Episode 20: Second Round Showdown – Part 1

JP Title: Uncompromisable Feelings! My Mission is with My Hometown
JP Key Card: Speed Warrior
Animation Director: Gen Takase
US Adaptation: Barton Bishop, John Drdek, and Shane Guenego
Posted Date: 5/14/17

Comparison Writer: Mockingbird
Comparison Reviser: GLL99

Added Footage (1 minute, 40 seconds): No recap here originally, so 4Kids just felt the need to add one. And this one recaps Blister telling Yusei he’ll check on his friends in the Satellite from episode 14, then the MC announcing the loser’s bracket match and the spotlight shining on Luna instead of Leo, followed by the MC announcing her opponent to be the Professor, and then the Professor telling her he’ll take her back to the Spirit World and to take them there. After that, Yusei calls out to Luna on the field, seeing that the Professor’s doing something to her, and then he sees her Mark. Then we see Luna activating Oberon’s Prank (Oberon’s Mischief) to end the duel in a draw (although here, Luna’s shown losing her LP first, when it was the other way around in the episode). The Professor stumbles backward, and Luna collapses as Yusei catches her. Leo asks Dexter about Luna, and he tells him to check out the TV, as the MC announces that the loser’s bracket brawl has ended, and neither duelist will be moving on. Both of them have lost.

Moved Footage (2 minutes or so): As a result of the above, the below was moved to after the opening in the US version, compared to before it in the Japanese version.

The episode starts out with Leo at the verge of tears, complaining to Luna that she lost her match. He asks her how he’s supposed to keep dueling now, complaining that it’s not fair. Luna tells him to look who’s talking, retorting that at least she didn’t lose her match like Leo did, and he agrees, still upset. (In the Japanese, Rua asks why she forced the game into a tie, and Ruka tells him it was better than losing, saying it’s not like she was going win at that rate, anyway. Rua says “geez” repeatedly in frustration).

Luna thinks to herself that since Leo passed out, he doesn’t remember that the duel was about a lot more than just the tournament. (Ruka wonders why Rua doesn’t remember anything, remembering his voice back in the Spirit World.)

Altered Flashback: In the original flashback, all Ruka remembers is hearing Rua’s voice talking to her through the puddle, where he promised to protect her so she can protect the Spirit World, and then Professor Frank saying she really is a Signer. In the US version, this is changed to show the Professor, joyous that he’s left his body behind and entered the Spirit World. Luna is next to her shackled Kuribon, asks him what he wants. The Professor tells her she’s much more important than she knows, asking her to be a good girl and guide him around the realm and reveal its secrets, and requesting her to lend him her power. As a result, the flashback is 8 seconds longer in the US version.

In the present, Luna wonders what power the Professor was talking about, and if he meant the mark on her arm as she puts her hand over it. (Ruka wonders what that Signer thing Frank was talking about is, putting her hand over her arm). This grabs everyone’s attention and Yanagi asks what’s wrong, wondering if Luna hurt her arm during the duel, and Dexter comments that she keeps looking at it like she expects to see something. Luna tells them her arm’s fine. (Japanese Yanagi asks if she’s okay, as Tenpei adds that she spaced out during the duel, and Ruka tells them she’s fine).

Yusei takes her word for it, then says it’s about time for him to take the twins home, as Tanner tells him to have fun babysitting them (Japanese Yusei just says he’ll see them home, and Himuro says it’s a good idea; about a second of lip-flaps is added to fit in Tanner’s line). Leo excitedly gets up, saying they’ll have an all-night dueling sleepover (Rua says they should have a sleepover).

The MC tells all ladies and gentlemen to listen up (Japanese MC says “Everybody Listen!” in English). He says the second round has been announced, telling them to check out the competition brackets.

Paint Edit: The names of the competitors are digitized out in the US version.

“Who knows what excitement awaits?! Four duelists, two rounds, one Champion! Who will it be?!”, he continues, saying that things are going to get crazy. Saying he’ll see everyone tomorrow, he signs off. (Japanese MC says that this concludes the heated first day of the tournament, showing tomorrow’s semi-final match-ups, and says that that today’s excitement is to be continued [he says “to be continued” in English] with further dueling tomorrow, saying “Goodbye” in English as he signs off)

Paint Edit: “Duel of Fortune” is removed from the center sphere in the US version.  Also, the names are removed from the matchup screen in the next shot.

Leo notices that Yusei’s dueling against Greiger, and wishes it wasn’t him, because Greiger’s super tough and even beat him.

Cut Footage (5 seconds): This flashback, as Rua remembers his duel with Bommer, is cut from the US version. However, you still hear the heartbeat-like sound effect that helped the transition into it.

Tanner sees Yusei will be Turbo-Dueling, and Yusei asks if that’s bad. Answering with a “You bet,” he says that the rumor on the Duel Circuit is that Greiger will be using a brand new Duel Runner that’s supposed to be unbeatable. (Himuro says he’s a formidable opponent and Yusei agrees. Himuro then says that, since it’s a Riding Duel, he’s looking forward to what kind of D-Wheel Bommer’s going to ride out on).

Leo thinks he can’t let Greiger win, and then thinks that if he can sneak into Greiger’s garage before the match, he can see what he’s got planned and tell Yusei (Rua thinks about his D-Wheel, then thinks that if he knows about it in advance, Yusei may have the upper hand). Luna asks if he’s okay. Leo’s response: “Huh? Oh, yeah, fine! I just, um, left something…somewhere else! Be right back!” Luna presses and asks where he’s going and he says, “To, uh…you know, that place with the, uh…Oh, look at the time. Bye-bye!”, running off. Luna says this can’t be good. 

Dialogue Edit: Rua’s response: “Eh? Um, nothing at all! Listen, you guys head home without me. I remembered something I have to do.” Ruka asks what and Rua’s response: “Let’s see, what was it again? I’ll just have to remember that, too!” Ruka calls out to Rua as he runs off, and sighs a “geez.”

Side-Note: Cue Kizuna – Bonds in the Japanese version.

Meanwhile, at the Satellite dock, the captain of a boat tells his passengers as the boat docks that while he doesn’t know why they wanted to sneak back into this trash town, they’re here. He hopes they had a pleasant trip, telling them rather rudely to get their things and get off his boat. As Blister and two other people get off, he tells them to enjoy the Satellite. (There’s no dialogue throughout this in the Japanese version).

The captain gives someone a clipboard, as the person says that the manifest said he had three passengers on board, asking if they’re all paid up. He nods, then tells them to get moving before they’re picked up by Sector Security. (The man who receives the clipboard says they’re loading recycling materials tonight, asking the captain if they can make it in time for departure. The captain nods and then tells the passengers to do what they want until it’s time, adding not to cut loose too much, and the other passengers obey.)

Blister walks over to a van advertising to be the fastest ride to the Satellite markets, the place to get the best recycled electronics around. They’ve got encryptors, decryptors, recryptors; all makes, all models (In the Japanese version, the driver is offering a ride to the Satellite black market, where the only things they can’t get you are perishables or a wife, and it’s guaranteed to be cheaper than in the city). Blister approaches the man and asks if he has room for one more, and the driver tells him it’s been too long, remembering he’s based in the city, asking what brings him back here, as Blister climbs into the van. (Saiga thanks the driver for this, and the Japanese driver sees it’s him, saying it’s nice to see him again. Also, there’s no more dialogue in this scene after this point.)

Blister tells him he’s doing a favor for a friend. The driver says he thought he’d given up friends, and Blister says he did, too. The van drives off.

Back at the Stadium, Lazar gives Greiger a card, telling him that it should help him in his duel with Yusei (Bommer requested the card in the original). As Lazar laughs (with a laugh imitating Jeager’s), Greiger thanks him, saying it’s perfect.

Paint Edit: 4Kids finally got around to erasing the “B” from Bommer’s belt. In GX, they always did it with Hell Kaiser Ryou’s belt, and I kinda wonder why it took them so long.

Lazar reminds him that they need him to bring out Yusei’s mark. Goodwin interrupts him to say that Greiger knows the stakes. “He’s a faithful servant of Iliaster and will determine if Yusei is a Signer once and for all. Correct?” Greiger swears it, asking Goodwin if, once he is finished, he can rely on his word. “Of course,” Goodwin replies, asking about his village. He says it’s tragic, and he wishes there had been something that could’ve been done to prevent the devastation. He then asks about Greiger’s family, and if he’s heard anything from them.

Added Footage (1 second): A second of lip-flaps are added to Goodwin’s speech, before he moves his head.

Greiger says he’s heard nothing yet and hopes they are all okay, and Goodwin says he’s sure that they are. Greiger grunts and nods, and he’s also sure they’re in dire need of the food and supplies that Goodwin promised to deliver once he gets Yusei’s mark to appear. He then says he must go and prepare for his duel, walking away. Goodwin mentally urges him to prepare.

Added Footage (1 second): A second of lip-flaps was added to fit in Greiger’s “dire need” line.

Dialogue Edit: In the Japanese, Godwin tells Bommer that they have their hopes on him, and that he must awaken Yusei’s qualifications as a Signer without fail. Bommer says he understands, and once Goodwin reaches his goal…the Kaiba Corporation will definitely provide aid for the reconstruction of his village, Goodwin finishes. He asks how long it’s been since he’s been away from his hometown. Bommer says it’s been one year and 116 days, and Godwin says it must make him homesick. Bommer says he is, but in order to return to his hometown ASAP, he says he’ll carry out his mission without fail, walking away. Godwin is silent in thought. There’s no indication that Bommer is a member of Yliaster.

Side-Note (Mockingbird): One thing worth noting to me is that dub Goodwin’s tone is smug and can easily be interpreted as feigning sympathy.

Greiger walks down the hallway, when he bumps into Jack Atlas. Jack sarcastically tells Greiger, “Nice outfit”, and he responds by saying that he doesn’t have time to trash talk with him, asking him what he wants. Jack says that he doesn’t like him, and he never has, telling him to not even think about beating Yusei because he’s all his. But then again, he shouldn’t worry too much. He was barely able to beat that pig-tailed pipsqueak before. Greiger tells Jack to listen up, saying his job is to put Yusei through the ringer.

Dialogue Edit: Japanese Jack says that Bommer is in his way. Bommer apologizes to the King, stepping aside. But Jack says that Bommer as a whole is in his way, as Bommer reacts. Jack says that Yusei will advance in this tournament either way, adding that only he can defeat him, so Bommer fighting him would be a waste of time. Bommer tells him he’s a pathetic King.

Cut Footage (13 seconds): Cut from the US version is this short bit where Jack throws a punch at Bommer in response to his “pathetic King” line, and Bommer catches it, telling Jack he hasn’t even noticed his own mission, and Jack asks what mission.

Greiger continues, saying that in the meantime, he should stay out of his way if he doesn’t want to get hurt, walking off as Jack thinks he better not interfere with his destiny.

Dialogue Edit (continued): Bommer says he has a mission as well, one that Jack cannot stop. Jack is silent as he walks away.

Elsewhere, Leo is sneaking through a dark room when he comes across Greiger’s garage.

Paint Edit: In the Japanese version, the label reads, “0123 BOMMER”. In the US version, it’s edited to just read, “0123”.

Leo sees it’s Greiger’s garage (though I wonder how he’d tell, since it’s just a number), saying it’s time for him to get a sneak peek at that super secret Runner of his.

Added Footage (2 seconds): Lip-flaps were repeated to fit it his line. Rua just notes that he found the garage.

He looks around and then climbs up to the window. He tries to climb through the window, but he slips and instead falls down through the window, landing on his head. He says he’s packing a parachute next time (Rua repeatedly says “Ow!”) as he rubs his head before he pulls out his flashlight, saying it’s time to find that Runner to help Yusei. But as soon as he turns his flashlight on, he sees a bull skull, which makes him scream in fear. Frightened, he hits the wall and triggers the alarm as he screams, saying if he can’t it, then it can’t see him (Rua repeatedly yells “A ghost!”).

Meanwhile, at the twins’ house, Yusei and Luna are waiting for Leo. Luna says he’s never late for dinner, adding that he likes eating just as much as he likes dueling, maybe even more, and that he knows 8pm is curfew, as the clock reads 7(or 8):05 (Ruka says she even had his favorite hamburger prepared).

Side-Note: Luna says “8pm”, but it seems to be 7:05 right now, judging from that clock, because Yusei’s D-Wheel is later shown to have the time at 7:55.

Yusei gets up to look for him, saying he has a feeling he’s in trouble. Luna says she can help, but Yusei tells her to stay because it’s late. Luna begs him, since Leo’s her brother and he might be hurt, adding that they can cover twice the ground in half the time. Yusei says she has a point and tells her to be safe. (Yusei says that she needs to rest, but she says she feels fine now, and that she may feel worse if she just waits. Yusei lets her, but warns her not to strain herself).

At the same time, Greiger’s walking with a wrench back to his garage, realizing something must’ve tripped the alarm to his garage. He opens the door to find Leo asleep on the floor, asking what’s he doing there. (Bommer is silent until he finds Rua, and just says “Why, he’s…”)

At the Satellite Markets, someone says the market’s got everything, and the prices are perfect. Someone else just can’t believe this great stuff, asking for another one of an item. Meanwhile, the van Blister’s in arrives, as the passengers exclaim they’re here. The driver asks Blister to promise he’ll be careful, since Goodwin’s Security goons are lurking everywhere. Blister assures him he’ll be fine (Saiga says he knows), putting on his hat to leave the van and walk away from the market.

In another part of Satellite, Blister’s walking with a little device, thinking that the coordinates Yusei gave him should lead him to right to his friends, hoping Goodwin hasn’t gotten to them already. Walking in front of the tunnel, he sees that this is it. (Saiga is silent throughout, then says “Over there, huh?”)

Paint Edit: The device Blister’s holding is edited to remove the English word “MODE” and the P in the gray box in the middle.  The words “SUBWAY WEST DOMINO” are also replaced with a circle enclosing a downward-pointing arrow, as in episode 1.

As he enters the subway tunnel, he thinks, seeing that it’s an old subway tunnel that looks like it hasn’t been used in decades. He likes it, though, since it reminds him of his place back in the city, just a bit cleaner. (Saiga is silent throughout this scene.)

As he walks down on the lower level, he asks if anyone’s down there, telling them not to be alarmed, saying he’s a friend of Yusei’s (Saiga calls out to Rally, Blitz, Nerve, and Taka). He tells them to come out, saying he sent him to check up on them. There’s no response, so he continues forward, and sees, from the way things are messy, that the place has been ransacked. He says this isn’t good, wondering where they could be. (Saiga doesn’t speak over the impact shots of the clutter. Here, Saiga wonders if something had happened here.)

Meanwhile, Yusei drives around a few blocks and pulls up beside Luna, asking if she’s seen him, but she says she hasn’t, adding that she’s scared. Yusei tells her not to worry, saying that her brother’s here somewhere and they’ll find him. (Ruka says she didn’t find a sign of him, and Yusei says he couldn’t either, adding that he searched from the Venue to there but to no avail). Hearing a beeping noise, Yusei turns to his Runner and presses something to put Blister on-screen.

Paint Edit: As usual, the time and “DRIVE mode” are digitized off of Yusei’s Runner display.

Blister then connects to Yusei’s Runner, telling him that he went to his friend’s bunker, but the place has been totally trashed (Saiga says he just got there). Yusei asks if his friends are okay, but Blister shakes his head, saying they’re missing and he can’t find a trace (Saiga says he hates to break it, but they’re not there). Yusei asks what happened, wondering if Goodwin took them in, but Blister doesn’t have any idea, and here’s where the trail went cold: after he hacked into Security, he couldn’t find a trace of them. It’s like they’ve vanished, and if Goodwin has a hold of them, they could be anywhere. (Japanese Yusei asks if something happened, and Saiga doesn’t know, but he tells him he broke into their network, and yet there’s no record of them being caught by Security so far, adding that he’ll keep up the search on his end.)

The signal begins to flicker as Blister says they’re tracking his signal (Saiga says he can’t keep contact for much longer), and signs off, saying he’ll call if he finds anything else. Yusei thanks him, and the screen goes to fuzz.

Luna apologizes, asking if his friends are missing too. Yusei says they are, and then mentally blames himself (Japanese Yusei hopes that they’re all right). Suddenly, a can is kicked, and Yusei and Luna hear footsteps (in the Japanese, you only hear footsteps), turning to see someone in the alley. It’s Greiger, and Luna notices that he has Leo. Yusei thinks that Greiger doesn’t look too happy about it (Japanese Yusei is silent here).

Eyecatch: You wouldn’t look too happy, either, if you’d been staring at your screen reading this.  So, go have a quick stretch! 

We see the night sky as Yusei and Luna stand opposite Greiger and the sleeping Leo.

Cut Footage (4 seconds): This close-up of Rua, and a pan out from him to Yusei and Ruka is cut from the US version.

Yusei asks Greiger what he’s doing with Leo, and Greiger tells him to relax, telling him he’s alright. He tells him he broke into his garage, and he found him sleeping on the floor. (Japanese Yusei starts to ask Bommer why he’s got him, but Bommer interrupts him, saying he’ll explain later. He does tell him that he’s not injured, and it seems he’s just sleeping.)

Back at the house, Greiger puts a snoring Leo to bed while Yusei tucks Luna in on the couch. Greiger walks in, telling Yusei that Leo’s fast asleep, and Yusei comments that he sure can snore, as Greiger agrees.(Neither of them talk here, and Bommer only makes a small chuckle).

Added Footage (2 seconds): The shot of Greiger, before he agrees (or chuckles, in the Japanese), is extended to fit in Yusei’s line.

Out on the back deck, Yusei tells Greiger that he owes him one as they look out onto the pool. Greiger tells him to forget it, saying he was just trying to help him out. Yusei wonders what he means, and Greiger says he wanted a sneak peek at his new Duel Runner, like everyone else out there. In fact, he had to install five new alarm systems just to keep it under wraps. Yusei asks if he’s going to call Security, but Greiger says he won’t, since he reminds him of his own little brother. As Yusei looks a bit surprised, he says he’s not going to punish him for trying to help Yusei win their duel tomorrow, adding that it won’t make a difference, because he’s still going down.

Yusei looks fiercely at him, as he continues to say that he may be a nice guy off the track, telling him to trust him when he says he doesn’t want to mess with him while he’s Turbo-Dueling. After all, these are the big leagues, and there’s quite a lot riding on the tournament for him and his future. Yusei sarcastically asks if he means a big trophy, but Greiger says no, saying that the future he’s talking about is for his family. Walking a bit, he says they’re far away, hoping and waiting for him to bring them some help. As Yusei and Greiger look at the sky, he reminisces about how he and his family used to count the stars together, but here, there’s only smog.

Dialogue Edit: Okay, they changed around most of this chat. First, Yusei asks how he managed to find Rua, and Bommer says he was sleeping in his garage. “Your garage?”, Yusei asks, as Bommer says it appears the security system was enabled and he was locked inside. He’d say he came to find his D-Wheel. Yusei figures as much, as Bommer says he can’t blame him, since he knows he didn’t instruct him to do it. He’s not someone as underhanded enough to do that (I find it kind of funny how the US version adds a dramatic beat to their BGM when it shows Yusei’s face here to try and go with the trash-talking bit). Bommer says Rua’s fond of Yusei, and that he was only thinking of him. When he looks at those two, he remembers his little brother and sister back in his hometown. Yusei asks if he has siblings, and he says he does, and they’re about the same age as them. Walking a bit to look at the sky, he sees there are no stars in the sky in this city, as Yusei also looks up.

Greiger then asks Yusei why he’s dueling here, and Yusei tells him it’s for his friends, and he doesn’t have a choice about it. Greiger takes a guess and asks if Goodwin made him an offer couldn’t refuse. Yusei asks how he knew, asking if Goodwin went to him, too. Greiger tells him he was offered a chance to rebuild his family’s village. (Japanese Yusei says he’s fighting for his hometown, and Bommer sees they seem to be “cut from the same cloth”. Yusei asks if he’s fighting for his hometown as well, and Bommer nods, saying he comes from the opposite side of the world.)

Remembering his village, Greiger goes on to say that his people believed their forefathers were servants of the People of the Stars, and their village has a deep, hidden power. Yusei asks about that hidden power, asking if he’s talking about the legend of the Crimson Dragon. Greiger says he’s right, adding that the legend has it that whoever controls the Dragon also gets to control the destiny of the world (no such line in the Japanese version… but more on that in a bit). He says he hasn’t been back to his village in years, but after he completes his mission here, he’ll head back to rebuild his home. Yusei tells him he can’t trust Goodwin’s word, but Greiger says that’s easy for him to say, but he needs his power to help rebuild his village. He says he heard it was consumed with fire and destruction unlike that of any natural disaster ever seen. But then Director Goodwin came to him, saying he’d help, but not until he promised to help him with his quest.

Yusei asks him if he can’t see he’s being used, but Greiger says that if it’s the only way to rebuild his village, then he’ll let Goodwin use him all he wants. He apologizes, saying that tomorrow, he has to win no matter what, and Yusei says that his friends need him. Greiger suggests they leave it at that, saying, “May the best man win.” Greiger begins to walk away, but stops to tells Yusei that he is a good guy, and in a perfect world, they would both get what they want in the arena tomorrow. But the world isn’t perfect. One of them has to lose, and tomorrow, it’s going to be Yusei. Greiger walks off, ending the scene in a dramatic impact shot.

Dialogue Edit (continued): Bommer tells Yusei his tribe are descendants of those who served the People of the Stars, whose tale is known amongst the Incas. Yusei then asks Bommer if he knows the story behind the Crimson Dragon, and Bommer says he does. He says a lot of time has passed [since it last appeared], and now the Crimson Dragon is trying to resurface. Bommer says that Director Godwin is trying to use that power to lead the world in the right direction, and Yusei asks Bommer if he believes that. Bommer dodges Yusei’s question by saying he would know about poor hometowns, saying that his village has been constantly plighted with poverty and discrimination. However, the Director promised to restore his home-village if he were to lend his assistance to the director.

Yusei tells him not to trust Godwin, and Bommer says that they’re both cut from the same cloth, but it seems they’re in different positions. Neither of them can compromise their beliefs. Yusei says the duel will go towards that, and Bommer agrees, suggesting they settle this match between them. Walking away, Bommer says he’s glad to learn that Yusei’s a proud duelist, but tells him not to forget: he will win. That is his mission.

Cut Footage (2 seconds): The impact shot of the two was shortened in the US version, where a commercial break followed.

The next day at the Stadium, the MC welcomes everyone to the semi-finals of the Fortune Cup. Four duelists remain and the winner will face off against Jack Atlas in the Championship Duel. The first duel will be Yusei Fudo facing off against the Tower of Power, Greiger. “Start your engines!”, he says, as the crowd roars. (Japanese MC says it’s the second day of the tournament, adding that, laugh or cry, today’s duel will determine who will challenge the King. The first match of the semi-finals pits the Shooting Star of Satellite, Yusei Fudo, against the Black Storm, Bommer.)

Paint Edit: The words “Semi Final First Match”, in English, are removed from the center sphere in the US version.  Then, as they show up, Yusei’s and Bommer’s names are removed from the screen beside it.  Finally, the names of the semi-finalists are removed in the screen, as “Yusei VS Bommer” is removed from the visual sphere.

Tanner, Yanagi, Luna, and Dexter are sitting in their usual spot in the stands, as Yanagi asks Luna if she’s seen Leo. She tells him he said he had something important to tell Yusei.

Yusei is prepping his Duel Runner for the match, checking his Runner’s stats on the display.

Paint Edit: The screen shows the parts of Yusei’s D-Wheel. As usual, the names of the parts are digitized out in the US version, leaving the viewer wondering what the lines are supposed to mean.

Leo apologizes for what he did yesterday, saying he was just trying to help. Yusei says he understands, but tells him that cheating is never the answer, adding that he doesn’t have to cheat to beat Greiger. Telling him to excuse him, he says he’s got a Turbo Duel to win. Leo tells him to go for it and take him down.

Dialogue Edit: After Rua apologizes, Yusei says he understands, telling him he doesn’t need to say more. But, he says, once the duel is over, he’ll have to apologize to Bommer, regardless of whether he wins or loses. Rua smiles, and agrees, promising to do it.

Yusei drives off as Leo shouts that he believes in Yusei and knows he can do it (Rua just tells him to break a leg).

Yusei makes his entrance onto the track, as the MC tells the crowd to cheer for Yusei, and they cheer. (Japanese MC says nothing as Yusei enters the arena).

Meanwhile, Greiger is waiting under the track, thinking that this is for his family, and once he wins, he’ll get exactly what he wants, remembering a time where he drove an old Duel Runner near his village, with his brother and sister cheering him on and waving to him (Bommer is silent before the flashback; his Japanese brother and sister refer to him as “Big brother”, not by his name). He waves back, just as his brother and sister are engulfed in flames, yelling for help. As the garage door opens for him to make his entrance, he thinks he’s got quite the surprise for Goodwin (Bommer is silent).

Yusei is still making laps, when suddenly, a loud noise is heard throughout the stadium. Yusei reacts, as Yanagi wonders if the sound is that of an earthquake (Japanese Yanagi wonders what that sound is). Greiger makes his entrance on a huge Duel Runner, as the MC says that this is the most incredible Duel Runner he has ever seen. It’s a whopper of a chopper, the wheels with appeal! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Greiger and his beast. Greiger drives up to Yusei and smirks as he looks down at him. (In the Japanese, the stunned MC asks what this is. “An elephant? A dinosaur? No, it’s the D-Wheel driven by Bommer!”).

Tanner says that’s some Duel Runner, adding that Yusei’s got his work cut out for him. (Himuro asks what that thing is, wondering if there are D-Wheels like that). Leo returns to the stands, asking what he missed. Luna points to Greiger’s Runner, and Leo recognizes it as what he saw in Greiger’s garage, seeing why he had an alarm, adding that it’s so cool. (When Rua returns, he just shouts to Ruka, who tells him to look at it. Rua recognizes it, seeing that what he saw was a D-Wheel.)

Yusei and Greiger drive past Goodwin’s sky booth, Jack sitting on the couch thinking Greiger had better not jeopardize his chances of getting even with Yusei (Japanese Jack thinks, “Let me have a good look at your great ‘mission'”).

Greiger and Yusei pull up to the starting boxes, Greiger asking if Yusei calls that a Duel Runner, and if it came with training wheels. (Bommer taunts him by saying that he might accidently squash him on that D-Wheel). Yusei says that just because he’s bigger doesn’t mean he’s better (Japanese Yusei refers to his D-Wheel). Greiger scoffs it off, telling him to talk to him after the duel’s done. He then wishes him good luck, saying he’s going to need it. (Bommer says that he’ll win this duel. No…he must win.)

The MC tells them to take out their Speed World Field Spells and activate them. With a “Duel Mode, engaged. Autopilot, standing by” from the Duel Runners, the Stadium is engulfed by Speed World.

Paint Edit: As usual, the “DRIVE mode” (or “DRIVE”, in the case of Bommer’s), time, “cou(r)se map”, and the “DUEL MODE” that flies in are digitized off of the D-Wheel display in the US version.  Then, after the layout apppears, on Yusei’s display, “SPC” is replaced with the arrow and the little bit of “DUEL mode” we see is digitized off. On Greiger’s, “SPC” is replaced with the arrow, and “MAX” and “DUEL” are digitized off.

The MC reminds the audience that only the winner advances, and in a Turbo Duel, only Speed Spells can be used (Japanese MC says the field’s been dominated by Speed World, so the only Magic that can be activated are Speed Spells). Greiger tells Yusei to get ready to eat his dust (Bommer just says, “Let’s go, Yusei!”), as Yusei looks ahead.

The starter appears, counting down. “Ready, Set, Duel.” (Japanese MC yells his usual “Riding Duel! Acceleration!!”), and the two race off.

Greiger calls the first move as he draws Delta Reactor. He starts with Spell Reactor RE (Magic Reactor AID; ATK/1200). Then he throws down three face-downs (another GX-inspired line, I’m sure), ending his turn, as the duel score shows Yusei’s turn starting, each of them gaining a Speed Counter (Yusei’s SPC: 1; Greiger’s SPC: 1)

Paint Edit: As before, Yusei’s and Bommer’s names, as well as the word “DUELIST” are digitized out in the US version.

Yusei starts to declare a summon, but he’s interrupted by the noise of Greiger’s Duel Runner (Yusei declares it’s his turn when he is interrupted; Bommer’s D-Wheel isn’t so loud in the Japanese version). Tanner asks how Yusei’s supposed to concentrate with 3000 Decibels of horsepower blaring in his ear, and Leo asks who says he can (Himuro says that if Bommer’s D-Wheel is that huge, even Yusei is going to have a hard time. Rua just calls out to Yusei).

Yusei then “throws down a face-down”, and then summons Speed Warrior in Attack Mode (ATK/900). Greiger responds with his Hidden Soldiers Trap, which lets him special-summon a Level-4 Monster from his hand, and he chooses Trap Reactor Y-FI (Trap Reactor RR; Bommer notes that it has to be a DARK-Attribute Monster). He comments that with this card on his field, he only needs one more for a big surprise (Bommer says he’s Special-Summoning Trap Reactor RR). Trap Reactor Y-FI then appears on the field in Attack Mode (ATK/800).

Dexter says he knows what Greiger has planned, and Tanner says that Yusei had better “rev it up”, and he means fast! (Aside from that lame insertion, Tenpei sees that was fast, saying he summoned another one. Himuro says that Yusei still has options open.)

Yusei says that, for the first round that Speed Warrior is on the field, he gets double his ATK (ATK/900->1800). Yusei commands Speed Warrior to send that Reactor back to the shop (Japanese Yusei commands Speed Warrior to attack with its “Sonic Edge”) and Speed Warrior roundhouse-kicks Spell Reactor RE, destroying it (Greiger’s LP/4000->3400), but as the smoke clears Spell Reactor RE is still on the field.

Yusei is shocked, but Greiger says he shouldn’t be–he has two facedowns and one of them was Fake Explosion (Fake Explosion Penta; Bommer says it wasn’t good enough, adding he’s already activated Fake Explosion Penta). Greiger explains that not only does the trap knock out his low-octane attack, but he gets a bonus: a Level-5 Monster from his hand, bringing Yusei’s surprise early. He summons Summon Reactor SK (Summon Reactor AI), telling it to join the party. (Bommer explains Fake Explosion Penta a little differently, saying it prevents a Monster from battle destruction and then Special Summons a Level-5 Monster from his hand, commanding Summon Reactor AI to appear on the field; ATK/ 2000)

Card Showcase Interruption 1 (8 seconds added): “Summon Reactor SK is a Monster Card that inflicts 800 points of damage when your opponent summons a Monster to the field.”

Dexter sees he has all three Reactors in play, and Leo says at least he doesn’t have Delta Reactor. (Tenpei sees there’s three now, and Rua sees the way things are shaping up could be…)

Greiger now activates his Delta Reactor. The card sends Summon Reactor, Trap Reactor, and Spell Reactor all to the Graveyard. Greiger says he hates that he has to do this, but like he said last night, somebody has to lose, and today, it’s Yusei (Bommer just says that he is sending his Reactors to the Cemetery).

Leo calls out to Yusei (Rua sees it’s coming), while Greiger summons Flying Fortress SKY-FIRE (Giant Bomber AIR-RAID). Its propellers fire up as its cannons all take aim. The MC says that Greiger’s bike is not just for show, seeing that he’s summoned his big bang beast in the second round.

In the sky-booth, Goodwin, Jack, and Lazar all watch in silence, as Greiger says that if Yusei thought it was loud before, he should get a load of this: Yusei will lose 800 points of damage (slight script error: probably meant “take”) if he summons a Monster or places a card face-down. And if that weren’t enough, the card he played will also be destroyed.

Side-Note: It might just be the way the US version’s BGM flowed, but for a second, you hear part of the Japanese BGM playing here, “Enemy Attack.”

As Speed Warrior looks at SKY-FIRE, Greiger tells him to just face it: he can’t make a move without getting hurt. His family needs him, which means that Yusei is going to have to lose this match. (Bommer says Yusei is now frozen in place, and he’ll win and carry out his own mission).

Cut Footage (1 second): A second was trimmed from the ending shot of Yusei.

Final Thoughts (GLL99): I wasn’t really fond of the dialogue changes in the episode, especially in the Yusei/Bommer scene.  I do enjoy Sean Schemmel’s voice for him, though.  

To be continued…

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