Episode 21: Second Round Showdown – Part 2

JP Title: A Vengeful Bommer – The Trap of Sorrow, Chariot Pile
JP Key Card: Arms Aid (US: Armory Arm)
Animation Director: Shinsuke Terasawa
US Adaptation: Barton Bishop, John Drdek, and Shane Guenego
Posted Date: 5/14/17

Comparison Writer: Mockingbird
Comparison Reviser: GLL99

Cut Footage (47 seconds): Cut from the very start of the episode is a recap of Saiga’s visit to Yusei’s bunker and reporting that his friends were missing. Then Bommer voices over his flashback of his siblings being engulfed by flames, saying that Max and Annie [his siblings] can count on him. Jumping to the present, Godwin stares down at the track with a sinister, smug look on his face as he smiles. Rua calls out to Yusei as Bommer and Giant Bommer AIR-RAID close in over Yusei and Speed Warrior. Bommer tells Yusei that he will win and carry out his own mission.

Added Footage (about 2 minutes): The US version adds a recap, since the Japanese one wasn’t good enough for them. It recaps the scene with Lazar reminding Greiger that they need him to reveal Yusei’s Mark, Goodwin saying he will, Greiger asking if he can trust his word, and the bit where Goodwin asks about his family. Then, it recaps Yusei asking Greiger if he can’t see he’s being used, Greiger replying that he’ll let him [Goodwin] use him all he wants if it’s the only way to save his village, telling Yusei that in a perfect world, they’d both get what they want (the line’s spoken as Greiger walks towards him, but his lips never moved in that scene), but since it’s not, one of them has to lose, and it’ll be Yusei. Then, the MC welcomes everyone back to the semi-finals, announcing Yusei will duel Greiger, and as they ride in on their Runners, he tells the audience to cheer for Yusei, and comments that Greiger’s is the biggest one he’s seen, with Tanner commenting that Yusei’ll have his work cut out for him. Then, Greiger summons SKY-FIRE, as he tells Yusei he hates to do this but he told him one of them would lose, and that’s Yusei, saying he can’t make a move without getting hurt. His family needs him, which means he’s going to have to lose this match.

The MC declares that they’re going into Round 3 of this nerve-wracking duel, and Greiger’s now in the driver’s seat (not too different, but Japanese MC says Bommer’s attack is about to start). The score screen highlights Greiger’s picture, signaling his turn (Greiger: LP/ 3400, SPC/ 2; Yusei: LP/ 4000, SPC/ 2).

Paint Edit
: As usual, Bommer and Yusei have their names digitized off the screen, as is “DUELIST”, and “SPC” is replaced by the arrow.

Greiger declares his turn, drawing and then ordering Flying Fortress SKY-FIRE (Giant Bommer AIR-RAID) to attack Speed Warrior. It fires its cannons at Speed Warrior, who dodges them, but then it swoops in from behind and destroys Speed Warrior with one of its propellers, causing Yusei to reel from the impact (LP/ 4000->1900) and spin out as Greiger passes him.

The MC says that Yusei has taken a lashing, but wait… he’s managed to regain control! (Japanese MC says Yusei has spun out but he recovers and sets on Bommer’s trail). He notes, though, that Yusei has to shift gears, as well as his game plan, because the 2100 points of damage he took caused Yusei to lose all the Speed Counters he had gained. (Japanese MC reminds everyone that, due to the effect of Speed World, a player loses one Speed Counter for every 1000 points of damage. Yusei took over 2000 points of damage, so his Speed Counters revert back to 0).

Paint Edits
: First up, in the Japanese version, you’ll see “Damage 2100” flying by the screen, “Damage” being on top of “2100”. In the US, “Damage” is removed, and to represent it, a subtraction sign is added in front of the “2100”. It’s weird, since the Card Interruption last episode had a little “800 DAMAGE” as it was explained.  Then, the “SPC” on Yusei’s D-Wheel display is changed into the arrow.

Leo sees that this isn’t good, while Yanagi says it’ll be hard for Yusei to catch up (Rua calls out to Yusei as Yanagi yells, “Hang in there, sonny!”).

Yusei speeds after Greiger as Flying Fortress SKY-FIRE returns to Greiger, who’s halfway around the field.

Paint Edit: The scoreboard as seen while the view goes from Yusei to Greiger is given the usual edits, except Yusei’s mug shot isn’t darkened as it should be (given it’s not currently his turn), and there’s no arrow replacing the “SPC” on it.  This happens again in the same shot as we see it in the distance ahead of Greiger and SKY-FIRE.

Greiger tells Yusei he seems like a nice-enough guy, but he has to fall. As Greiger sets a card, he says he has too much riding on this duel to risk losing it, as the score screen highlights Yusei (Bommer says it can’t end like this, telling him to bring it on as he declares his card-setting to end his turn).

(Greiger: LP/ 3400, SPC/ 3; Yusei: LP/ 1900, SPC/ 1)

Yusei says he does, too (Japanese Yusei declares his turn), drawing the Trap, Wasteland Tornado. Yusei thinks that with SKY-FIRE on the field, he can destroy the first card he plays every turn. (Japanese Yusei thinks that a card he plays will get destroyed once during his turn). He then summons Shield Warrior from his hand in Defense Mode (DEF/ 1600), but Greiger says it’s too bad his Warrior can’t shield itself from his assault, activating Flying Fortress SKY-FIRE’s effect: when he plays a card, that card is destroyed, and then SKY FIRE rains 800 points of damage from above (Bommer says that Giant Bommer AIR-RAID’s effect now activates, explaining that when his opponent summons a Monster, it destroys that card and inflicts 800 points of damage. Bommer then shouts its effect name, “Sharp-Shooting”). SKY-FIRE shoots three missiles from its launcher.

SFX Edit
: As SKY-FIRE lowers its missile bay, a dropping-like SFX is added.

Two miss, but the third missile destroys Shield Warrior, hitting Yusei for 800 LP (LP/ 1900->1100) and causing him to spin out again, as the MC announces that to the audience. Yusei recovers and sets one card face-down, ending his turn.

As Greiger rides with SKY-FIRE, the MC says that Greiger is seriously wiping the track with Yusei, since he’s got no Speed Counters and no Monsters on his field (script error here: he’s still got one Speed Counter)! If Greiger lands a direct attack on his next turn, Yusei’s Fortune Cup will be over. (Japanese MC says it’s a one-sided turn of events, and that Bommer’s far too strong. Then he says Yusei has no Monsters on his field, and if he takes a direct attack next turn, the duel is over.)

Paint Edit
: This one’s just funny. All of a sudden, Flying Fortress SKY-FIRE’s missile launcher is gone. But if you watch the scene, you’ll notice the clouds replacing it, and one which just stays in place as the rest of the sky moves.

Leo thinks Yusei is done, saying that Greiger’s got it to where he can’t summon a Monster without the thing getting obliterated right away. He sees Greiger won’t quit, saying he’s just a hulking tower of ruthlessness! (Rua realizes that he fought such a strong opponent). Luna asks if he didn’t notice that when he was dueling him, and Yanagi says Leo was just too excited to be dueling in the tournament to notice things like his opponent

Added Footage (1 second): Lip-flaps were added there. Japanese Yanagi just says this is trouble, and with another attack, “sonny’s done for.”

Tanner interrupts, saying he wouldn’t put this duel in the books yet because Yusei can win this (Himuro says that Yusei is far from giving up and he has a chance). Yanagi is surprised, while Tanner asks them, “What do we know about that Flying Fortress SKY-FIRE of Greiger’s?”. Dexter says they know it’s big, they know it’s loud, they know it’s powerful, and once a turn, it destroys a card Yusei plays the second he plays it. (Himuro says that Yusei figured the Monster he summoned would get destroyed, and Tenpei remembers Giant Bomber AIR-RAID’s effect, which lets it destroy a summoned Monster or a set card once during the opponent’s turn.). Tanner points out that as soon as Shield Warrior was destroyed, Yusei set a card face-down. Dexter then gets it, asking if he meant that the summoning of Shield Warrior was a diversion, Tanner agrees, as they look back at the field, Dexter saying that his real goal was that face-down. Tanner bets him a corn-dog that the card is a game-changer like Mirror Force.

In the Skybox, Jack thinks that Yusei has two face-down cards, wondering if Greiger is clever enough to figure out his game.

Greiger declares his turn, drawing Chariot Pile (Greiger: LP/ 3400, SPC/ 2; Yusei: LP/ 1100, SPC/ 2).  Greiger looks at his display, and he’s sure one of those face-downs could turn the tables, so he’s going to have to turn them first (Bommer thinks there’s a definite chance Yusei’s two face-down cards are game-breakers).

: A commercial break comes in at this point in the US version, continuing from below after; the Japanese version continues.

Greiger thinks that Yusei is a very skillful duelist, but so is he. He might think his face-downs are safe, but he’d better think again: he’s got his strategy all figured out. Looking at Yusei, he knows Yusei is fighting for his friends, but he can’t let him stop him from completing his mission, and that’s why he’s willing to take the necessary risks to destroy any chance he has of winning this duel. But he knows this won’t be an easy task, mentally telling him he won’t pull any punches, becaus he plans to use every card he has in his deck to make sure that he’s the one taking the victory lap, telling Yusei he’s coming.

Dialogue Edit
: This monologue is completely rewritten from the Japanese version’s. There, Bommer thinks that Giant Bommer AIR-RAID has a second effect, which, at the cost of a card from his hand, will destroy one card on the field. Bommer then thinks that even if Yusei set something after his Monster, he won’t be able to escape from AIR-RAID’s destruction effect. But Bommer knows there’s no way he wouldn’t predict that. So then the point behind that last play was…”I see now! The true reason behind that play, it was…to reduce as many cards in my hand as possible for turns down the road! In that case…!”

Revving up his Runner, he fires the boosters on his Duel Runner, causing him and Flying Fortress SKY-FIRE to circle around until they are behind Yusei. He tells Yusei to look behind him, then declaring a direct attack, which Yusei says he was hoping for (Japanese Yusei wasn’t hoping for that, and is shocked that he’s attacking). Greiger asks why, as SKY-FIRE fires its cannons at Yusei (Bommer is silent because he knows he just side-stepped Yusei’s Trap).

Paint Edit: Now, SKY-FIRE’s missile launcher is covered up.

Yusei responds by activating his Wasteland Tornado Trap, saying he can use this to lay waste to one Trap on the field, and Yusei picks his other set card, Limiter Break. (Japanese Yusei says that Wasteland Tornado can destroy a Spell or Trap on the field, and he chooses his other card, never calling it out by name). Greiger asks why Yusei is destroying his own card, and Yusei explains that this card’s destruction gives him the power to summon Speed Warrior from his Graveyard, and with a Monster in Defense Mode, he won’t take any damage (Japanese Yusei doesn’t say that Speed Warrior blocks the attack). The card shatters and Speed Warrior appears on the field in Defense Mode (DEF/ 400).

Flying Fortress SKY-FIRE has to attack it instead of Yusei, so it shoots Speed Warrior and destroys it, as Greiger says he may’ve dodged his assault, but he still managed to get rid of one of his face-down cards, and didn’t have to get rid of any of his own cards to do it. Yusei looks back and thinks that he’s not messing around, impressed that Greiger predicted his game plan (Bommer sees Yusei did withstand his attack, but all that now leaves him with his hand. Yusei looks back and is impressed that Bommer predicted his entire strategy).

As they ride on, Leo says that Yusei didn’t play Mirror Force, asking for Dex’s corn-dog, but Tanner says they never shook (Rua complains that Himuro was not even close. Himuro says it’s his goof).

The two ride on (SKY-FIRE’s missile bay being removed), as Greiger sets Chariot Pile to end his turn.

(Greiger: LP/ 3400, SPC/ 5; Yusei: LP/ 1100, SPC/ 3)

Yusei declares his turn, drawing Turbo Booster, Rally’s card, as Yusei hears/”sees” Rally cheering him on. He says his name, then summons Massive Warrior from his hand (ATK/ 600).

: The TCG name is Fortress Warrior, but the OCG name was kept for the episode.

Greiger responds by saying that with another Monster summoned, another Monster’s leveled, and 800 points of direct damage are coming at him due to SKY-FIRE’s special ability (Bommer says he’s activating Giant Bomber AIR-RAID’s effect, explaining that when his opponent plays a card, it’s destroyed and he’s dealt with 800 points. “Sharp Shooting!!”), causing SKY-FIRE to lower its launcher and fire three missiles.

Misc. Edit
: In the US version, you’ll see the launcher lower because it was edited to be hidden, but in the Japanese version, since it’s always down, it just fires the missiles.

Massive Warrior turns and blocks the first two with his helicopter pad, but the third one circles around and destroys Massive Warrior from behind. Yusei’s LP drop to 300 as Greiger and SKY-FIRE pass Yusei. The MC says that Greiger has lapped Yusei (Japanese MC says that Bommer passed him), as Leo and the others worry.

Yusei then activates the Speed Spell, Zero Reverse (Speed Spell – Zero Rebirth; the renaming of it to “Zero Reverse” should be a mistake, because an important event later in the show goes by that name).

Card Showcase Interruption 1 (8 seconds added): “Zero Reverse allows you to re-summon a Monster that was destroyed by an effect this turn. However, this Monster’s Attack Points become zero.”

Cut Footage (4 seconds): Because of the Showcase, this shot of Yusei explaining Zero Rebirth’s effect is cut from the US version.

Yusei re-summons Massive Warrior to the field (ATK/ 0). Greiger wonders why he’d summon a Monster that can’t attack (he’s referring to it having 0 ATK, but it comes out as a bit of a script error; Bommer says that Yusei can’t defeat him with a zero-ATK).

Yusei holds Turbo Booster, remembering when Rally gave it to him in the subway tunnel back in episode 3.

Altered Flashback
: The flashback is sepia-toned in the US version.

In the flashback, Rally walks over to him, saying he almost forgot to give him something for good luck. He asks what it is, and Rally tells him it’s Turbo Booster. Yusei asks if it’s his father’s card, and he nods, but tells him that, like his dad always said, you never know when you’ll need a boost. (Japanese Yusei asks if it’s his favorite. He nods, but says it’s okay–hopefully, it’ll help him bust through the pipeline.)

Looking at Turbo Booster, Yusei reminds Greiger that both of them have something in common: they’re both out for their own. Greiger looks at him, as he says that if he plans on winning this battle, he’ll need his friends to help him get to the finish line, holding up Turbo Booster. He dedicates this to Rally and the rest of his pals, remembering Tank, Blitz, and Nervin. (Japanese Yusei says Bommer’s right, saying that he too has something to protect. He then explains that when a Monster is successfully summoned, he can Special-Summon the Monster in his hand. He calls out to Rally, saying, “Here we go, Rally!”, as he remembers him, Taka, Nerve, and Blitz.).

He summons Turbo Booster (One-Shot Booster) to the field in Attack Mode (ATK/ 0).

Yusei then orders Massive Warrior to attack SKY-FIRE. Greiger tells Yusei he’s sending his Monster to its doom, but Yusei says he’s using Turbo Booster’s special ability (Bommer asks Yusei what he’s planning to do with its zero ATK, and Yusei begins to explain One-Shot Booster’s effect). Massive Warrior jumps onto Turbo Booster’s arms, as Yusei explains that by releasing this card, he can take down a Monster of Greiger’s, as long as it’s fighting against one of his. Turbo Booster prepares its boosters, as Greiger points out that because of the battle, he’s still able to win this duel (Bommer points out that with battle damage, Yusei will have 3000 points of damage coming his way). but Yusei tells him Massive Warrior can make his damage become zero, surprising him (Japanese Yusei also says it’s once per turn).

: Not mentioned in either version is that it won’t be destroyed as a result of the battle.

SKY-FIRE fires the cannons on his tail at Massive Warrior, as Yusei declares his Releasing of Turbo Booster, and Massive Warrior pierces through SKY FIRE’s hull, causing flames to erupt. The MC yells that it’s quite the comeback, as Yusei has blasted Greiger’s SKY FIRE right out of the sky (Japanese MC yells that Yusei has managed to destroy Giant Bomber AIR-RAID), as the massive plane loses altitude. Greiger is stunned as Flying Fortress SKY-FIRE crashes into the track and explodes.

Paint Edit
: SKY-FIRE’s missile launcher is again removed in the US version, despite being visible a scene or two earlier, after Massive Warrior hits it.

Eyecatch: Quite the… explosive move, no? …I’m sorry, that was terrible.  Go take a quick breather and we’ll move past this, ‘k?

Greiger yells in shock, as Flying Fortress SKY-FIRE finally explodes, as the MC yells that Yusei managed to destroy Flying Fortress SKY FIRE, adding an “Oh, the humanity!”. Greiger and Yusei drive through and out of the smoke, as Greiger says that he may have grounded his air assault but they’ll see how he handles the Chariot Pile Trap Card (Bommer doesn’t speak until we see him on his D-Wheel, and he’s just activating the Permanent Trap, Chariot Pile). The second set of rear wheels on Greiger’s Duel Runner fly off as chariot piles show up on each side. Leo and the others are in shock, as Greiger declares Yusei won’t defeat him because there’s too much at stake here (Bommer declares that he cannot lose).

In flashback, a video feed opens. as a male staff member of the Fortune Cup tries to informs Goodwin that the next match is about to begin, but they didn’t want to start without him.

: In the Japanese version, the Staff member is female,

Paint Edit
: “Staff” is removed from the Staff member’s hat.

Greiger commands they turn the signal off. The staff member sees he’s not the Director, telling him to get out of that office because it’s off-limits.  Greiger says his village is, too, as he hacks the computer, trying to find what Goodwin is hiding. He finds a file and just as he suspects, he sees it’s all in his personal files: Goodwin was responsible for the destruction of his village!

Dialogue Edit: This was such a stupid change to make.  This is Bommer’s contestant room we’re seeing, not Godwin’s, and so there’s no breaking in going on, and the staff member (who was originally female, mind you) informs Bommer that the opening ceremony is about to begin.  We hear Bommer crying, and the Staff member tries to get his attention by saying, “Contestant Bommer?” twice, to no avail.

Paint Edit
: The e-mail message Bommer received is changed to a folder with the Crimson Dragon on it, because this is totally Godwin’s computer, guys. Also, and it may be hard to see, the text on the clickables to the left is removed.

Moved Footage (3 seconds): This shot of the room is moved here in the US version, while it ends the flashback in the Japanese version.

Cut Footage (9 seconds): Cut from the US version are these impact shots of parts of the e-mail. In left-to-right order, they read, “…but what you said was true.”, “My heart goes out.”, “I sincerely…”, and “…hope they rest in peace.”. The first two lines of the e-mail, as seen above in the Paint Edit, reads, “Bommer, I couldn’t believe it until I got there.”

Greiger slams his fist on the table, thinking he’ll get Goodwin for this (Bommer is just crying over the letter in the Japanese version, and he has no dialogue).

Paint Edit
: Again, Bommer’s “B” is removed from his belt.

Now, Greiger tells Yusei he respects him as a duelist, but there is something that he has to do, and as Yusei silently listens, he says he’s a roadblock standing in his way (Bommer says that he cannot afford to lose until he carries out his mission) before drawing his card.

(Greiger: LP/ 3400, SPC/ 6; Yusei: LP/ 300, SPC/ 4)

As he sets a card, Greiger activates Chariot Pile’s effect. So once a turn, Chariot Pile can hit him for 800 points of damage. He tells Yusei that his LP are about to be speared and that he can’t outrun this attack. Yusei says he can outmaneuver it by sacrificing his Massive Warrior. (If you’re wondering how, Bommer explains the other part of the 800 damage effect, saying that the opponent can release a Monster they control to negate the damage. He then asks Yusei what he’ll do.).

Massive Warrior shields Yusei with his helipad until he shatters. Greiger says that Yusei can try to defend himself all he wants, but he’s only delaying his own defeat (Bommer sees that Yusei dodged that one by releasing a Monster, proceeding to end his turn).

(Greiger: LP/ 3400, SPC/ 7; Yusei: LP/ 300, SPC/ 5)

Yusei declares his turn as they curve a bend, drawing Junk Synchron, and Yusei thinks that if he doesn’t pull off this combo, he’s done for (Japanese Yusei is counting on Junk Synchron) and then summons it to the field in Attack Mode (ATK/ 1300). Yusei explains that because he successfully summoned it out, he can also summon a Monster out directly from his Graveyard (Japanese Yusei also includes the ever-important fact that it has to be a Level-2 or lower Monster). Yusei re-summons Speed Warrior (DEF/ 400), and he says that since he’s now on the field, he can give it a little tune-up (Japanese Yusei says he’s tuning Junk Synchron with his Speed Warrior). Greiger says that it won’t help him (Bommer sees it’s a Synchro-Summon).

Dialogue Edit
: Lost in dubbing is Yusei’s Junk Warrior Synchro-Summoning chant here: “Clustering stars will call upon a new force! Become the path that lights the way!”. In its place, we get silence.  Riveting.

Yusei says, “Junk Warrior! Let’s rev it up!” (Japanese Yusei finishes his chant by saying, “Synchro-Summon! Come out, Junk Warrior!”), as Junk Warrior appears on the field (ATK/ 2300) and orders Junk Warrior to send Greiger’s LP to the junk pile. As it flies at Greiger, he shouts its “Scrap Fist” attack name, but Greiger says it’s not good enough, telling him Chariot Pile has one more effect: when his Monster attacks him directly, he can sacrifice 800 LP (LP/ 3400->2600)… 

…to deflect his Monster’s attack, and destroy his Monster. Junk Warrior is destroyed.

Leo and Dexter are shocked and Leo comments that Yusei just can’t keep a Monster on the field (Rua says that Yusei had just summoned Junk Warrior, too…). Yusei sets one card and ends his turn.

(Greiger: LP/ 2600, SPC/8; Yusei: LP/ 300, SPC/ 6)

Greiger declares his turn, drawing and then immediately summons Black Salvo (Black Bomber) in Attack Mode (ATK/ 100).

Card Showcase Interruption 2 (8 seconds added): “When you summon the Tuner Monster, Black Salvo, you can also summon one Level 4 Dark-Attribute Monster from your Graveyard in Defense Mode.”

Black Salvo spews four rolling powder bombs and as they explode, Greiger declares that, with the power of Black Salvo, he’s bringing back his Trap Reactor Y-FI (Trap Reactor RR; Bommer explains Black Bomber’s effect during this time and chooses to revive Trap Reactor RR with it; DEF/ 1800).

Paint Edit
: Trap Reactor Y-FI is edited to obscure whatever phallic-like material is in its nether-region.  I guess they think Bommer is overcompensating for something with all these things?

Greiger then Tunes his Black Salvo (Bommer mentions that Black Bomber is a Level-3) with his Level-4 Trap Reactor Y-FI. As Black Salvo breaks up, Yusei is stunned that Greiger is Synchro Summoning, but Greiger tells him that he’s not the only duelist who uses Synchro Monsters. He then proceeds to Synchro-Summon Dark Strike Fighter (Dark Dive Bomber; ATK/ 2600).

Greiger orders Dark Strike Fighter to attack directly, as it opens its chest plate to launch three missiles. Yusei responds by activating Synchro Spirits, explaining that by removing a Synchro Monster in his Graveyard from play, he can re-summon the Monsters that were originally needed to summon it. He takes Junk Warrior out of the duel and brings Junk Synchron (DEF/ 500) and Speed Warrior (DEF/ 400) back to the field. Junk Synchron leaps into the air and blocks all three of Dark Strike Fighter’s missiles, still on the field, shocking Greiger.

A silhouette of Shield Warrior appears in front of Junk Synchron and disintegrates, as Yusei explains that by taking the Shield Warrior in his Graveyard and removing it from play, he can negate all battle damage (Japanese Yusei says this negates a destruction in battle). Greiger responds by activating the effect of Chariot Pile, saying that the only way for him to negate this damage is to sacrifice his other Monster (Bommer reminds Yusei he’ll take 800 damage, and Yusei knows full-well how to negate the damage, releasing Speed Warrior for it), and Yusei says that’s exactly what he’ll do, as Speed Warrior throws itself onto Chariot Pile to negate the damage.

: For a brief second or two, you’ll see that the score screen behind them is left unedited in the US version.

Greiger sarcastically asks if Yusei has an answer to everything he throws at him, then asking what he’ll do about his Ultimate Flare (Ultimate Mine) Trap Card (Bommer just says he’s activating Ultimate Mine), which lets him summon an Ultimate Flare Token (Ultimate Mine Token) to the field (DEF/ 0).

Leo asks what it does, and Tanner just says that Yusei is about to be knocked around for another 800 points of damage (Himuro says that the token inflicts 800 points of damage when destroyed). Dexter then adds that Greiger’s Fighter can now deal damage 200 times the Level of the released Monster, and Tanner adds that the Ultimate Flare Token is a Level-10. Leo begins to count using his fingers to figure out how much it is, but Luna tells him that 10 times 200 equals 2000 points of damage, causing Yanagi and Leo to turn to her and exclaim, “2000?!”

Side-Note (Mockingbird): In case you were wondering, the reason Greiger didn’t use Dark Strike Fighter’s effect on itself or on the Ultimate Flare Token during that turn was because their anime effects restricted it so it had to be that way. Dark Strike Fighter’s anime effect lets you release one Monster you control once a turn, except itself, to deal damage to the opponent equal to 200 multiplied by that Monster’s Level, and if this effect is used, Fighter can’t declare an attack. The Ultimate Flare Trap can only be activated during its controller’s End Phase, and that was the soonest Greiger could activate it.

Greiger tells Yusei that his fate has been sealed, and there’s nothing he can do to win this Turbo Duel now. On his next turn, Yusei is finished (Bommer tells Yusei that he’s frozen in place once again, and on his next turn, Yusei’s LP will drop to zero, saying his turn is over).

(Greiger: LP/ 2600 LP, SPC/ 9; Yusei: LP/ 300, SPC/ 7)

The MC says things are turning helpless for Yusei, adding that he’s got no cards in his hand, and one Monster on the field. Everything depends on his next draw.

Animation Error
: This one’s on the original’s part: the Ultimate Mine Token is never seen again.

Yusei shouts, “Let’s do this!” (Yusei declares his turn), drawing Tuning Supporter. Yusei says this should get him where he wants to go (Japanese Yusei says he’ll ride things on this card) and summons Tuning Supporter in Attack Mode (ATK/ 100).

: The TCG name is Tuningware, but in this episode, it keeps its original name.

Yusei then says he’s Tuning Junk Synchron with his Tuning Supporter (Japanese Yusei also says that Junk Synchron is a Level-3 and Tuning Supporter is a Level-1). He Synchro-Summons Armory Arm (Arms Aid) to the field (ATK/ 1800; now if they’d keep him saying “I Synchro-Summon” instead of opting for “Let’s rev it up!”…). Greiger tells Yusei he’s grasping at straws, saying that Monster can’t defeat his Dark Strike Fighter (Bommer asks him what good an ATK of 1800 will be).

Paint Edit
: Contrary to the episode 5 edit, “ARMS AID” is removed from Bommer’s helmet display, rather than corrected to “ARMORY ARM”.

Yusei agrees it might not, but when Tuning Supporter is used to Synchro-Summon, it enables him to draw another card straight to his hand.

The MC says that Yusei has managed to squeeze some more life out of his floundering deck. The twins cheer him on, as Tanner tells him to make this work, and Yanagi yells that he can do it. (The MC says that with Yusei keeping in there, this will be the final Destiny Draw. The twins and Himuro call out to Yusei while Yanagi calls out, “Sonny.”)

Yusei draws, thinking that if he doesn’t draw the card he needs, he’s finished.

Added Footage (6 seconds): Due to the inserted commercial break here, the above scene is repeated.

“Here I go,” Yusei thinks, adding that if he doesn’t draw the card he needs, Greiger is going to run over the rest of his Life Points (Japanese Yusei is completely silent during the whole thing).

Leo sees Yusei just smiled (Rua says he’s smiling). Yusei plays the card he drew: the Synchro Return Speed Spell Card. Yusei explains that, as long as he has five or more Speed Counters, he can use this Spell to summon a Synchro Monster he removed from play earlier in the duel, telling Greiger to say “hello” again to his Junk Warrior (Japanese Yusei commands Junk Warrior to return to the field). Next, Yusei activates Armory Arm’s special ability, shocking Greiger as Yusei explains that now Junk Warrior gets 1000 ATK points. Armory Arm opens up and attaches to Junk Warrior’s right arm, increasing its attack to 3300 (Japanese Yusei also explains that Arms Aid becomes an Equip Card).

Yusei says that now Junk Warrior is stronger than his Dark Strike Fighter, so he knows what’s next. He commands Junk Warrior to attack (Bommer himself realizes that Junk Warrior’s ATK is now higher than his Dark Dive Bomber’s, and Yusei tells Junk Warrior to attack with “Power Gear Fist”). Armory Arm flames up as Dark Strike Fighter turns around and attempts to shoot Junk Warrior with missiles, but they are all deflected. Dark Strike Fighter tries to charge at Junk Warrior but realizes that it’s too late when the large flaming hand grabs him. Dark Strike Fighter is crushed and Greiger loses 700 LP (current LP/ 1900).

Yusei then activates Armory Arm’s special ability, and that means this duel is over. Yusei reminds him how he said that one of them had to lose today, and that someone is going to be him, prompting an “Impossible!” from Greiger. (Rather than this trash-talk, Japanese Yusei instead explains that when the Monster equipped with Arms Aid destroys a Monster in battle, it inflicts damage equal to the destroyed Monster’s ATK, shocking Bommer). Armory Arm’s fiery hand reaches out and grabs Greiger, reducing his LP to 0.

As a result, Greiger spins out and falls out of his Duel Runner as Yusei passes him. Yusei’s friends are glad he won, Leo saying he knew he could pull it off, Yanagi adding that it was an amazing win. But Dexter wonders why, if the duel is over, those spiky things (referring to Chariot Pile) haven’t disappeared.

In Goodwin’s Skybox, Lazar says that’s too bad, and Goodwin says that Yusei will awaken to his abilities as a Signer soon enough, adding that they just have to be patient. Jack stands up, thinking it’s a good thing Greiger lost, because now all Yusei has to do is win one more duel, and then he and Yusei can settle things once and for all (Godwin sees that Yusei’s abilities as a Signer still haven’t awakened. Jack thinks it was such a disgrace that Bommer’s mission ran shallow after all).

The MC tells everyone it’s over: after six rounds of white-knuckle action, this duel has roared to a close with a stunning finale. Satellite’s Shooting Star managed to make a come-from-behind win, telling Yusei to take a victory lap. Yusei drives up to Greiger, asking if he’s okay, as the MC urges Yusei to give them—(Japanese MC says that in the semifinal match of the Duel of Fortune Cup, with the Shooting Star of Satellite, Yusei Fudo, versus the Black Storm, Bommer, making a spectacular advance forward is Yusei. When he’s interrupted, he’s about to announce the next match.)

: Even though they took off the word “STAFF” off that earlier Staff member’s hat in Greiger’s flashback, the staff members sitting in front of the MC keep the “STAFF” on the back of their suits.

Greiger takes over the mic system and cuts the MC off, telling Yusei he’s fine, but it’s not over (Bommer says that he was outstanding and that he concedes to him). Jack turns around as Lazar asks what’s going on, wanting someone to turn his mic off (Yaeger just wonders what’s happening). The MC taps his mic, saying “ollie-ollie-oxen”, wondering if it is even on, continuing to test the mic by saying, “Testing, one, two, three…” (Japanese MC realizes that his mic is not picking up his voice anymore, saying “mic test”).

Greiger continues, saying that he was hoping to do this differently, but if it needs to be like this, then so be it, as Yusei and Leo wonder what he means. He tells Yusei he told him of his village, about the fire and destruction, but he’s learned the truth: Goodwin isn’t going to help him rebuild his village like he promised! How could he when it isn’t even there anymore. Yusei asks what he means.

Dialogue Edit: Bommer continues, saying that he may have lost, but his mission is far from over. Yusei has a confused look, as Rua wonders what he means by “mission”. Bommer says that he was going to win this tournament and bring what Godwin did out to the public at the ceremony. But now, that dream will never come true, either. That being the case, he’ll seek his vengeance right here.  Yusei repeats, “Vengeance?”.

Paint Edit
: For whatever reason, as if the notion of one of those small mics performers use isn’t enough (and I mean, they’d have to use one so they can broadcast their moves to the audience), 4Kids added a microphone to Greiger’s hand. That begs the question, where’d it come from? He doesn’t have it until the “how could he” shot.

Greiger points to the center display sphere, telling everyone to look at his village, before Goodwin came along (Bommer tells everyone to look at his village that’s gone up in smoke). The village appears on the screen as Lazar panics, asking how he’s doing that and demanding that someone turn off the sphere, but Goodwin tells him to let Greiger have his moment (Yaeger demands that the footage be halted immediately, and Godwin tells him to pay it no mind). Lazar gives Goodwin a confused look.

Greiger goes on, saying that he hacked Goodwin’s personal files before the duel, and discovered it wasn’t a natural disaster–Goodwin came along and decided to use their valley as a little testing ground to attempt to resurrect his precious Crimson Dragon. However, Goodwin couldn’t control the energy, it was too powerful and then… He’s unable to finish the sentence, as the village is shown being destroyed as it explodes in a big white light. (Bommer says that’s his village–his hometown! Yusei looks in shock, and Bommer says that Godwin used his village as a guinea pig to attempt to resurrect the Crimson Dragon. However, as a result…)

Lazar is panicking, yelling that Greiger is going to expose everything, saying he has to be silenced. He looks at Goodwin, wondering if he’s even concerned (Yaeger wants to know how Bommer knows all of this, and then wonders if there had been a survivor). Goodwin tells him not to worry, since no one will believe him, as Jack watches in shock.

Cut/Replaced Footage (2 seconds): Cut from the US version is this shot of Godwin just staring at the footage with a cold glare, just before Jack’s shocked look. It’s replaced by a still shot from Yaeger’s bit above to fit Goodwin’s unnecessary dialogue.

“The village is gone!”, Greiger exclaims, as a deep crater is seen where the village used to be. “Everyone that lived there, all gone! Vanished! Nowhere to be found.” (I believe he’d say “dead” if the censors would allow it.) Yusei asks if he’s certain about this, and Greiger says he saw the files himself and he’s certain of it, and now Goodwin is going to answer for all his lies.

Dialogue Edit: Bommer says that all the villagers went missing, among them his brother and sister. Yusei tries to ask about his brother and sister, but Bommer continues, addressing Jack and Yusei, telling them not to believe Godwin–they must not give him the Crimson Dragon.

Greiger runs back to his Duel Runner, fires it up and races down the track. Yusei calls out to Greiger to try to stop him, but Greiger’s not listening, yelling that now that the world knows what Goodwin has done, it’s time for him to pay! (Bommer yells that he’ll settle things with Godwin with his own hands). For his friends, his family (Bommer really just mentions his dear brother and sister, so it might seem he didn’t live with his parents), his home! Greiger remembers his brother and sister, as he shouts that Goodwin’s ivory tower is about to come tumbling down (Bommer shouts that he will not let the sorrow he’s suffered be repeated again), as Lazar looks at him in shock.

Yelling, he drives up the side of the track’s curve, and slingshots himself and his Runner straight at Goodwin’s Skybox. Yusei, on the other hand, is going down the other end of the track and slingshots off of the other curve yelling, “No!” (Japanese Yusei shouts at Bommer), crashing into Greiger, as he shouts, “Yusei!” (Bommer shouts, “What?!”) and Yusei blocks Greiger from hitting the Skybox. However, Yusei’s Runner causes one of the chariot piles to break off of Greiger’s Duel Runner and go straight for the Skybox. It crashes though a window, but Goodwin holds out his left arm and catches it. Lazar falls on the ground in shock as Jack watches, surprised as well. The chariot pile spins in Goodwin’s hand, sending out an array of sparks, as Jack asks how Goodwin’s doing that (Japanese Jack just exclaims about his hand). The chariot pile stops spinning and the glove tears, revealing a mechanical hand.

Yusei and Greiger land back on the track, Greiger’s Runner going up in smoke. Greiger jumps off and grabs Yusei, screaming at him, “How could you?! I had him!” (Bommer asks Yusei why he stopped him). Yusei tells him he’s sorry, and he’s sorry that Goodwin lied to him and used him, but tells him to listen: going after him wouldn’t solve anything or get him his answers. Greiger asks what he should do, and Yusei tells him to trust him to figure things out, as he screams at Goodwin. (Japanese Yusei tells him he can’t stand for what Godwin has done either, but if Bommer settles things by force, then he’s no better than he is. Bommer wants to yell at Yusei, but then just screams, while Yusei is silent.)

Back in the Skybox, Goodwin drops the chariot pile he caught.

Final Thoughts (GLL99): 4Kids giving Yusei amnesia was one of the dumbest moves they pulled so far, but making it look like Greiger broke into Goodwin’s room for his data when it was originally Bommer’s and him reading an email he received is up there.  As usual, the unnecessary trash-talk is unnecessary, and those little moments that show Godwin to be a sort of silent threat get lost as Goodwin gets more wordy.  This was a really good episode in the Japanese version as we see more of Bommer’s motives and having them clash with Yusei’s, and the music was on-point, as well (that unreleased Hopeless Battle as Bommer reads his email though).

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