

Cut Footage (about 1 second): Ruka playing Fairy Wind gets trimmed in the US version, as it goes to the below bit…

Card Showcase Interruption 2 (8 seconds added): “Fairy Wind destroys all the Magic and Trap Cards on the field, and deals 400 points of damage to each player for every card destroyed.”

Luna tells the Professor to listen up, saying she won’t let him do any more damage to the Spirit World, and his evil and destructive wave will end here now (Ruka explains that it destroys every Magic and Trap aside from itself)! The Professor reacts in shock, as the Gestalt Trap binding Kuribon is destroyed, as is Sunlight Unicorn’s Horn of the Unicorn, and Luna’s Ancient Forest Field Spell, which disappears on the arena, catching Yusei’s attention.

Back in the Spirit World, the Professor steps back, as Luna says she gave her word to protect this world, and that means she’ll have to take out his precious LP, even if it means risking her own at the same time (and Ruka continues to explain that both players take 400 points of damage for each card destroyed by Fairy Wind’s effect).  The Professor snarls (LP/ 3400->2200, and Luna points out that since his Equip Spell is gone now, Kuribon’s ATK returns to 300 (ATK/ 0->300), telling him that he won’t win this duel (Ruka says, “Battle resumes!”).

The Professor tells her that she won’t stop him from achieving his destiny, telling Ido to attack (Frank says it’s back to 300, but what good is it? He’ll devour that spirit!).  Ido attacks, but Luna uses Kuribon’s special ability: when it’s attacked, it returns to her hand in order to avoid Battle Damage, so he can’t touch it.  And even though he regains LP,  at least she was able to keep her Kuribon safe! (4Kids, think you could explain how many LP he regains? No? Nice… Ruka explains that he regains LP equal to the ATK of the monster targeted by the effect [which would be Ido]; LP/ 2200->4400).  She says she promised to protect him, and the entire Spirit World, and she’ll keep that promise (Ruka says he won’t lay a hand on them).

Added Footage (about 4 seconds): The footage of her speaking after holding up Kuribon’s card is extended by two seconds to fit the dialogue.  The following shot of the Professor extending his arm was stretched by two more to lead to a commercial break.

The crumbling continues, as Luna turns to see a stone version of AFD emerging from the crag, as the Professor says there’s nothing she can do to save this world; he’ll destroy it, and rebuild it under his rule! The ground cracks behind him, and AFD lets out a roar; Luna says it looks like she’s really mad.  Seeing it move, she wonders what she’s doing, and a claw reaches out to grab the laughing Professor. (Frank is silent throughout all this, unless you count his maniacal laughter which happens up until he’s grabbed.  Also, Ruka sees that it’s angry, and that it’s so angry at that man that it doesn’t realize it’s being hurt.)  Luna sees she’s going to crush him, urging AFD not to do it, or she won’t be any better than he is, telling her to put him down (Ruka says, “If I don’t do something, that man will… Please, Ancient Fairy Dragon! Settle your anger!”).  But AFD roars at the still-laughing Professor, and Luna realizes she should try to end the duel.

She reveals the Trap Card, Oberon’s Prank (Oberon’s Mischief), which lets loose a green light that shoots at the Professor, saying that this Spell (Trap, which you just said…) reverses Fairy Wind’s effect, so instead of restoring their LP, it damages them for the same amount! Lightning strikes, creating a whirlwind striking the Professor (LP/ 2200->0) and Luna (LP/ 300->0), ending the duel in a draw.  The wind engulfs AFD’s crag, as she says that the evil is gone, but she must now stop the person who sealed her away, as Luna’s engulfed in a bright light.

Back at the arena, the Professor stumbles backward, falling on his back, as Luna tries to stand.  She wonders if he’s okay, and as he tries to stand, she sees he is, which is good, she guesses (Ruka doesn’t think as he stands).  She collapses, and Yusei catches her just in time.  The Professor stands up as Yusei walks away with Luna, as the audience is chit-chattering, Luna wondering about Leo.

Back at his bed, Leo wakes up, yawning.  Dexter sees he’s okay, and he wonders what he means (Rua asks where he is).  Tanner agrees, saying he just sorta fainted earlier.  “Really? I did?”, he asks, saying he had the weirdest dream, but he can’t remember it now.  Tanner smiles, saying dreams are like that (Himuro says he’s just too much).  He turns to ask Dexter how Luna is, and he tells him to check it out, looking up at a display screen.  The MC is announcing that their loser’s bracket battle has ended, and, angrily, says neither of them will be moving on.  Resenting it, he says both duelists have lost, drawing a shocking gasp from Leo, who’s disappointed.

Back at the arena, Yusei walks with Luna in his arms, noticing her Mark vanishing.  Luna wakes up to see Kuribon in spirit form with her, mentally telling it not to worry, as she thinks that she won’t leave it again.  She’ll always watch over the Spirit World, and the two smile (Ruka just says she’ll protect the Spirit World), as Kuribon disappears.  Standing up on her own, she tells Yusei she can walk by herself, and he welcomes her back (Japanese Yusei tells her to do as she likes).  The crowd roars, and she waves at them.  Yusei turns to look towards Rex’s booth, and as Rex and Jack look on, Jack sees that Luna has a Mark, asking them what happens now.

Cut Footage (2 seconds): The shot of Jack talking is longer in the Japanese version, as Jack’s full sentence there is, “That kid also has a birthmark…”.

Elsewhere, a man chuckles as he spins the Ancient Fairy Dragon card (the Japanese man is silent).

Final Thoughts: So, rewrites went on for the more subtle character stuff, but the more plot-heavy elements made it mostly intact.  I liked the Professor’s raging voice (and I’d love hearing him as part of an uncut dub), while Luna’s voice got so gratingly high towards the end, less so for younger!Luna, but it’s just so weird hearing that high voice compared to Ruka’s deeper voice.  Wish they’d redubbed these episodes with her new VA who came in in 65… Like I said last time, some backstory on Frank would’ve been appreciated, as well, like why he has this vested interest in the Spirit World.

Overall, just under decently done for me thanks to Luna’s voice.

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